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Quick cash! Here’s five apps for selling your stuff to make a few bucks

In a pinch and need some extra money? Saving up for a vacation? Whether for an urgent need or part of a long term plan, you might consider trading in your junk for cash. Here are five free Android apps for selling your stuff.

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Modern Dad says the Ring Pro doorbell is worth the bucks!

Look, a couple hundred bucks (and change) is a lot of money to spend on a doorbell. I get it. But the Ring Pro has absolutely been worth it. The Pro is the best of the best, and I haven’t once regretted buying it.

If you don’t want to drop that much cash, also check out the original Ring. It’s a little bigger and the camera’s not quite as advanced, but it’s still an excellent product — I used  [Read More…]

Hulu bucks the commercials and adds a new commercial-free tier

Commercials are annoying. Every time you watch a YouTube video, or a random video on the web, there’s almost ALWAYS a commercial. We understand why there are commercials, but it doesn’t mean that it makes them any more informational or any less annoying. Thankfully, Netflix does not put their customer’s through this ordeal since they are subscription based, and don’t need money from advertisements in their videos. Today, Hulu is also bucking that trend. Kind of.

Earlier today, Hulu announced  [Read More…]

LG bucks convention with Wine Smart flip smartphone


Not afraid to try something new (or is it old?), LG has announced a flip smartphone known as the Wine Smart. Powered by Android 4.4 KitKat, the internals include a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, and 4GB internal storage with microSD expansion. Flipping open the phone we find a 3.5-inch 480×320 pixel LCD screen that sits above the traditional cell phone button configuration and keypad.

It’s  [Read More…]

Grab a Nokia DT-900 Qi charging plate from an AT&T store for just 5 bucks

Got an Android that’s Qi wireless charger compatible? If so, hit up your local AT&T store, because right now they are the best place to buy an authentic Nokia DT-900 charging plate. Why, you ask? Because they are having a sale where you can pick one up for just $ 5.

AT&T to change its data plans; more bang for a few more bucks


Planning to get a new smartphone from AT&T soon? Maybe that shiny Galaxy Note. You might want to take a look at this, if so. AT&T is getting ready to roll out its new data plans starting January 22. These phone and tablet plans are not bad, as they have a bit of a higher data cap. They also cost $ 5 more, though. The deets:

Smartphone Plans AT&T Data Plus 300MB:  [Read More…]