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Google exec says a ‘buy button’ is coming to search

A “buy button” will eventually make its way to ads in Google search results, according to a Google exec.

Speaking at Code Conference today, Google’s Chief Business Officer, Omid Kordestani, said that a buy button is “imminent” for ads in Google search.

Google will reportedly add a ‘Buy’ button to some mobile search results

Google is said to be planning to add a “Buy” button to mobile search results in the next several weeks.

In an effort to compete with the likes of Amazon, Google will reportedly add a “Buy” button on search results pages fairly soon. The buttons will appear as part of sponsored search results for select products. Tapping the buy button will take users to a product page to actually buy the item.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 images leaked revealing metal frame, home button

While the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is still a month away, its leaked images have already  revealed a chunk of its specifications including a metal chassis and a physical home button.

According to images revealed by leakster @OnLeaks on Twitter, the successor of the Galaxy Tab S shares a clear resemblance with the Galaxy Tab A. Also, it is apparent from the images that power and volume buttons are situated on the right hand side along with microSD and  [Read More…]

IFTTT launches new Do Button, Do Camera and Do Note apps, rebrands original app to simply ‘IF’

IFTTT, always the tinkerer’s dream, is making some big changes today with the launch of a new set of apps and a rebranding of its main app. The three new apps, called Do Button, Do Camera and Do Note, are meant to be specialized single-use apps — accompanied by widgets — that are simpler to set up and can tie into your favorite products and apps to perform a single action very well.

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Power Button Flashlight: Review

One feature that has become more and more prominent on smartphones is being able to use the device’s LED flash for a flashlight or torch. Flashlights are becoming more and more standard on smartphones, but it is difficult to access them most of the time; some devices don’t even have an option for a flashlight or some have them hidden as a widget.

That is where third-party apps come in. Power Button Flashlight makes it very easy to access  [Read More…]

Google Calendar on the web gets smarter with real-time updates, back button support

It isn’t the flashy Material Design upgrade we’ve been seeing on other Google properties, but Google Calendar on the web is getting a little smarter with a few subtle upgrades. Starting today if you use Google Calendar in a web browser you’ll notice real-time updates of information without refreshing the page, meaning you’ll never miss a meeting time change or updated details.

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Facebook now lets you put a Like button in your app

facebook like

A huge number of people who visit Facebook are on a smartphone or tablet, using the official Facebook app. Because of the quantity of people using the mobile versions, it would be crazy of Facebook not to enable the “Like” button on mobile applications. That’s why they’re changing things up and enabling Android and iOS developers to put a Like button in their apps.

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Google+ and the mute button — meet your new best friend

Enough is enough sometimes — here’s how to mute threads on Google+

Google+ is a wonderful place of conversations. But unlike real conversations, when you get bored, you can’t just walk away. That’s what the mute button is there is for. It lets you get out of a conversation and the flood of notifications an active post can bring. You can also use the mute button on individual people, which we genuinely hope  [Read More…]

Google Maps rolling out new ‘Explore’ button to reveal tailored local info

Google is adding a brand new way find out more about your surroundings in Google Maps with a new “Explore” feature. In the bottom right corner of the latest Google Maps app, you’ll now notice a small location pin button next to the location button — tap it, and you’ll be taken into the new Explore interface with information tailored to your location.

By default you’ll see what’s going on within a 5 minute walk and  [Read More…]

More info points towards “Google” button replacing home button in nav bar

We’ve heard that the next version of Android will have some major changes to the user interface. In fact, many of the rumored changes I don’t even like! But one of the rumors was that Google will be replacing the home button in the navigation bar with a “Google” button, and the latest info suggests that it might be true.

Android navigation buttons

The new button design is actually pretty attractive, with  [Read More…]