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A startup called Wonder is building an Android-powered Switch competitor

The gadget is scheduled to come out at some point in 2019.

No matter how heavy of a gamer you are, you’ve likely heard about the Nintendo Switch somehow. Whether you spent the first few weeks of March last year trying to seek one out at your local retailer or know about the console through your gaming-inclined friends, the Switch has become something of a phenomenon.

Now, a startup by the name of Wonder is looking to  [Read More…]

Best Android apps for building better habits in 2018

New year, new habits, new you.

Trying to build yourself better habits isn’t always an easy process. It’s easy to forget or lose motivation halfway to your goals. Of course that’s unless you’ve got a decent app in your pocket that makes it easier to remind yourself to stick to that resolution. If you aren’t sure what apps will work, have no fear. We’ve done the work for you.

We’ve got the best habit building apps on  [Read More…]

WhatsApp is building a dedicated app just for businesses

WhatsApp wants to connect businesses with customers.

WhatsApp started rolling out verified business accounts last week, and the comapny is now detailing its monetization plans. WhatsApp will offer a Business app that makes it easier for businesses to respond to messages, share updates, and more. WhatsApp basically wants to be the app you turn to when you want to place an order with a local bakery or get flight updates from your airline.

As for monetization,  [Read More…]

Razer may be considering building a phone for gamers

Razer is no stranger to smartphones, having bought Nextbit earlier this year. Now reports are saying the company might be building a phone specifically for gamers.

The company already has mobile apps for its services like Cortex as well as a wearable device, so a phone isn’t a stretch. We don’t know if it would be under the Razer or Nextbit name, but the focus on gamers hints at the former.

The company is planning an IPO in Hong Kong around October,  [Read More…]

Board Kings – The town building, board game mashup (Review)

Everyone loves board games! Okay, okay. That’s a very broad and generalizing statement. MOST people like at least some board games. There’s something fun about seeing what twists and turns will happen and maybe the best part of all is getting one over on your friends. Jelly Button Games took this magic formula and mashed […]

LeEco hits another snag in building its global empire, won’t acquire Vizio

This time, regulations have stopped it from acquiring the US’s biggest TV maker.

LeEco hasn’t had an easy time lately and things don’t seem to be perking up. Both LeEco and Vizio have announced that the merger agreement for the former to acquire the latter will not proceed.

Both companies sent out a tandem email with the following statement:

LeEco Global Group Ltd. and VIZIO Inc. announced today that the merger agreement to acquire VIZIO will not proceed due  [Read More…]

6 questions you need to ask before building an app

With the booming market of smart phones, new apps are being developed every day. Hence, the competition is incredibly tough. If you are on your way to making one, stop and ask yourself these questions first. What app am I building? Before building an app, you need to consider what kind of business it is […]

Amazon is building the next important OS, and Google can’t keep up

Alexa is an operating system, and that could mean trouble for Google.

Google made a fundamental mistake by launching Google Home two years after Amazon Echo, says Ben Thompson of Stratechery. Amazon’s Echo and its growing lineup of first-party hardware, including the Tap and Dot, are less significant to the company’s future than Alexa itself, the voice-enabled operating system that seems to be growing in reach and intelligence more quickly than any other.

The Echo created its  [Read More…]

Android Things is Google’s new platform for building IoT devices

Android Things brings IoT into the development environment so many already know.

The attempt at a grand unification of “internet of things” devices is mostly a dream, but that isn’t stopping big companies like Google from making an honest go of it. The latest initiative from Google to create and unify the internet of things takes its current Brillo and Weave standards and adds more parts to create one platform: Android Things.

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8 simple steps to building a website that will be mobile friendly

Small screen or “mobile” devices have finally overtaken traditional laptops and desktops as the most popular way to browse the Internet. This not only explains Google’s algorithm shifts to re-rank mobile-friendly websites higher in search engine results, but also reinforces why it is in every blogger’s, business owner’s and entrepreneur’s best interests to ensure the