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6 reasons to use the Samsung browser on your Galaxy S8

The Samsung Internet browser is a formidable choice for a mobile browser and it has a number of features that make it worth using over Google Chrome.

The bundled applications aren’t usually our favorite part of Samsung’s smartphones, but with the Galaxy S8 and S8+, the Samsung Internet browser is worth using.

It’s nothing new: the browser has long been optimized specifically for use with Samsung’s smartphones, which is partly why it’s such a solid choice for  [Read More…]

TweetDeck for your browser now lets you verify images via Google

Knowing where Twitter’s images come from is a good thing.

With the rampant and almost revolutionary spread of fake things across the internet, TweetDeck has announced it’s added a feature that lets you verify the source behind an image before you react.

New! Click the 🔍 icon in the top right corner of an image in detail view to verify the source via Google. pic.twitter.com/w2gLXKuegC

— TweetDeck (@TweetDeck) May 31, 2017

It’s easy to use: hover  [Read More…]

Ad-Blocking could be on the horizon for Google’s Chrome browser

The Wall Street Journal has reported on the possibility of Google introducing an ad-blocking feature for their Chrome browser for both mobile and desktop platforms. This is an interesting one as Google itself is predominately a form of advertising company and on top of that they already pay for the services of Adblock Plus enrolling onto […]

You can now install Samsung’s browser on Nexus + Pixel devices

Samsung is making its browser available on Google hardware.

In a bid to deliver faster updates, Samsung decoupled its browser from TouchWiz and started offering it on the Play Store since 2015. The browser was limited to Galaxy phones, but a beta version of Samsung Internet is now being listed on the Play Store with support for the Google Pixel and Nexus devices.

The description for the app states that it is available on all “Galaxy  [Read More…]

Slither.io brings the popular browser game to Android (Review)

Overview: Slither.io is a port of the popular browser game of the same name. While it can be a challenging multiplayer experience, it’s simple and fun to play over and over again. Developer: Lowtech Studios Cost: Free (With ads, $ 3.99 ad-free version) Impressions: Slither.io is already a well-established and popular browser game on desktop computers.

Password manager Enpass now working seamlessly on Chromebooks, including browser autofill

Keeping your passwords safe and synced is just as important on a Chromebook.

Password manager Enpass has just released an update to include complete support for Chromebooks, following a couple of initial teasers as the Google Play Store started rolling out to Chrome OS. With the latest update you can install Enpass on your Chromebook and have access to all of your secure passwords and information, and of course any changes  [Read More…]

All About Chrome: How Google’s browser got everywhere

We’re moving along with our plans for Chrome. But first, let’s talk about what Chrome is and how we’re going to be doing it.

Here at Android Central, we like to talk about more than phones and tablets that use Android. Google news, carrier news and even huge mega-corporations we’re familiar with buying other huge mega-corporations for obscene amounts of money are all things we find interesting and think you will, too. One of those things  [Read More…]

Best browser themes for Chromebooks

What are the best themes for Chromebooks?

Since your Chromebook uses the Chrome browser, you can customize the look and feel of it to suit your mood and interests. The Chrome Web Store is packed with myriad themes, so we went in a pulled out a few of the best, just in case you didn’t feel like slogging through.

These themes won’t change your Chromebook’s background or layout, but they’ll definitely make your Chrome browsing experience  [Read More…]

Amazon now lets you test drive Echo’s Alexa in your browser

If you’ve ever wanted to try out the Amazon Echo before shelling out for one, you can now do just that right from your browser. Amazon has launched a dedicated website where you can try out an Echo simulation and put Alexa’s myriad of skills to the test.

As Amazon explains, the idea was initially spawned as an experiment by developer Sam Machin during a hackathon last year. The simulation replicates the experience of interacting with the  [Read More…]

Hermit: Lite Apps Browser Review

Overview Hermit is a unique app that lets you create desktop shortcuts to you favorite websites. This helps eliminate rogue apps draining your battery, frees up storage space, and helps simplify permissions requests from other apps.   Developer: Chimbori Cost: Free (in-app purchases allows you to create unlimited apps) Highlights Helps reduce battery consumption Reduces