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Sony bought Insomniac Games for $229 million

Sony dropped a neat chunk of change to pick up Insomniac Games.

What you need to know Sony acquired Insomniac Games in 2019. The purchase price has been revealed to be $ 229 million USD, mostly in cash. Insomniac Games released Marvel’s Spider-Man in 2018, which has become the best-selling superhero game ever.

Back in August 2019, Sony made waves when it announced that it had bought Insomniac Games, a studio that long had ties to PlayStation.  [Read More…]

You bought it on the Quest, can you play in on your Rift S or Go?

Best answer: Yes. VR games purchased in the Oculus store can be played on the Oculus Quest, and the Oculus Rift S. However, not every game in the Oculus store supports this. Thankfully, there is a list of games available so you can find out which games can be cross purchased.

Get the games: Oculus Account (Free at Oculus) VR on the go: 64GB Oculus Quest ($ 399 at Oculus) More robust VR experience: Oculus Rift S  [Read More…]

This discounted Nest smart lock is the deal so nice I bought it twice

I’d be lying if I said most of the tech that I buy, or get for review, changes my life. A new phone is great, but it’s still a phone. Smart lights are nice, but they just turn on and off, or different colors.

But one thing I bought in the past year truly changed my life for the better, and it’s a product I cannot stop recommending. In fact, it’s such a good product that I bought two of  [Read More…]

Oculus just bought Beat Saber developer Beat Games

This should give the studio more opportunities to innovate.

What you need to know Oculus has bought Beat Games. Beat Games developed Beat Saber, the highly popular VR rhythm title. Beat Games will operate as an independent studio in Prague.

Oculus has announced that it has acquired Beat Games, the developer behind Beat Saber. The company emphasized how impressed it was with Beat Games’ accomplishments, creating the first VR-only platinum hit.

Beat Saber is a perfect example  [Read More…]

All the camera gear Hayato wishes he would’ve bought during Prime Day

I love a good deal, and as a videographer (both by profession and hobby), there’s nothing more exciting to me than a sale on camera equipment! Whether that’s discounted SD cards, camera bags, lenses, or anything else, a good deal is fantastic. Prime Day came in at a particularly opportune time for me, since I’m upgrading to a new camera soon (a7 III, thanks for asking!) … except that I’m trying to save up for a new lens  [Read More…]

Google Pixel 3s bought from Best Buy are apparently SIM locked to Verizon

This is not a great sign.

Verizon being the “exclusive” carrier for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL is a bit of an annoyance because it reduces the options for getting the phones in a store and with incentives from other carriers. But now it looks like that exclusivity is more restrictive than in the past — Pixel 3s sold by Best Buy are seemingly SIM locked to Verizon. Early units being sold today (the first  [Read More…]

Bose QC35 review: So nice, I bought it twice

Ridiculous comfort, insane noise cancellation and huge sound: the Bose QC35 Bluetooth headset is a hyperbole hater’s nightmare, but a traveling music lover’s dream.

The QC35 was pushed on me by an aggressive salesman at San Francisco International while I was waiting for a flight back to Boston; I initially found the price too rich for my blood, but that all changed the moment I flipped that noise-cancelling switch. Six hours of blissful flying between two screaming babies later,  [Read More…]

Weekly Poll Followup: Movie tickets are meant to be bought from humans

Last week we asked how you prefer to grab your movie tickets. Many of us catch at least a few movies at the theater each year, and getting your tickets can occasionally be a hassle. Whether you like to get yours as soon as they become available online, or run down to the theater to pick them up in person, having a plan is rarely a bad plan. Especially in a year like this, where Star Wars  [Read More…]

iPhone and iPad app company Launchpad Toys has been bought by Google

San Francisco-based company Launchpad Toys, which had previously made apps exclusively for iOS devices, announced today they are being acquired by Google. No financial details of the deal were disclosed.

Google Glass can be bought by anyone in US for $1500


It looks like Google’s recent one day only sale of Glass was a massive success for the company as they have now announced that Glass has moved into an open beta and can be brought by anyone on the US for $ 1500 without an invite.

The announcement that the Glass Explorer Edition is now up for sale was made in a post on Google+ with the  [Read More…]