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YouTube will verify video from breaking events and make content discovery easier with Newswire

YouTube is rolling out three new initiatives, all aimed at bringing viewers the most relevant content to the breaking news topics they are looking for.

When breaking news happens, there is often tons of user footage that gets uploaded to the Internet and YouTube. Realizing that this trend is growing, with more than 5 million hours of news video watched daily on YouTube, the company is rolling out some new initiatives to “support the discovery and  [Read More…]

theScore launches new eSports app with live coverage and breaking news

If you’re a hardcore into eSports, following the scene just got a whole lot easier. TheScore just unveiled a new app for Android, fittingly called “theScore eSports,” that aims to serve up all the eSports coverage you could possibly desire.

Gimbal beacons breaking Bluetooth on Android


A very interesting video has appeared on Vimeo by user, samjasuja, who is showing how the Gimbel beacon completly trashes your phone through Bluetooth and ultimately leads to a factory reset.  Don’t let this happen to you!

Source: Vimeo

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Through Glass: Breaking the ice

The latest in our continuing series on living with Google Glass. Jen McEwen is the Chief Marketing Officer of MiKandi.com (NSFW link). You can also find her on Google+.

Google glass is awesome and nerdy and clunky and not all that practical — but it’s still bringing us together​

Google Glass is a device of contradictions. It’s intended for communication, but it’s hard to talk to someone on it. It captures and shares moments  [Read More…]

ESPN ScoreCenter gets an update, now includes scoring and breaking news notifications

ESPN Scorecenter

The popular sports app ESPN ScoreCenter has received a sizeable update which includes one the most requested features, notifications. Yes, it’s been a long time coming, but now you can receive scoring and breaking news notifications to your Android device.

Once you open the app, click the red tab at the bottom to bring up the menu, then select preferences. From there, you can manage which teams you follow and which alerts  [Read More…]

Samsung posts record breaking fourth quarter profits

Samsung 300 million

Samsung’s fourth quarter numbers for 2011 are in, and they are impressive to say the least.

Fueled by the 300 million phones sold in 2011, an estimated 32 million smartphones in the fourth quarter alone, Samsung beat out analyst’s predictions with a $ 4.5 billion quarterly operating profit.

Samsung also made a profit by selling their hard drive division to Seagate, but that money mostly went towards balancing the budget  [Read More…]

Make Way For The gPhone: Google Buys Motorola’s Smartphone Business For $12.5 Billion! [Breaking]

Samsung’s not going to like this: Google has just purchased Motorola Mobility for $ 12.5 billion, finally placing the Android maker on equal footing as Apple when it comes to controlling both the hardware and software of their smartphone platform.


Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page announced the buy first thing this morning, saying that they had purchased Motorola Mobility for twelve and a half billion dollars, or $  [Read More…]