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HTC U12+ specifications: Dual cameras, BoomSound, Edge Sense 2 for $800

It’s everything you want in a 2018 flagship — for a price.

There’s a lot to like about HTC’s U12+ flagship, including some innovative features that are sure to turn heads. With an all-glass design and optional translucent back, the phone is very similar to most high-end Android phones in 2018: a Snapdragon 845 processor, 6GB of RAM, a 6-inch QHD display with a 2:1 aspect ratio, dual cameras, and a 3,500mAh battery. Oh, and Android 8.0.

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HTC 10 audio testing – BoomSound evolved

The BoomSound you might remember from HTC phones of old is gone. It’s been replaced by something much better.

When HTC first announced the HTC 10, we learned that the traditional audio setup we saw with the last few high-end models was gone. With a new external speaker configuration and a promise of better audio tweaks for listening through both the speakers and with headphones, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. I’ve got some really  [Read More…]

HTC 10 announced! Snapdragon 820, 12MP UltraPixel camera, USB Type-C, and BoomSound Hi-Fi Edition

After a lengthy wait and a series of hints, we officially have the word on HTC’s refreshed flagship for 2016, the HTC 10. If you caught yesterday’s promo video leak, not much was left in the way of surprises regarding the design. However, we can now gaze upon clear angles of that exaggerated chamfer in all its glory.

HTC 10 teaser promises the ‘best BoomSound yet’

HTC hasn’t been shy about teasing what’s in store for the upcoming HTC 10, and the company’s latest teaser continues that tradition by hinting at the phone’s booming audio chops. In a quick, flashy video posted to Twitter, HTC says its obsession with high-quality sound means that the HTC 10 will pack “the best BoomSound yet.”

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HTC talks about BoomSound, Sense Home and front camera on the One M9 in latest videos

HTC has released two new videos to highlight features of the company’s newest flagship smartphone, the HTC One M9. HTC Connect, BoomSound, Sense and low-light photography are all touched on.

BoomSound settings on the HTC One M9

HTC BoomSound is more than just a switch — it’s worth getting to grips with the various sound modes on the HTC One M9.

BoomSound, HTC’s audio enhancement setup, is no longer the straight on-off toggle. On the HTC One M9, BoomSound comes enhanced with Dolby Audio processing tricks, and with it a handful of different sound modes to get to grips with, whether you’re listening using headphones or the device’s thunderous front-facing speakers.

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HTC teases improved BoomSound experience for One M9

Yesterday, HTC USA’s Twitter brought us another teaser for the device being unveiled March 1st.

Rumor has it: BoomSound on the HTC [letter][number] is SO [adverb] powerful that it’ll [verb] your [noun] off. [interjection], bro. #madlib

In all likelihood, this is the One M9. If it was the One M8, the company wouldn’t have much reason to withhold part of the name of an already released phone.

Additionally, HTC Ireland’s Twitter account featured a short video in  [Read More…]

HTC teaser points to more powerful BoomSound speakers on the One M9

HTC’s latest teaser for the upcoming One M9 suggests that we may see a more powerful BoomSound stereo speaker configuration on the device. The Taiwanese manufacturer teased a video on Twitter with the tagline “Get your hands on bigger boom”, followed by a reveal date of March 1, which is when the One M9 is set to officially debut.

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