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OnePlus 6 bootloader vulnerability makes phone comically easy to hack

Flaw allows a modified boot image to load and grant complete admin control to anyone with the know-how.

The OnePlus 6 is a really great phone for not a lot of money. It’s easy to see why anyone would want to buy one, and if you recently pick one up, you need to be aware of a new exploit that could give the right person complete control over your device.

First reported at XDA Developers, president of  [Read More…]

Huawei says it’ll stop offering bootloader unlock codes

The service is being stopped for all phones on May 24.

If you’re big into the Android modding community, chances are you’ve taken a liking to Huawei. Huawei’s gradually become one of the more developer-friendly companies in the Android space, but that’s all changing.

According to a pop-up found on the company’s unlock page:

To provide better user experience and avoid issues caused by ROM flashing, the unlock code application service will be stopped for all products  [Read More…]

It looks like you can unlock the bootloader on the Verizon Pixel 2

You better act fast.

If you’re in the market for a Google Pixel 2, you have only two options of how to buy it – either unlocked from the Google Store or through Verizon Wireless. The Verizon Pixel 2 is the exact same phone as the unlocked model, but there’s one area where it’s different – it’s bootloader can’t be unlocked. Or can it?

Google Pixel 2s sold through Verizon are supposed to have a bootloader that’s  [Read More…]

FYI: Android Pay on Android Wear 2.0 won’t work if your phone has an unlocked bootloader

LG and Google just announced the LG Watch Sport which comes bundled with NFC – which means customers will be able to make payments via Android Pay with it. That’s pretty great, but before you put the LG Watch Sport on your shopping list you’ll need to take another aspect into consideration. Like most smartwatches, […]

Android Pay no longer works if you unlock your bootloader, and that’s a good thing

Yes, Google has blocked Android Pay if you unlock your bootloader. My biggest question about it all is ‘why did it take so long?’

Quietly and without any fanfare, Google disabled the ability for Android Pay to make payments on phones with unlocked bootloaders; landing in line with its previously held policy of not allowing rooted phones to access the payment system. It’s frustrating to some, but it’s the right move and it’s in line with  [Read More…]

ZTE unlocks bootloader for the Axon 7

Good news hackers! ZTE has officially made it possible for users to unlock the bootloader for the Axon 7 and Axon Pro! The Z-Community has been vocal about this, and after “the mod team performed the necessary due diligence to present your case with internal stakeholders” ZTE finally pulled through. Caveats First, a couple of

Amazon’s Moto G4 with lock screen ads has a locked bootloader

Amazon is selling a variant of the Moto G4 exclusively for Prime members for $ 149, a discount of $ 50 on the phone’s retail price. The caveat is that the phone comes loaded with lock screen ads delivered by Amazon, and according to a Motorola support document, a locked bootloader.

From Motorola:

Bootloader unlock codes are not available from Moto or Amazon for the Prime Exclusive Moto G (4th Gen.) devices.

The relevant thread on  [Read More…]

LG releases official bootloader unlock for European LG G5

LG has released an official bootloader unlock for the European variant of the G5. That’s right, if you have the H850 variant of the LG G5, you can now unlock the bootloader thanks to LG. Keeping in mind that this isn’t for everyone, it is still great to see the company release these tools for those who want to get in there and customize things further, and really push the limit of their new phone.

The  [Read More…]

Here’s how to bring Sony credentials to the Xperia Z5 with an unlocked bootloader

Sony has always made it pretty easy to unlock the bootloader of their Xperia devices to allow custom recovery and ROMs to be installed, but the act of doing so came at a cost. During the process of unlocking the bootloader, Sony’s DRM protected features were lost because the unlocking process deleted the keys to unlock the DRM.

Among those features lost at the cost of an unlocked bootloader included Sony’s X-Reality feature, noiseless camera algorithm, and audio noise cancelling  [Read More…]

Motorola enables bootloader unlocks for the Verizon Moto X (2014)

For those of you holding onto a Verizon version of the 2014 Moto X, you can now unlock the bootloader on your device. The news comes by way of a Motorola Forums Manager, who says that the company received the go-ahead to start allowing unlocks on Verizon’s 2014 Moto X:

Hey, everyone. Just wanted to let you know that we did get the green light to unlock the bootloader on Verizon 2014 Moto X (2nd Gen) devices.  [Read More…]