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How to clean your Galaxy Buds

The Galaxy Buds live most of their life safely set in a closed case. But they’re still bound to get grimy with hours in your ears and occasional time in your hands and pockets — not to mention the accidental drops as you take them out of your ears. Thankfully, it’s quick and easy to clean your Galaxy Buds, and their case, in a matter of minutes.

Products used in this guide Good to have: AmazonBasics Microfiber Cloths  [Read More…]

Creative Outlier Air: Better than AirPods and Galaxy Buds, half the price

There are few products that come along that I am truly excited about. Audio products tend to fall into that category. I am far from an audiophile— in fact, I’m an audio novice. I know enough not to go grab the $ 4 earbuds from the gas stations, but I couldn’t tell you the difference between a $ 300 pair of headphones and a $ 10,000 pair of headphones.

Most of my interest is in the $ 75 – $  [Read More…]

Go truly wireless with these Qi chargers for your Galaxy Buds

The Samsung Galaxy Buds are one of the most impressive products of 2019 due to the low-price and included features such as wireless charging with the included case. But what if you are in the market for a new wireless charger, or one that is dedicated for just the Galaxy Buds? Here are the best wireless chargers that you can get for the Galaxy Buds.

Trusted charging Anker 10W Wireless Charging Pad

Staff pick

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Which color Galaxy Buds should I get: Black, white, or yellow?

The Galaxy Buds are some of the smallest headphones you can buy, but given how much you’re likely to wear them it’s still important to pick a color that fits your personality. Even more importantly, the color of the case matches the headphones — so you will be looking at the case while everyone else sees the earbuds.

The standard Black

As is the case with most electronics, black is the first and easiest choice for most people.  [Read More…]

Keep a close eye on the tips for your Galaxy Buds

Best answer: If you need to get replacement tips and rings for the Galaxy Buds, you will need to reach out to Samsung’s support. The company currently does not offer replacements for purchase on its storefront or Amazon.

The Headphones: Samsung Galaxy Buds ($ 130 at Amazon) Customer Service, here we come

The Samsung Galaxy Buds have been out for a few weeks at this point, and these are some of the most impressive truly-wireless earbuds on  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs. Icon X (2018): Should you upgrade?

The wireless earbud market has been flooded in recent years, and we have tried and tested just about every different one to help determine which are worthy of your hard-earned dollars.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Hard to pass up

$ 130 at Amazon

Pros Longer battery life Wireless charging Better quick charging Bluetooth 5.0 Less expensive Cons No onboard storage for music Lack of workout detection IPX2 water/dust resistance

The Galaxy Buds are likely what Samsung  [Read More…]

Charging your Galaxy Buds with your Galaxy S10 is a breeze

The Galaxy S10 (and the S10+ and S10e) has a really interesting feature: the ability to reverse wireless charge other device. And it’s perfectly timed for the launch of the Galaxy Buds wireless earbuds, which have a case that charges wirelessly. That makes them a great pair: you can charge your Galaxy Buds case just by setting it on your Galaxy S10; no cables required. Here’s how you do it.

How to charge Galaxy Buds with a Galaxy  [Read More…]

Should you buy the Galaxy Buds for your Galaxy S10?

Best answer: Yes. The Galaxy Buds perfectly complement the Galaxy S10 experience. They sound great, provide a comfortable fit, and come with a carrying case that’s portable. Best of all, you can easily charge the earbuds by placing the case on the back of the S10.

Samsung: Samsung Galaxy Buds ($ 130) Amazon: Samsung Galaxy S10 ($ 900) The Galaxy Buds are Samsung’s answer to AirPods

The Galaxy Buds take the same broad design as last year’s  [Read More…]

Samsung debuts Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Buds

Samsung on Wednesday announced a number of new phones as part of its annual spring Unpacked event around Mobile World Congress. Indeed, its Galaxy S10 line is official and coming to carriers around the globe in the coming weeks. Also among the new products are three new wearables.

The Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Fit, and Galaxy Buds are the perfect compliment to the flagship phone line but will work with any other smartphones, too. But, in order to get the best  [Read More…]

Huge Samsung leak reveals Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Fit, and Galaxy Watch Active

An update to the Galaxy Wearable app for Android gives us an early look at Samsung’s upcoming wearables.

Samsung is all set to unveil the Galaxy S10 series at an event in San Francisco next week, and it looks like we’ll also see a slew of wearables make their debut alongside the phones. An update rolled out to the Galaxy Wearable app for Android inadvertently displayed several unreleased products, including the Galaxy Watch Active, the Galaxy Fit  [Read More…]