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Microsoft Launcher beta gets support for Intune managed devices

Microsoft Launcher beta version 5.8 adds new features for IT administrators and a bit of convenience for new app installs.

What you need to know Microsoft Launcher beta version 5.8 is now available. The update gives IT administrators the ability to fully manage devices with Microsoft Intune. For phones on Android 8.0, Launcher will now automatically add icons to the home screen for new app installs.

A fresh update is now rolling out to the Microsoft Launcher  [Read More…]

Microsoft Edge beta on Android now supports Read Aloud feature

Microsoft Edge beta on Android can now read webpages out loud, improving web accessibility.

What you need to know Microsoft Edge beta on Android now supports reading pages out loud. The feature improves accessibility and gives users another option for consuming the web. Read aloud is already supported on Microsoft Edge for Windows 10, Mac, and iOS.

The latest beta release of Microsoft Android on Android supports the Read Aloud feature. This allows users to have webpages  [Read More…]

Google Play Books is launching new beta features for true bookworms

You can try the latest Play Books features while the team is still working on them.

What you need to know New opt-in beta program gives you early access to experimental Play Books features. Custom shelves, granular searching and “Ready to Read” shelf are the first features to roll out. Beta features are only available on the web at first, and will change regularly.

Google Play Books isn’t the flashiest of Google’s services, but many frequent readers  [Read More…]

Android Q Easter egg shows up in Beta 6 on the Essential Phone

Anyone feel like solving a Picross puzzle?

What you need to know Android Q Beta 6 started rolling out earlier this week. On the Essential Phone, the latest beta includes an all-new Easter Egg for Android Q. Interestingly, the Easter egg doesn’t appear on Google’s own Pixel devices.

This past Wednesday right before the Galaxy Note 10 announcement, Google started rolling out Android Q Beta 6. In addition to Google’s Pixel phones, owners of the Essential Phone  [Read More…]

EMUI 10 is on the way with a beta for the P30 coming September 8

EMUI 10 will include a system-wide dark theme.

What you need to know Huawei announced EMUI 10 at the Huawei Developers Conference in China. EMUI 10 will be based on Android Q and feature a system-wide dark theme. There will be a beta for EMUI 10 for the P30 beginning on September 8.

Huawei is holding its Developer Conference this week in China, and with it comes a lot of announcements. Earlier we covered the unveiling of  [Read More…]

Google releases Android Q Beta 6, further refines gesture navigation

This is the last beta before the final build drops later this year.

What you need to know Google is now rolling out Android Q Beta 6. There are further improvements to Q’s gesture navigation. This is the final beta that Google is releasing before the official build drops.

Ever since the first public beta build was launched in March, Google’s been continuing to refine Android Q with beta update after beta update. Now, on August 7,  [Read More…]

Android Q Beta 5 hits Nokia 8.1 with corner swipe for Google Assistant

If you’re rocking a Nokia 8.1, now is the best time to get started with Android Q.

What you need to know The Nokia 8.1 is now picking up the Android Q Beta 5 update. Along with the July 2019 security patch, the update includes a new corner swipe gesture for invoking Google Assistant. If you’re not enrolled yet, you can get started with the beta program by heading to HMD’s website.

Android Q Beta 5 is  [Read More…]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta coming to PlayStation 4

What you need to know Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer looks great. If you pre-order the game you can get early access to the Beta on September 12, 2019. The open Beta starts two days after the early access on September 14, for PlayStation 4 Other platforms will follow afterward.

Today Activision gave us our first look at the multiplayer component of its upcoming installment Call of Duty, simply called Modern Warfare. There is a lot to unpack  [Read More…]

Android Q Beta 5 OTA rollout paused because of an installation issue

Android Q Beta 4 was also paused soon after it began rolling out.

What you need to know Google has temporarily paused the OTA rollout of Android Q Beta 5 after discovering an issue related to installing updates. It is currently investigating the issue and is expected to roll out another update within the next few days. If you still wish to try out the latest Android Q beta, you can flash it manually to your Pixel  [Read More…]

Android Q Beta 5 has landed — here’s what’s new!

Using a third-party launcher on Android Q is going to be interesting.

What you need to know Android Q Beta 5 is now rolling out to devices in the Android Q Beta Program. There’s a new Assistant gesture and a peek behavior for apps with a navigation drawer. When using a third-party launcher, the old three-button navigation will be enabled.

Right on schedule, Google has launched the next version of the Android Q beta — specifically, Beta  [Read More…]