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How to customize your Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing

Alexa, what’s in the news?

That’s a question you can ask your Amazon Echo every single day and receive a custom report based on what you want to hear about. Cut out the fluff, keep the good stuff.

Thanks to the Alexa skills catalog, there are a number of different news sources you can call upon to tailor your Flash Briefing to your particular tastes. It’s really easy to set up, too.

Here’s what you need to  [Read More…]

Daily Briefing: Going out in a blaze of glory

This is the end, my beautiful friend.

The saga of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is nearly over, but it refuses to go away entirely. For the stragglers holding onto their devices, carriers are now taking extra steps to convince people to give in their units. T-Mobile is sending out an update today to cap maximum charging capacity at 60%, and regulators in New Zealand are going even further.

Speaking of going even further, today marks  [Read More…]

Daily Briefing: Good news for people who love bad news

Android news for Thursday, November 3rd.

It’s no surprise that Android continues to dominate the smartphone market. Increasingly, better components are getting cheaper, and companies have figured out how to churn out decent devices for under $ 100.

The problem isn’t market share, but profit. When a company like Motorola — or Lenovo itself — fails to make money from the Android space, and we hear of HTC, LG, and even Samsung struggling to turn their  [Read More…]

Daily Briefing: Facebook and Uber are eating the world

Android news, fresh out of the oven. It is Wednesday, November 2.

Facebook is everywhere. The company that everyone loves to hate is now used by more than a billion people per day on mobile devices alone, and nearly two billion overall. And after being accused of not understanding mobile, opting for a time to use HTML5 apps instead of native code, Facebook is almost entirely reliant on mobile for its advertising revenue.

That’s an incredible  [Read More…]

Daily Briefing: Most of you will read this on a phone

Is this real life? No, it’s just the news for November 1st.

How much of your day do you spend on your phone? Do you ever count it anymore? I do this for a living, so my usage may be disproportionately high, but I’d venture to say that most of you spend more time looking at your phone’s screen than any other single activity. That’s not necessarily a bad thing — though phone addiction is a  [Read More…]

Daily Briefing: Your next cheap phone will stream in 4K

Write this down: Here’s the news for Monday, October 31.

Do you write anymore? I mean physically, on paper. It recently occurred to me that I often go weeks without writing more than a signature on a contract or an incoming delivery (or a check, another anachronism).

In our Note 7 recall survey, the number one answer people gave to “What feature will you miss most on the Note 7?” was the S Pen. And I  [Read More…]

Daily Briefing: LG tries to fix what’s broken, and Samsung goes all-in on AI

This was the best Friday since last Friday. Here’s what you need to know for October 28, 2016.

I was on a plane today and saw someone in the waiting area with a Galaxy Note 7. I facetiously tweeted out that I could either ignore the problem and hope for the best or tackle him and remove his phone forcefully. In fact, I did neither: I let the flight attendant know that I thought I saw  [Read More…]

Daily Briefing: Samsung takes a $4 billion hit, Allo (kinda) comes to the desktop

Here’s what happened in the world of Android today.

The week started off heavy, and today just added to it. It was earnings day for all of the major companies, which means we got to see just how hard the Note 7 fiasco hit Samsung ($ 4 billion, ouch). But we also got to see Alphabet pass the $ 5 billion income mark for the quarter, and also remind ourselves that LG’s mobile business is still  [Read More…]

Daily Briefing: If Microsoft is now Apple, what is Google?

All the news you need for this busy Wednesday, October 26.

Microsoft held its annual hardware event today, and I have to say, the company delivered. Not only did it impress with the cross-platform potential of manipulating real 3D objects on a 2D plane using specialized phone apps (and 3D objects on a 3D plane using affordable Windows-powered VR headsets), but it injected life into a tired category with the Surface Studio.

Our friends at Windows  [Read More…]

Daily Briefing: The Pixel is too popular for its own good

Tuesday, October 25 feels like a Thursday. You know?

Xiaomi is an interesting company. The same day that it announces a phone that looks almost identical to the Galaxy Note 7, it follows up with another that looks like nothing else out there. The Mi Note 2 could stand in for any Samsung or Huawei phone from the past year, but Xiaomi says that the future is all-screen, no bezel, and that includes pioneering a number  [Read More…]