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Nekteck’s discounted car adapter includes a USB-C cable and USB-A port

For USB-C stuff.

The Nekteck 5.4A USB-C car charger adapter with built-in cord is down to $ 13.59 on Amazon. The adapter normally sells for around $ 16, and it hasn’t dropped from that price directly in more than a year.

The USB-C car charger includes an attached USB-C cable that you can use to charge any USB-C device. There’s also an extra USB-A port for other phones or tablets you want to power up. Both will  [Read More…]

Netgear’s advanced CM700 cable modem is on sale for $73

Get a new modem.

The Netgear CM700 DOCSIS 3.0 32×8 cable modem is down to $ 72.99 with code NEFPBD67 on Newegg Flash. The same modem is $ 90 on Amazon. This is a unique deal because it’s better than any recent deal we’ve seen from Amazon. Also remember Newegg Flash is a temporary deal site, and while there’s still plenty of time left for this one it could also sell out long before the deal actually  [Read More…]

Ditch the cable and go wireless with these charging pads and stands

Charging your phone via cable is the best way to get a fast charge, but it can be cumbersome if you’re not near a charging outlet, are picking your phone up a lot throughout the day, or would simply rather not deal with cables. That’s where an excellent wireless charging pad comes into play. These are the best wireless charging pads for your Android phone.

Note: Regarding Samsung’s Fast Charging capabilities, while many of these stands claim to charge  [Read More…]

These USB-C hubs let you use your own cable

These pint-size peripheral portmasters fix my biggest gripe with USB-C hubs.

USB-C hubs have been multiplying over the last three years, but I’ve been slightly annoyed by the one trait they all seem to share: a permanently attached USB-C cable that’s often too short and makes the hub awkward to pack or keep flat on your desk. Newcomer uniAccessories launched a small crop of USB-C adapters on Amazon in 2018, and today it’s launching a Kickstarter for  [Read More…]

This 3-in-1 cable is a must-have for all Android and iPhone fans at $6 off

This cable can charge pretty much any device and is $ 6 off with this code.

There’s no such thing as too many charging cables, especially when they come with three different charging connectors. Right now, you can snag Anker’s PowerLine II 3-in-1 cable for just $ 11.24 when you checkout using coupon code ANKERKJ8. It normally sells for around $ 17 and the cable has never dropped this low directly. The code works for both the  [Read More…]

Everything you can do with a USB OTG cable on your Oculus Go

Best answer: The USB port on the Oculus Go can be used for a number of things, including connecting to gamepads, arcade sticks, and your phone, but you need a USB OTG cable to take full use of it.

Amazon: Oculus Go ($ 250) Amazon: Cable Matters 2-Pack Micro USB OTG Adapter ($ 7) Amazon: CableCreation Micro USB to Micro USB Cable ($ 7) Gamestop: Wired Licensed Xbox 360 Controller ($ 20) Amazon: 8Bitdo N30 Arcade Stick  [Read More…]

Cover up cords with this $14 cable management kit at one of its best prices

Conceal the unsightly cables around your home at a discount.

Legrand’s CMK50 Cord Mate II Cable Management System is down to just $ 13.98 at Amazon currently. This deal marks its lowest price there in over a year; it regularly sells for up to $ 25 and has only dropped lower than this twice in the past.

The Cord Mate II kit is perfect for tidying up behind your entertainment center or in your office, as it  [Read More…]

Avoid those rental fees with the $45 Netgear CM500 cable modem

Solve those slow Internet speeds.

The Netgear CM500 DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem is down to $ 44.99 after you clip the $ 10 off on-page coupon on Amazon. This modem normally sells for around $ 60. It recently dropped to about $ 55, and the on-page coupon brings it down to one of the best prices we’ve seen. We’ve seen it drop a little lower than this before using similarly designed deals, but this is still a  [Read More…]

Ditch cable and start your Hulu subscription for just $6 monthly

Stay up-to-date with your favorite shows and more.

We saw a lot of offers during Black Friday this year, but the hottest of them all was a sale on Hulu memberships. With access to currently airing shows and older classics, along with hundreds of films, having a subscription to the service gives you the ability to stream thousands of hours of content on your own time, and you’ll be able to use your phone, tablet, or computer  [Read More…]

Forget all about cable with Black Friday’s best deals for cord cutters

Cut the cord and never look back.

Trying to go the cable free route? Subscribing to the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video? Looking at the TV in your living room like it’s a giant paperweight compared to your smartphones and tablets? You need more ways to take advantage of your cord cutting habits. Give your TV a purpose again since you stopped paying for cable. And since the whole point was to stop paying so much money  [Read More…]