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Sega teasing something new, possibly a AAA game called Humankind

Sega has launched a teaser website that could be hinting towards a new game called Humankind

What you need to know Sega has launched a teaser website called hmkd.sega.com. The website only asks for an email signup, while a green heartrate monitor occasionally blips in the background. Sega’s lineup for Gamescom 2019 includes an unannounced AAA game, which is probably what this teaser is for. The game will likely be revealed during Gamescom  [Read More…]

E3 is called more and more irrelevant each year, but why?

I’ve noticed quite different tones surrounding conversations about either event.

Regardless of tweet impressions, article hits about news from the event, and number of attendees, the general consensus surrounding E3 the past few years has been that it’s becoming irrelevant. Now compare this to San Diego Comic-Con, where it only seems to be bigger and better than ever with fans eagerly awaiting to see what’s announced. Not to say that people don’t look forward to E3 announcements,  [Read More…]

Samsung’s new Android interface is called ‘One UI’

One UI will be available for the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 in January.

At the 2018 Samsung Developer Conference, one of the big announcements was a big refresh for Samsung’s custom Android interface. The Samsung Experience is gone, and in its place, we have One UI.

One of the biggest goals with One UI is to help users “focus on the task at hand.” To achieve this, One UI removes a lot of clutter from the  [Read More…]

Niantic’s massive reboot to Ingress, called Prime, is finally here

Fire up your scanner, Agents. Your faction needs you more than ever before.

Long before Pokemon Go took over the world, Niantic was a small team inside of Google eager to make a game that got people out in the world and exploring the hidden secret cool things around them. Ingress grew steadily in popularity, and a huge percentage of its userbase remains fiercely loyal to this day. The Enlightened and Resistance factions continue to wage war  [Read More…]

Google tipped to be working on a Play Store subscription service called Play Pass

Google appears to be working on a new subscription service for Google Play. According to evidence gathered by the XDA Developers, the new service might launch under the name “Play Pass”.

The potential new feature is expected to offer users a bundle of apps and games in exchange for a fee. This is quite similar to how streaming services like Netflix work.

References to Play Pass were first spotted back in June, but an XDA affiliate recently received a Google  [Read More…]

HQ Trivia sequel will be a Wheel of Fortune-style game called HQ Words

This is where we go next after HQ Trivia.

The team behind HQ Trivia is readying to deliver a brand new game for 2018, and this one is for the word nerds. According to reporting from Digiday, the new game will be called HQ Words. Based on Wheel of Fortune format, players will be tasked with guessing phrases one letter at a time while competing live against other players. The game is expected to launch sometime in  [Read More…]

Google rumored to be working on a health assistant for smartwatches called Coach

With the Pixel Watch closer to release, a new report has revealed that Google might be working on a health and fitness assistant for wearables called Google Coach.

According to the Android Police who received the tip, Google Coach will be more than a simple tool for tracking your workouts. Like the Google Assistant, the upcoming personal trainer will also use AI to learn about your behavior and then suggest ways to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Internally known as Project  [Read More…]

Palm’s comeback smartphone to be called Pepito?

Back in March, we reported that TCL revealed it has plans to revive the once iconic phone maker Palm this year.

Well, it seems that a new Palm smartphone is indeed in the pipeline. In recent days a new Palm device was spotted at the FCC and Wi-Fi Alliance. What’s more, the device also appeared in the Bluetooth SIG database revealing it might be called Pepito. It’s unclear at this point whether this is simply a codename or the final  [Read More…]

Samsung’s first smart speaker to be called Magbee?

Samsung’s upcoming Bixby-powered smart speaker has been in the rumor mill for quite some time. We’ve been hearing whispers that the Korean tech giant is working on a Google Home competitor since last year.

Well, it seems the tech giant is finally gearing up to unleash the product upon the world. And according to a bunch of recent trademark applications filled by Samsung recently (July 16) in the US, as well as Europe, the device will be called Magbee. Think  [Read More…]