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These are without a doubt the best bone conduction headphones

An improvement in every possible way, but maybe not enough to upgrade.

Bone conduction headphones are the kind of thing you only need to try once to know you love them. I know so many different kinds of people who rely on them every day, from massage therapists who want to catch an audiobook while working with clients to full marathon runners who want to hear a car as it passes by. These headphones are a curiosity  [Read More…]

OptiShokz Revvez review: Bone conduction never looked so good

Your outdoor music experience will never be the same.

I love bone conduction headphones. For me, it’s the perfect compromise between safety and audio quality. I can ride anywhere on my bike, be it the trains near my house or the busy streets of Downtown Annapolis near the Naval Academy, and know I can enjoy music while also being aware of everything around me. But combining my bone conduction headphones with a set of sunglasses means there’s  [Read More…]

Are bone conduction headphones comfortable?

Best answer: Most bone conduction headphones are designed to be comfortable even when working out, so you can enjoy them for as long as you want.

Amazon: AfterShokz Trekz Titanium ($ 100)

Designed to disappear on your head

Bone conduction headphones are a little different from your average set of headphones. Instead of covering your ears with little speakers or tiny drivers you shove into your ears to drown out the world, these headphones rest near  [Read More…]

These true wireless bone conduction earphones are just $39.99 right now

In the market for a pair of Bluetooth earphones? Have you ever considered bone conducting headphones? Yes, you can get them in true wireless with bone conduction. In fact, we’re offering them at 20% off right now.

Swing by the AndroidGuys Deals Store today and you’ll see that we’ve got some headphones from RAWtronics in black, white, gold, and red options.

It’s not often that you encounter bone conduction headphones, let alone those which are true wireless. But, here we  [Read More…]

AndroidGuys deal of the day: 30% off bone conduction Bluetooth headphones

Headphones are headphones, right? No. No, that’s wrong. You haven’t truly experienced headphones until you’ve surrendered yourself to the power of these Bluetooth babies from our friends at SainSonic. Built with bone conduction technology that uses vibration to transmit audio without blocking your ears, this headset delivers incredible sound without the annoyance of wires. You

Aftershokz Trekz Titanium bone conducting headphones: review

Like many people I commute to work on a bicycle. One of my biggest problems, besides dodging inattentive drivers, is being able to listen to music while still being able to hear traffic around you. I’m pretty much stuck with one option and only one option. A Bluetooth speaker. Most speakers aren’t made to be mounted on a bike, and the speakers that are take up valuable space on your handlebars.

While I was at CES this year, I bumped into  [Read More…]