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Grab Samsung’s USB-C cable for just $10 today

With Samsung’s latest phones moving from Micro-USB to USB-C, you may be in need of a few more cables for around the house. Samsung’s 3ft option is a great one to have around, and today you can pick it up for just $ 10.

Grab Samsung’s Micro-USB cable for just $5 today

You can never have too many Micro-USB cables around, and Samsung’s 3ft option is a great one. The cable is short enough to not make a tangled mess in your bag, but long enough that you don’t have to sit attached to the wall, and right now you can pick one up for just $ 5.

Back your phone data up and charge it at same time with a MEEM Cable

Charging a smartphone is something nearly all of us do on a nearly daily basis. Some of us can get a few days between power-up, but we all eventually have to juice up on a semi-regular basis. How often, though, are you backing up your files? Surely you don’t rely on only one copy of all […]

Get this reversible micro USB cable for just $13!

Dealing with charging cables is just a part of modern day life. First, you can never seem to find one when you need it. Then there’s the all-too-common issue of going to plug your charger into your phone only to realize its upside down.

Introducing the MicFlip Fully Reversible Micro USB Cable! Learn more

You can solve both of those problems by picking up a MicFlip Fully Reversible Micro USB cable. Both the Micro USB and USB-A plug  [Read More…]

Grab this four-foot Aux cable for just $7.87 today!

Not all cars or stereo systems have Bluetooth capabilities, but many of them have 3.5mm jacks that you can use to plug your phone into with a basic cable. Right now you can pick up a four-foot cable to be able to play your music on other devices for just $ 7.87, so don’t miss out.

How to make your own Ethernet cable

You can make your own Ethernet cable to achieve lengths that are more useful and save some money in the long run. Here’s how.

Whether you want to make some cabling of a specific length or just wish to have a little more fun than picking up Ethernet cables from your local store, it’s actually an easy and straightforward task to make your own. This process can also help you repair damaged cable in the home or  [Read More…]

MagCable Magnetic microUSB Cable simplifies charging (Deal of the Day)

While most of the new phones and devices on the horizon feature the USB Type-C charging standard, a lot of what we currently own does not. We venture to guess that you’ve got a number of gadgets lying around the house that need microUSB for charging. If there’s one thing we like about having Type-C charging, […]

Hook your Galaxy S5 up to your TV with this $12.87 cable

Ever wish that you could easily display the contents of your Galaxy S5 on a big screen like a TV? Well, with this simple cable you can easily do just that, allowing you to watch videos, pictures and more from your phone for just $ 12.87 today.

Cutting the cord: How Modern Dad ditched cable TV

How my family took the plunge and unplugged cable TV for good.

It’s sort of a rite of passage for folks of a certain age — especially those of us who grew up in a time before cable TV. Our kids? They don’t know the differences between networks and cable news. It all looks the same — who cares how it comes in, right? But for me, the time came when the $ 150 a month I was paying for  [Read More…]

Grab this braided USB-C cable for just $9.87 today!

With USB-C being a relatively new connection type, odds are you don’t have as many cables as you need. Seidio’s braided cable is a great option to consider for something that will last for a long time. The braiding will prevent fraying, and right now you can pick one up for just $ 9.87!