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Does the Nest Thermostat save you money on energy bills?

Yes. With your help.

There’s nothing magical about the Nest Thermostat. Not really, anyway. It’s a little computer bolted to your wall and connected to your home internet is all.

Metal. Plastic. Wires. Maybe some ball bearings or something. (Everything good has ball bearings. It’s a scientific fact.)

So magic? No. Able to save you money on your home energy bill? Most definitely.

I’ve used a Nest Thermostat for years. And the thing about it is this:  [Read More…]

Forget about massive cell phone bills with FreedomPop’s $49 Annual Plan

If you want to put some distance between you and expensive carrier plans, maybe you’d like to hear about Mobile Virtual Network Operator’s (MNVO), FreedomPop latest offer. The company just introduced a new Annual Plan with a very affordable price tag attached to it. The plan will set you back with just $ 49 (about $ 4/month) […]

T-Mobile flattens phone bills, kicks back money for unused data, and streamlines to one rate plan

Today’s a big day in the land of T-Mobile. The carrier, err, Un-carrier, rather, today announced a number of changes as part of its latest initiative. Speaking in Las Vegas today, T-Mobile president and CEO John Legere and COO Mike Sievert announced that it will do away with “crazy monthly fees and added taxes”. Well, at

MetroPCS takes aim at Sprint customers, will slash bills in half for those who switch

T-Mobile is aiming at Sprint customers again, this time with a promotion for those who make the jump to its prepaid subsidiary, MetroPCS. Not only is MetroPCS looking to save you some cash on your monthly bill, but the carrier will also give you a free phone, up to a $ 50 value, when you bring your line over to its network. The promotion begins on January 21, and to take part all you have to do  [Read More…]

Google’s reportedly working on a way to pay bills from inside Gmail

Google may be working on a new service, code-named “Pony Express”, that could allow Gmail users in the future to both receive and pay online bills directly from the email service.

The report comes from leaked documents that were first reported by Re/code. They show how Gmail “Pony Express” users will first have to provide personal information to a third party that then confirms their identity.

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Track Your Bills with Mint Bills

Mint Personal Finance is an excellent app that keeps track of your spending, create budget, receive bill reminders and save more money. Mint Bills: Bill Pay and Money is an award-winning app that helps you stay on top of your bills & money. So what happens after you download this app?

Once you create an account, it takes you through a wizard – by asking you to input your zip code, select the companies you pay bills  [Read More…]

T-Mobile will offer its best deals to customers who pay their bills on time

T-Mobile will begin a new program starting on January 25 it calls Smartphone Equality. The effort will give customers of the wireless carrier their best deals on its smartphones and tablets, regardless of their credit score, if they have paid their bills for at least 12 straight months.

Sprint offers to cut AT&T and Verizon customers’ bills in half

Sprint has fired its latest salvo against AT&T and Verizon Wireless. It is offering to chop the bill prices for customers of both carriers by half in a new promotion that begins on Friday, December 5.

Google Now will remind you to pay your bills

Google has updated its Google Now service to remind users when their bills are due and the amount of the bill based on emails in your Gmail inbox. The bill payment reminder will appear as a card that sits alongside Google’s existing cards for boarding passes, sports and news updates, weather, package tracking and more.

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Verizon will start charging some customers a convenience fee just for paying their bills


Verizon Wireless has had quite the month. Their “most reliable” 4G LTE network went down again yesterday, marking the third time Verizon’s data network has been unavailable in December. The Galaxy Nexus was delayed multiple times, as was the DROID 4. And today’s news doesn’t do much to instill a sense of confidence in Verizon’s customers for 2012.

According to Droid-Life, Verizon will roll out a new fee on January 15th  [Read More…]