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Calm down

Stress isn’t healthy for anyone, including your four-legged friend. Thankfully, technology can soothe frayed nerves and put your pal at ease. Whether your best bud is afraid of thunderstorms or a little on the nervous side, we have something to calm him (and you) down. Here are the best tech and accessories for dog anxiety.

The jacket that unjumbles nerves ThunderShirt Sport

Staff pick

The lightweight ThunderShirt wraps around your dog, giving gentle pressure to his  [Read More…]

Samsung Health gets mindfulness and meditation courses via Calm integration

Available first for Samsung phones running Android Pie.

Since its launch in 2013, Samsung’s actively been improving its Samsung Health app to be a robust health/fitness platform that can compete toe-to-toe with Fitbit. Now, thanks to a partnership with Calm, Samsung Health is getting a bunch of new programs to help with your body’s mental state.

Under a new section in Samsung Health called “Mindfulness”, you’ll be given the option to either create an account for Calm  [Read More…]

9 apps to keep you calm and relaxed in 2018

Feeling a little stressed about returning to our busy life after the Holiday season? We bet you’d love to prolong the blissful, relaxed state you enjoyed during the mini-holiday and the good news is that you most certainly can. If one of your New Year’s resolutions has to do with living a more stress-free existence, […]

stayZen is a zen-style game that may actually calm you (review)

Lots of Android games want to wow you with crazy, hair-raising action, speed, and wild graphics. Their mission is to pull you in with the promise of a frenetic pace, testing your reflexes and concentration in the face of unrelenting distractions. stayZen is an Android game that tries to go in another direction. This is a

Honeywell’s WiFi water and freeze detector has restored my calm

I probably care way too much about this, but it’s still a great tool to have.

Mere weeks after buying our first house, which had a really nice finished basement that I decided should totally be our bedroom, a foot of water moved in for a little while. Four years and thousands of dollars in repairs later, I still keep a close eye on the weather report every day and am still a little paranoid about  [Read More…]