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Marshall’s new Uxbridge Voice smart speaker comes with Alexa built-in

Google Assistant and Tencent Xiaowei variants are planned for later in the year.

What you need to know Marshall announces its Uxbridge Voice smart speaker with Alexa. It’ll ship from April 8 from just $ 199. A Google Assistant equipped version is slated for launch later in the summer.

Marshall has announced the new Uxbridge Voice, its Amazon Alexa equipped smart speaker.

The Uxbridge Voice smart Speaker is Marshall’s smallest and most compact option, offering a variety  [Read More…]

Does the Galaxy S20 come with a built-in screen protector?

Best answer: Yes, the Galaxy S20 comes with a plastic screen protector, but if you want a better one it needs to be compatible with the in-screen fingerprint reader.

Check out the new phone: Samsung Galaxy S20 ($ 1000 at Samsung) A tempered glass alternative: Gorilla Cases Tempered Glass Screen Protector ($ 15 at Amazon) Fingerprint-friendly protection

Normally with a screen protector, you just want to keep the fingerprints off. With the Galaxy S20 and other phones  [Read More…]

Skype gets built-in support for Translated Conversations

Skype now has a feature built-in to translate conversations, rather than using a bot.

What you need to know Skype’s Translated Conversations feature will replace the Skype Translator bot. The feature supports 11 languages and instantly translates messages and calls. Translated Conversations are available on all platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and the web.

Microsoft’s Skype has a new update that brings support for Translated Conversations, making it easier to stay in touch with more  [Read More…]

Google Nest Mini pictures reveal a built-in wall mount and familiar design

A more powerful speaker also seems likely.

What you need to know WinFuture has provided renders and promotional images of the Google Nest Mini. This is the successor to the Google Home Mini, and it has a built-in wall mount. The Nest Mini will likely be announced on October 15 alongside the Pixel 4.

Google’s long-awaited Pixel 4 event finally takes place on October 15, and we can’t wait for the phone to be official following an  [Read More…]

The LG Stylo 5 and its built-in stylus is now available at Sprint for $288

A Galaxy Note competitor on a budget.

What you need to know The LG Stylo 5 is coming to Sprint with a built-in stylus. It will set you back $ 288 all at once or you can use Sprint Flex to pay $ 25 down and $ 5 per month for 18 months. The Stylo 5 boasts a 6.2-inch screen, 3,500 mAh battery, and runs Android 9 Pie out of the box.

The new LG Stylo 5  [Read More…]

How to remove preloaded apps from your Alexa Built-In phone

Prime Day is a great time to buy a new phone if you’ve been on the fence, with steep discounts on Amazon’s lineup of Alexa Built-In phones. Whether you pick up a Moto Z4, LG G8, or any of the dozens of other options, you’ll be getting a great deal on a new phone, but it’s not quite the same as buying an unlocked phone elsewhere. Amazon preloads its Alexa Built-In phones with, as the name suggests, a  [Read More…]

How much money do you save when buying an Alexa Built-In Phone?

Best answer: Alexa Built-In Phones can save you $ 100 or more during big sales like Black Friday or Prime Day, but you should always back the price against the regular model, which can sometimes drop to a lower price on older models.

Save $ 44 with Alexa Built-In: Moto G6 4GB/64GB ($ 276 at Amazon) $ 140 off in pre-Prime Day deals: LG Stylo 4 ($ 160 at Amazon) What are Alexa Built-In Phones?

Amazon has  [Read More…]

Google seems to be making a 10-inch Smart Display w/ a built-in Nest camera

It’s called the “Nest Hub Max.”

The Google Home Hub, Google’s first and only Smart Display, is one of my favorite gadgets of last year. According to an odd leak on the Google Store, it looks like we could soon be getting a successor to it.

Spotted by Android Police, a page on the official Google Store website mentions a product that’s yet to be announced — the Nest Hub Max. The name is outed on a  [Read More…]

This 5-port hub has a built-in Qi charger for keeping all your tech charged

If you have a ton of devices, this is for you.

Woot is offering the ChargeHub X5 Elite for just $ 49.99 today. It combines one USB-C port, four USB-A ports and a Qi wireless charger for a compact, all-round solution to your varied charging needs. It regularly sells for $ 80 at Amazon. It’s brand new, comes in black or white, and carries a 1-year warranty.

Most people have a few devices to regularly charge these  [Read More…]

Opera Browser for Android now includes a free built-in VPN

Included with the version 51 update.

Back in 2016, Opera created a VPN app that allowed you to get unlimited private internet browsing for free. The app was shut down in 2017, and now as part of the version 51 update for the Opera Browser, that VPN functionality is built right into it.

Turning on the VPN is as easy as tapping the new VPN icon at the top left of the browser and toggling it on.  [Read More…]