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Noah Camera takes your selfie game to a new level (review)

Overview: Noah Camera is a camera app designed to enhance your photos and selfies with filters and allow you to easily share them on social media and with friends. Developer: JP Brothers, Inc. Cost: Free (with ads) Impressions: Noah Camera is a camera app designed to enhance your photos and selfies with filters and allow

Video: Google Pixel vs OnePlus 3T camera showdown!

The OnePlus 3T is a legit competitor to the Pixel XL, and for a whole lot less money than Google’s latest phone — almost $ 400 less, in fact. In terms of specs and user experience, they’re both pretty similar. However, if you stump up the cash for a Pixel XL, one thing that gets you is Google’s legendary Pixel camera.

We’ve all seen the ads — it’s supposedly the “best smartphone camera ever!” And that plays out in  [Read More…]

Umi shows off touch-free tricks for the UMi Z’s camera

Ever find yourself in a situation where you encounter something truly breathtaking and want to capture it in a photo? Of course you have. What about scenarios where you are having an incredible time with friends and something funny happen that you want to preserve in a digital file. Just all of the time, right?

HTC announces U Ultra with two displays, 12MP camera, Sense Companion

HTC teased January 12 as a big reveal date, and sure enough, today the company has just unveiled two new smartphones.

HTC has announced the U Ultra, its newest flagship. The handset features a secondary, two-inch display over the main panel which will serve up app shortcuts, event notifications, and quick access to your favorite contacts. The main display measures in at 5.7 inches and has a resolution of 2560×1440 (513 pixels per inch).

HTC U  <a href=[Read More…]

Latest Axon 7 Mini update brings VoLTE to more users, December security patch, and camera tweaks

Latest update brings a slew of features to the Axon 7 Mini.

Good news for those of you who recently nabbed an Axon 7 Mini. ZTE has announced a maintenance release for the device, namely a software update that will add VoLTE, Google security patches up to December, and camera enhancements. ZTE says that there are three different builds out right now and the one you have installed will affect the update you receive. For instance, those who were  [Read More…]

Tiny1 is the astronomy camera of my dreams!

This is seriously the camera of my dreams.

Three months ago I was offered an incredibly rare (for me) opportunity. There was a place not too far from where I was that had almost zero light pollution, which meant I could go and lay in a field and see the Milky Way with my own two eyes.

For someone who loves space and lives in one of the most light-polluted parts of the U.S., this was a  [Read More…]

Kodak Ektra camera phone comes to the US in April for $549

You might remember Kodak’s latest photography centric Ektra smartphone which was released on the European market in December 2016 for €499 a pop. Well at CES 2017 Kodak announced it will be bringing the device to the US and Canada, so customers looking for an apt camera phone should watch out for Ektra. Kodak says

The new 360fly camera is a little ball of 4K fun

The new 360fly camera shoots 360-degree video in 4K that’s VR-ready and easy to share.

360-degree videos are really cool, and so is watching them in VR. The new 360fly camera does both and makes it easy to import and share them everywhere. And it looks pretty neat, too.

What is this peculiar little sphere? 🤔 Why, it’s the @360fly camera! 📷 This little guy looks tiny, but BOY  [Read More…]

ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom hands-on: Focused on being more than just a camera

The second ‘Zoom’ model isn’t quite as impressive optically, but makes more sense practically.

After some pretty audacious engineering marvels going into the last ZenFone Zoom, ASUS has taken a decidedly simpler approach with the new ZenFone 3 Zoom. Rather than being a majority camera-focused smartphone, this is aimed at being a solid mid-to-high-end device overall that also happens to great photos with top-end camera specs.

ASUS effectively gave up on the huge, cumbersome and trade-off-heavy optical  [Read More…]

The Ricoh R spherical camera is designed for 360-degree live streaming

The Ricoh R offers 24-hours of 2K 360-degree streaming.

Building on the success of the Theta, one of last year’s best 360-degree cameras, Ricoh has announced the Ricoh R — a camera designed for long spherical live-streams.

Under the new “ruggedized” chassis are internals that mark an improvement on the predecessor in almost every way. The output stream is at 2K and 30 frames per second. The video can be stitched from the two fisheye lenses in  [Read More…]