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Google I/O brings together all the best – and craziest – that Google has to offer, including this year an interesting session from the ATAP team. They would be the “pirates” messing around with the awesome looking stuff like Project Ara and Project Tango and in their session at I/O they had some interesting news for anyone wondering when they’ll get some Tango in consumer products. 2015.

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Sprint has announced it will sell the fitness-themed Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport, their version of the Galaxy S5 Active, starting on July 25.

Warhammer is a popular franchise when it comes to the gaming world, be it with the creation of painted figurines and battlements or classic video games. Warhammer 40,000: Carnage is the latest hit in the series of games we’ve seen launch on Android, which arrived on iOS last month.

Netflix is about to spread its wings and fly to several new European countries as part of a sizeable expansion plan later this year. Without being too specific on when, the streaming video service announced that Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Luxembourg are the lucky six.

Google+ update bringing beautiful Stories feature

An update for Google+ for Android is bringing several updated features, most notably a new Google+ Stories feature. Additionally, the app is seeing several user interface improvements, and handy features like being able to create animated GIF images on demand and browsing big photo libraries. The Google+ app for Android has always been a worthy offering, and the latest updates make it even more so.

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Netflix has released their Q1 2014 earnings report today, and bundled deep in the news about numbers and dollars is a short paragraph about pricing, and an even shorter blurb about future Fire TV support.

Republic Wireless bringing back referral program

The Moto G will be joining the Moto X later this week at Republic Wireless, but before that happens they’re bringing back their Refer a Friend program. The Wi-Fi-happy carrier has partner is partnering with FriendBuy to offer customers up to $ 20 in account credit for referrals who are customers for at least 30 days. And the referred customer too will get $ 20 credit too.

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FireChat bringing off-the-grid messaging to Android

Messaging without the internet

FireChat found its way from iOS to Android today, offering an interesting, decentralized way of instant messaging. FireChat plugs into a kind of mesh network, where mobile devices connect to one another over Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth, and not requiring any outside involvement on the internet. Obviously the range on this is limited, but at least it works when you’re outside of cellular coverage, plus it’s an interesting open local network meet  [Read More...]

Ready for a pair of Google Glass that has a bit more style and flair? You may have your chance, as Google has partnered with Luxottica — the parent company behind Ray-Ban and Oakley glass and sunglass frames — for an undisclosed amount of money. We bet it was a whole helluva lot.


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An interface that scales Google Now down to something usable on your wrist, with endless possibilities driven by developers.

Google has officially unveiled Android Wear, an operating system specifically tailored to wearable devices, and with that comes some new usability and interface challenges. Working with small wristwatch-sized devices and sub-2-inch screens, you quickly run out of room for interfaces and information. Alongside the launch of the new platform, Google has given developers an early look at  [Read More...]