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The Moto X (2017) to be called Moto X4?

Reputable tech guru Evan [email protected] recently stated that the Moto X (2017) is going be called the Moto X4. Given that Blass has dropped some real secretive truth bombs of late, we have every reason to believe that this latest leak won’t be any different. By all accounts we are expecting the newly re-named device to […]

T-Mobile’s lineup of affordable premium phones is called REVVL

A few weeks ago it was revealed T-Mobile is working on self-branded smartphone with flagship-level specs but affordable price tag. While not much was known about the handset at the time, today we come back with more information on the topic. According to an industry source familiar with the matter, the Magenta carrier is gearing […]

HTC’s upcoming flagship will be called the HTC U 11

The new name signifies HTC’s strategy for streamlining its mobile branding.

We’ve already seen what HTC’s latest flagship will look like, and today we learn its name — the HTC U 11. This info comes from Evan Blass of VentureBeat who spoke with an individual briefed on the company’s plans who also confirmed that the new device will be available in five different color options.

Previously known to the world as the HTC Ocean, the new name  [Read More…]

Motorola’s next flagship will be called the Moto Z2

When? We don’t know. All we have to go off of is a brief tweet.

It’s about that time of year again, where every Android phone maker has either already shown off their flagship smartphone for the year or is in the process of prepping it for launch. According to a tweet from notorious smartphone leaker, Evan Blass of Venturebeat, Motorola is next on the list with the follow-up to last year’s modular Moto Z.

So, like,  [Read More…]

OpenSignal launches its own speed test app, it’s called Meteor

You might be familiar with OpenSignal – an application that offers information on where to get better phone signal and also measures signal strength, data speeds and reliability and displays near-by Wi-Fi networks. This week OpenSignal launched a new app called Meteor which lets users know which apps will work well on the speed available […]

Here’s more proof that Android 8.0 will probably be called Oreo

If you are the owner of an Android smartphone, you probably know that Google names every major new version of its operating system after a deliciously sweet treat. We had Gingerbread, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow and now Nougat. Google’s naming scheme is also alphabetical, so the next Android will be called something starting with […]

ZTE’s insane, crowdsourced eye-tracking phone is called Hawkeye and is coming in September for $199

ZTE is bringing its crowdsourced, crowdfunded Project CSX phone to market this September, and it’s called Hawkeye.

ZTE has announced that its long-awaited (by some) crowdsourced phone will go up for pre-order starting January 4 and will be delivered nine months later, in September, barring any unforeseen delays.

The device, born under ZTE’s ambitious Project CSX, which stands for Crowd Source X, gleaned suggestions from people around the world, integration the two most viable into the finished product: eye-tracking  [Read More…]

Google self-driving car project spun out as standalone company called Waymo

Google is forming a new company for its self-driving car division, which will operate independently inside Alphabet.

While Google’s official blog and Self-Driving Car Project page have yet to be updated, Tech Crunch has the news that Google is spinning out its self-driving car project to a standalone company. The new company is called Waymo, and it will operate on its own under the Alphabet umbrella, rather than as a division of Google. Jon Krafcik is the new company’s  [Read More…]

What should ZTE’s eye-tracking, self-adhesive smartphone be called?

Remember ZTE’s Project CSX? It’s the company’s initiative to crowdsource innovative new smartphone ideas. Last month we told you the ZTE community picked a winner, in the form of a self-adhesive, eye-tracking handset. However, so far the winner remains unnamed. Now ZTE is asking fans to help the company put a name on the upcoming

Google just made a new blog called The Keyword

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was Google… Yesterday, Google created a sweet new blog called The Keyword. It’s meant to be a central repository of Google news and product announcements. Similar to how Alphabet was created to reign in all of Google’s projects, The Keyword was created to unite Google’s blogs.