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Facebook announces Clear History tool for wiping your browsing history

Think of it as a clear cookies tool but for Facebook.

Facebook found itself in quite the pickle earlier this year when it was discovered to have sold millions of its users’ data to Cambridge Analytica, and as a result of the backlash that followed the ordeal, the social network’s announced a new tool called “Clear History.”

Similar to how web browsers allow you to clear cookies, Clear History will enable users to wipe their Facebook browsing  [Read More…]

Keep your browsing private for life for $49

It’s probably trite and a bit cliché at this point, but we increasingly live our lives online. Our bank information, personal information, likes, dislikes, and more are all over the internet — often whether we like it or not. That’s all data, and nowadays, data is a commodity. Your information is being bought and sold. Sometimes it’s simply to show you catered ads; other times it’s for the stuff that after-school specials used to warn you about.

What can you  [Read More…]

Keep your browsing private and secure for as low as $23!

There are so many reasons why you’d want to securely browse the internet anonymously in 2018; whether you don’t like how advertisers and marketers track your every search and click online, you hate dealing with geo-locked content, or you’re bothered by the idea of your ISP or government snooping on you.

The obvious solution is to get yourself a VPN subscription, but those can be a hassle to set up and can end up costing you hundreds of dollars over  [Read More…]

Protect your online browsing habits and access global content for $50

How many times have you been excited to check out a video online only to click the link and see “The uploader has not made this video available in your country?” That has to be one of the most frustrating things online. Or maybe you want to see what local streaming services look like abroad. Better yet, you definitely want to protect your online privacy — keeping your browsing habits anonymous. A quality VPN is the solution to all of  [Read More…]

TigerVPN: Lifetime of safer, anonymous, and unrestricted browsing, just $34.99

Spice up your Internet access and defend your right to privacy with TigerVPN. With military grade encryption software for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, your internet communication is end-to-end secured and protected.

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Browsing the web in Google Daydream

If you are willing to use unstable versions, you can get some cool new features

Google has been working to make Chrome on Android a viable browser for their Daydream VR for months now, slowly adding features to the app to make it more VR friendly, all the while holding off on actually making it a Daydream Ready app.

Since Chrome 61 you could put your Daydream ready phone into your View with the Chrome tab open  [Read More…]

Seven Chrome alternatives for browsing on Android

If you’re an Android device owner, chances are you’re using Google’s Chrome for your most of your web browsing activities. After all, the app comes pre-installed on the majority of Android devices. Chrome is great and all, but at some point, you might find yourself wanting to try something else. Fortunately, there are dozens of […]

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Keep your browsing ad- and tracker-free with X-VPN

It’s 2018 — if you aren’t using a VPN already it should definitely be on your list of goals for the New Year. Whether you’re annoyed with the proliferation of ads online or are concerned with how websites, ISPs, or other entities might be tracking your browsing habits, setting up and using a VPN has never been easier.

There are a ton of VPN options out there, but the best offer a wide range of virtual servers to choose from,  [Read More…]

Keep your internet browsing encrypted with VPNSecure, now 91% off

Banking information. Mortgage payment history. Your important documents. Nearly all of your life is online these days, and while convenient that can be scary. There are tons of people out there who are looking to do malicious stuff, and we need to be sure that is in the back of our brains at all times. While you can’t avoid using the internet (in most cases), you can ensure that it is a secure connection when you do use it.

VPNs  [Read More…]

Lifetime of encrypted, private web browsing with VPNTunnel only $29

Maintaining security when online is vital to keeping your personal information to yourself only. Most of us aren’t proactive when it comes to security, as we hope the tools companies put in place will keep us safe. Yet there is a way to secure your information through encryption using a Virtual Private Network. Today’s Deal […]