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The WHO and WhatsApp team up to inform billions about coronavirus

Combating the spread of misinformation as a pandemic rages.

What you need to know The WHO is partnering with WhatsApp to make information around the novel coronavirus more easily accessible. The Health Alert service is currently available in English, with support for Spanish and Arabic slated for later this week. Facebook is working on partnering with nation-specific health ministries, while the WHO is considering extending its service to more messaging apps like Viber.

The World Health Organization  [Read More…]

Google pays Apple billions each year to be on the iPhone

Google pays Apple $ 3 Billion per year to be the default search engine on iOS.

One great thing about being in the Google ecosystem is that the company’s services are on the most popular platforms (sorry, Windows 10 Mobile fans). If I wanted to, I could pick up an iPad tomorrow and have access to my purchased books, music, movies, my keyboard, my saved locations, and browser favorites. Another way I’d feel at home on iOS is the  [Read More…]

Morgan Stanley says the Pixel will bring in billions for Alphabet

Wall Street wizards bullish on Google’s Pixel phones.

According to Business Insider, Morgan Stanley analysts think the Pixel and Pixel XL are going to be really good for Alphabet’s bottom line.

To be clear, the Pixel isn’t going to sell nearly as many phones as Samsung or Apple, but the finance wizards say Google is on track to sell three million phones in the rest of 2016 to generate about $ 2 billion for the company  [Read More…]