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Galaxy S8 camera tips and tricks

Here’s a look at the Galaxy S8’s camera app, what it can do, and how it can inspire you to be a little more silly with your smartphone.

Samsung’s smartphones have had a pretty consistent track record over the past few years when it comes to shooting photos. And though Samsung’s had a storied past of overdoing it on the extra features, the companion camera apps as of late have come equipped with some genuinely fun-to-use features  [Read More…]

Xiaomi Mi 6 goes official with Snapdragon 835, dual main camera

As anticipated by the deluge of leaks of the past few months, Xiaomi unveiled its next-generation flagship, the Mi 6, today. The phone is the third handset to be announced with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 835 processor, after the Sony Xperia XZ Premium and Samsung Galaxy S8. Aesthetically speaking, the design language hasn’t changed much since […]

How to quickly launch the Galaxy S8 camera with the power button

The Galaxy S8’s camera shortcut has moved from the home button to the power button. Here’s how it works!

On the Galaxy S6 and S7, the camera app was easily accessible by double-pressing the physical home button from anywhere — screen on or off, and in any app. But the Galaxy S8 has no physical home button, which necessitated a change of strategy.

By default, the Galaxy S8 will launch the camera app if you double press  [Read More…]

Galaxy S8 camera is amazing: Here are the first photos and video samples

What kind of photos and video does the Galaxy S8 capture?

The Galaxy S8 is arguably the most important Android phone of the year. Samsung’s most popular brand is the world’s most popular Android phone, and it goes without saying that what Samsung does, others follow.

That’s why we were surprised to learn that Samsung didn’t make a big deal of its flagship’s camera this time around, opting to maintain the status quo. It doesn’t hurt that  [Read More…]

Your Galaxy S8 will remind you to clean finger grease off its camera lens

Once you add a fingerprint, your GS8 will warn you to de-gunk your lens regularly.

The Galaxy S8’s fingerprint sensor location has been one of the more controversial elements of the phone’s design, with concerns being raised over reachability, and the potential for fingerprint smudges to accumulate around that rear camera lens. And it appears Samsung, too, is aware of the potential for picture-smudging grease to build up back there.

Once you set up fingerprint authentication — but not  [Read More…]

New Facebook update adds new camera effects, Snapchat-like stories

Facebook is slowly turning into a Snapchat clone. After adding features like My Day on Messenger, the social network recently introduced a new update which brings another Snap-like feature. This time it’s a bunch of new camera effects and new ways to share photos and videos on Facebook with friends on iOS and Android. With […]

Alleged Moto X 2017 breaks cover with Snapdragon 625, dual camera setup

Motorola could use dual rear cameras as the differentiator for the Moto X 2017.

Motorola moved away from the Moto X brand last year to focus on the Moto Z lineup, but it looks like the series could see a resurgence this year. A series of images leaked on Google+ of an alleged Moto X 2017 show off a metal chassis, a front fingerprint sensor that’s similar to what we’ve seen on the Moto G5, and a dual camera  [Read More…]

Meet Oppo’s dual selfie camera phone, the F3 Plus

With dual-cameras becoming so popular in the smartphone industry, OPPO is also joining the bandwagon. But unlike other OEMs which put a dual camera on the back of their phones, OPPO is adoring its new F3 Plus with a dual selfie camera instead. OPPO has been known for making selfie-centric phones and with the new […]

Huawei P10 vs. P10 Plus camera comparison: Tiny improvements

Just how much difference does the P10 Plus’s f/1.8 lens make?

In addition to a bigger, higher-res screen and the ability to max out your RAM and storage, the jump from the Huawei P10 to P10 Plus gets you Huawei’s most advanced Leica camera to date. The trusty f/2.2 Summarit-branded lens, used in the past a generation of Huawei flagships, makes way for a brighter f/1.8 Summilux aperture.

On paper that should allow for a modest improvement  [Read More…]

The beauty of having a good camera in every pocket

Cheaper smartphones that don’t suck mean better cameras, and better photos.

While the rest of the team has been playing with phones that border (or safely fall into) the designation of ‘expensive,’ I’ve been erring on the side of budget, switching between four devices that are, to me, just as interesting, as much for what they lack as what they offer.

One of those phones is the ZTE Blade V8 Pro, a phone that barely got any  [Read More…]