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Google breathes new life into old Android Wear watches with new Play Store policies

Changes will promote standalone apps for your watch.

Google has announced two major changes for Android Wear apps: Multi-APK apps are now supported for Android Wear 1.0 watches and requirements for the “Enhanced for Android Wear” Play Store badge have changed.

Multi-APK apps are apps hosted in Google Play that have separate files for your phone and your watch. Previously, only Android Wear 2.0 watches supported multi-APK apps, but now users with older watches like the Samsung  [Read More…]

Casio breathes new life into wearables and action cameras

Casio’s CES booth held some great tech for the adventurer. The WSD-F20 smartwatch isn’t just a weighty name; the watch has improved over its previous iteration. The FR200 action camera shoots in 4K, has an 180-degree viewable angle, and is waterproof, dustproof, and shock-resistant.

MrMobile takes to the forest of CES to seek the tree of tech knowledge. Michael Fisher knows now what the future holds, and imparts that wisdom unto you, adventurer. This ain’t no text adventure, get  [Read More…]

Marshmallow breathes new life into the OnePlus 2, but we deserve a stable build by now

The first quarter of 2016 has come and gone, and this phone is still on Lollipop.

As rumors swirl around the expected launch of the OnePlus 3, owners of the still-current-generation OnePlus 2 are wondering where their Marshmallow update is. Despite OnePlus originally guaranteeing a Marshmallow update for the phone by the end of March, here we are at the end of May with no official update in sight.

In a nice bit of transparency,  [Read More…]

IFTTT breathes new lease of life into Android Channel

IFTTT for Android just got a whole lot more powerful as the tool that puts the internet to work for you has been refreshed and updated to include a load of additional functionality.

IFTTT has introduced the Android Battery Channel to give controls over extending your battery life by turning certain functions on or off based on a number of triggers. These include recipes such as turning off WiFi when your battery is low, or mute your phone when it is  [Read More…]