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A phone grip and a slap bracelet had a baby and its name is Scooch

Elevate your phone and your Android experience with a new use for an old fad.

The back of your phone has become a prime piece of real estate. Once home only to cutesy case logos and ugly carrier branding, now accessory-makers of all kinds are vying for the back of your phone or phone case: stick-on card sleeves, magnetic mount plates, phone grips in every size, shape, and material conceivable. Scooch’s Wingman Universal may seem like just  [Read More…]

TomTop deal: The M3s smart bracelet offers heart rate tracking for $11 (Promoted)

Looking to buy an affordable wearable to help you keep track of your fitness goals? Then you might want to know that TomTop is having a sale on a smart sports bracelet.

Until October 31, you’ll be able to purchase the wrist-bound device for only $ 12.99 as opposed to the full $ 29.27 price. This means the device is up for grabs with a 56% discount. Use the discount code CYJMM3 at checkout for an additional $ 2 price  [Read More…]

Best Link Bracelet Watch Bands for Samsung Gear S3

Add a touch of class to your Samsung Gear S3 with a stylish link bracelet watch band!

The Samsung Gear S3 is the most powerful smartwatch you can own, making it a popular choice for Android users looking for an alternative to an Android Wear smartwatch.

If you love your Gear S3 and wear it every day you should croundeder getting some additional watch bands — maybe something a little fancier than the standard leather or rubber  [Read More…]

WiseWear Kingston review: The fashion first smart bracelet

The WiseWear Kingston is a beautiful bracelet that combines a sleek and elegant look with innovative technology designed to track your activities using the WiseWear app. There are many wearable devices with activity tracking and mobile notifications as their features but few that can pass off as an actual piece of fine jewelry. The WiseWear Socialite […]

How to get the Huawei stainless steel link bracelet look for less

You can get a stainless steel bracelet for the Huawei Watch without breaking the bank.

The original bracelet from Huawei is a timeless accessory for your new favorite timepiece, the Huawei Watch, but at a whopping $ 129 it might not be the price you’re prepared to pay. If it’s still the look you just can’t be without, we’ve got options that will give the real thing a run for its money.

Hoco Huawei watch stainless  [Read More…]

The Moto 360 with the Pebble Steel bracelet

Sure, the Horween Leather on the Moto 360 is mighty fine, but watches are all about customization, particularly when it comes to the straps. But because of the size and shape of the Moto 360, we’ve had to be a little careful of shoving just any old strap in there. A good many have turned out to just be too thick to fit in the curved plastic casing.

Meanwhile, a good many of us are waiting  [Read More…]