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SwiftKey gets built-in search juice powered by Bing

The Microsoft-owned keyboard now lets you search and share links directly from Bing.

SwiftKey for Android today added a handy new search feature for sharing content from the web without leaving your conversations. Powered by Bing, the feature lets you quickly perform a web search from SwiftKey’s toolbar, then either crop a screenshot of the results or share the link directly with your contacts.

The search function lives in the SwiftKey toolbar and can be accessed by  [Read More…]

Bing search comes to Microsoft’s SwiftKey keyboard on Android

It’s fairly limited right now, but SwiftKey will allow you to search the web without leaving what you’re typing.

Microsoft’s SwiftKey keyboard on Android is getting some added functionality, with integrated Bing search implemented into the latest beta version of the application. Anyone can download it from the Play Store right now and take it for a spin.

In the bar above the word suggestions, you’ll now see a small search box on the left-hand side which,  [Read More…]

Siri now uses Google to search instead of Bing

Bye bye, Bing — Apple is now using Google as its default for Siri and Spotlight web search results.

Yes, it has finally happened. According to a statement released by Apple today, now when you ask Siri a question and it falls back on a web search, the default search engine used will be Google instead of Microsoft’s Bing. The company had the following to say about the change, citing the consistency of search results as the reason behind  [Read More…]

Bing looks to dethrone Google as the search king (Review)

Overview: Bing Search is the Microsoft equivalent of the Google app and features a search engine and a proto-web browser that allows you to utilize Bing to search the web in style. Developer: Microsoft Cost: Free Impressions:   Bing is Microsoft’s answer to Google and it’s juggernaut of a search engine. Bing has some neat […]

UC Browser partners with Twitter and Bing for cricket content aggregation

UC Browser, an Alibaba product, has joined hands with Twitter and Bing to provide a mobile gateway to all things cricket with the debut of a revamped UC Cricket.

UC Cricket was first introduced in 2013 and offered news and updates about cricket matches. It has now evolved to provide complete cricket content such as live score, news, videos, live tweets, photo, stats, previews, commentaries, etc., making it a comprehensive platform for cricket fans.

As part of  [Read More…]

Bing for Android gets major overhaul with new design and features

Although Google may rule the roost on Android, Microsoft’s Bing search engine now makes up over 20 percent of the U.S. search market and that number is only increasing. Luckily for us, Redmond just announced the latest version of the native Bing search app for Android, matching the overhaul the iPhone app got a few months ago.

The Bing search app is now more robust with a fresh UI, floating search button, and  [Read More…]

Straw now lets you search Bing for images to add to your polls

Popular mobile polling app Straw has grabbed a new update that brings the ability to search Bing for images right from the poll creation screen.

Google vs. Bing: why Microsoft will never dominate the search world

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Today saw the announcement that Microsoft had updated its Bing app for Android to act like Google Now on Tap. Google Now on tap is a feature that will let users instantly find information and will debut in Android Marshmallow later this year.

While this cool feature is available now instead of in a few months, there’s still one major problem with it: it uses Bing.

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Microsoft beats Google to the tap with Bing On Tap features

Android Marshmellow, confirmed to be Android 6.0 (versus 5.2), is sure to bring many big changes to the Android ecosystem. One of the new features discussed briefly during Google I/O 2015 was something called Google Now on Tap.

Despite a mouthful of a name, Google Now on Tap will bring Google Now-like abilities for use in other apps. For example, activating Google Now on Tap while viewing a message from your spouse asking you to pick up milk on the  [Read More…]

Bing for Android now allows users to access search data inside other apps

Microsoft has updated the Bing search app for Android to give users a way to access its search and data information inside other apps. This new feature should allow users to access helpful information without having to leave, for example, Facebook or YouTube.