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Merge made a VR headset for kids and a Blaster you put your phone in

Everyone should be able to have fun with VR and AR!

If you like squishy foam and having fun with either VR or AR, the folks at Merge have been serving up goodness for a couple of years now. Following the success of the AR-based Merge Cube and the recent availability of the Merge VR headset in every color under the rainbow, Merge is at CES this year with two new goodies.

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Upcoming Ultimate Moto Z Mod will add IR blaster, wireless charging capabilities

Remember that back in December 2016, we told you that Motorola revealed plans to release 12 new Moto Mods in 2017? The company has even partnered up with Indiegogo in a bid to give a helping hands to developers to who are interested in creating Moto Mods. Now we bring you news that a new