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DarwinMail brings back the best Inbox features and more, just $30

Your email is a mess. Try as you might, stuff gets missed, overlooked, deleted, and forgotten about. What’s more, you don’t even treat it like a place for email anymore. No, you’re also using it for tasks and reminders, too. It’s okay, you’re not alone.

While we might have loved the features that came with Google Inbox, some of them are no longer available. Now that the app has been closed down, features like pinning, reminders, snoozing, and categorizing aren’t  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 brings two sizes, capacitive bezel and LTE

Nicely bridging the gap between the Watch Active and Galaxy Watch series.

What you need to know Available in both 40 and 44mm case sizes, and either aluminum or stainless steel. Base model is Bluetooth-only, with optional LTE connectivity for a higher price. New touch bezel replicates rotating bezel from the Galaxy Watch series.

Samsung may have just launched the Galaxy Watch Active back in March, but a new-and-improved version is already here. The Watch Active 2  [Read More…]

Google Camera brings Night Sight to the front, adds new rewind feature

Google is moving Night Sight to the main camera UI, and a new McFly mode shows up.

What you need to know Google is making a few tweaks to its camera, including a more prominent position for Night Sight. There’s a new rewind feature in the works that’s currently dubbed McFly. The update also removes the ability to manually set color balance. Front-facing flash gets renamed to Illumination as there’s no physical flash module on the phone.  [Read More…]

Why wait for Q? ActionDash 3.0 brings Focus mode and app limits

Easily monitor your phone usage throughout the day with the new Usage Assistant notification.

What you need to know ActionDash 3.0 is pushing out today. The update includes Focus mode, app time limits and Usage Assistant. Usage Assistant is a persistent notification to help show usage details as you use your phone.

ActionDash, by Action Launcher developer Chris Lacy, is Digital Wellbeing for the rest of us who don’t have a Android Pie device with it. Since  [Read More…]

France-based Wiko brings first phone to US market through Boost Mobile

French phone manufacturer Wiko on Tuesday announced it has begun selling its products in the US. Up first for the OEM is the Wiko Ride, an entry-level handset for prepaid buyers.

The Wiko Ride is a wallet-friendly phone that finds its home at Boost Mobile, a prepaid carrier under the Sprint umbrella. It’s an $ 80 device that gives consumers just enough to get going in the world of smartphones.

Powered by Android 9 Pie, the Wiki Ride features a  [Read More…]

New update brings ads to Android TV boxes and Sony TVs

What goes great with all your favorite movies and TV shows? If your answer was ads and sponsored placements, then you’re in luck, Android TV users. Recently, Google rolled out an update for Android TV with a row of sponsored content. According to Google, this is a “pilot program” intended for “optimizing and personalizing the entertainment experience at home.”

Android TV is committed to optimizing and personalizing the entertainment experience at home. As we explore new opportunities to  [Read More…]

Google’s Stadia brings more to worry about than just the technical details

This could kick off a future where games are only something you rent while you can.

While you’re reading this, there’s a good chance I’ll be playing Far Cry 3. If you aren’t up to date on all things Far Cry — shame on you — the third installment in the series went on sale in late 2012. Yes, it’s a game that is seven years old but I still like to play it. A lot of  [Read More…]

Ghost of Tsushima brings beautiful samurai sword-fighting to the PS4

Samurai sword-fighting has never been prettier.

What is Ghost of Tsushima?

We didn’t know much about Ghost of Tsushima when Sucker Punch (makers of Infamous) originally announced it at 2017’s Paris Games Week. That changed as of E3 2018, with the company giving us more details and even a first look at gameplay for the upcoming game.

What we can say for certain is that it’s an open world samurai game. As you’d expect from that description,  [Read More…]

IMDB ‘Freedive’ brings ad-supported movies and shows via Amazon

It’s more shows and movies, only with advertising.

Amazon has teamed up with IMDB (insofar as Amazon, which owns IMDB, probably said “Hey, IMDB! We’re going to do a thing) to bring free movies to the Internet Movie Database.

It’s a free service called “IMDB Freedive.” (Which first was rumored to be coming back in August.) And on it you’ll get movies like Memento and True Romance, TV shows like Fringe and *Quantum Leap (oh, boy …)  [Read More…]