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9 apps to keep you calm and relaxed in 2018

Feeling a little stressed about returning to our busy life after the Holiday season? We bet you’d love to prolong the blissful, relaxed state you enjoyed during the mini-holiday and the good news is that you most certainly can. If one of your New Year’s resolutions has to do with living a more stress-free existence, […]

stayZen is a zen-style game that may actually calm you (review)

Lots of Android games want to wow you with crazy, hair-raising action, speed, and wild graphics. Their mission is to pull you in with the promise of a frenetic pace, testing your reflexes and concentration in the face of unrelenting distractions. stayZen is an Android game that tries to go in another direction. This is a

Honeywell’s WiFi water and freeze detector has restored my calm

I probably care way too much about this, but it’s still a great tool to have.

Mere weeks after buying our first house, which had a really nice finished basement that I decided should totally be our bedroom, a foot of water moved in for a little while. Four years and thousands of dollars in repairs later, I still keep a close eye on the weather report every day and am still a little paranoid about  [Read More…]