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How to use Bookmarks in the Twitter app for Android

Need to save a tweet for later? Here’s what to do!

Twitter is a fantastic (and often maddening) social network where you can find everything from 14/10 good boys to world leaders nonsensically screaming about who knows what.

For all of the ranting and arguing that takes place, however, there are a few gems that pop up here and there when scrolling about your timeline. You can like these posts and then go back to the Liked  [Read More…]

How to transfer your bookmarks and favorites to Google Chrome

New to Google Chrome? Make sure to bring your favorite sites with you!

If you’ve been a power user of the Internet as long as I have, there’s a good chance you have your favorite sites saved to your bookmarks or favorites bar. And if you’re new to Google Chrome, you can easily move all your bookmarks over.

Here’s how to move your bookmarks to Google Chrome!

Automatically import your bookmarks inside Chrome Export your bookmarks from  [Read More…]

Google Play audiobooks get Bookmarks, Smart Resume, and more

Audiobooks have been available to download and listen to on Google Play for just about two months, and now Google’s aiming to make your listening experience even better with a few new tricks.

First on the list, you’ll find a new feature called “Smart Resume.” Pausing an audiobook in the middle of a sentence and then resuming your playback a couple minutes later can be a jarring experience, but with Smart Resume, your audiobook will automatically go back  [Read More…]

Twitter adds Bookmarks so you can save tweets for later without liking them

Say goodbye to awkwardly liking tweets you don’t actually agree with.

Twitter’s my go-to social network of choice, and while I enjoy most parts of it, there are a few areas that are in desperate need of improvement (I’m looking at you, un-editable tweets). While edits still aren’t here, Twitter is adding something that a lot of people have been asking for for a while — bookmarks.

As you can probably guess, the purpose of bookmarks is  [Read More…]

Chrome Beta for Android updated with Chrome Custom Tabs, Bookmarks interface tweaks

Google has announced the rollout of Chrome Beta 45 for Android, bringing a handful of new features to the mobile browser, along with a helping of bug fixes. Coming along in version 45 are Chrome Custom Tabs, an updated Bookmarks interface, and more.