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Vivo V17 Pro is the world’s first phone with dual front pop-up camera

Vivo’s V17 Pro has six cameras in total — two at the front and four at the back — and robust internals.

What you need to know Vivo V17 Pro is the first phone to offer dual cameras on a retractable module. There’s a 32MP camera and 8MP wide-angle lens at the front, and a 6.44-inch FHD+ panel. You get four cameras at the back: a 48MP sensor, 13MP zoom lens, 8MP wide-angle shooter, and 2MP portrait  [Read More…]

Nokia 7.2 arrives in US with 48-megapixel triple camera

Nokia on Wednesday confirmed that its 7.2 smartphone is available for US consumers. Sold unlocked through online retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H, the $ 350 phone boasts a 48-megapixel triple camera with ZEISS Optics.

Initially introduced at IFA in earlier September, the Nokia 7.2 runs Android 9 (Pie) and houses a 6.3-inch display at 1080 x 2280 pixel resolution. The PureDisplay tech delivers an incredibly bright image with wide color reproduction. Moreover, the high dynamic color contrast ratio  [Read More…]

Get a great camera for less with these phones

It’s no secret that camera quality is near the top of the list when it comes to requirements for a smartphone. And that’s the case no matter how much you’re spending. Thankfully there are plenty of phones out there that offer solid camera experiences without breaking the bank. The best of the best is the Google Pixel 3a. It gives you flagship camera quality, front and back, for a fraction of the cost — and stands out particularly  [Read More…]

Google Camera 7.0 update may bring better performance to all Pixel phones

The update may fix the occasional slow camera app launch issue faced by some Pixel 3 owners.

What you need to know Google Camera 7.0 bug report has revealed older Pixel smartphones may receive some camera performance improvements with the release of the new Google Camera app. Pixel smartphones may also get three new Android 10 features soon: “Rules” to automate certain settings, a new screen recorder app, and “Volta” app for analyzing the device’s battery history.  [Read More…]

The best camera is the Pixel 4 leak you have near you

I counted 12 Pixel 4 leaks this week. And those are only the ones Android Central reported — there were other, smaller ones, that tech sites lapped up with gusto. This must have been a difficult week for the Pixel marketing team, who had to deal with a situation of a similar scale last year — though with the Pixel 3, it appears the phones were stolen, not sold by local Vietnamese retailers a month before the device  [Read More…]

Google Pixel 4 camera features detailed in new leak

The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL could be Google’s first phones to offer audio zoom capability.

What you need to know Leaked Google Camera 7.0 app from a pre-release Pixel 4 has revealed key camera features of the upcoming Pixel 4 series. The Google Camera 7.0 app offers a “Camera coaching” feature that provides tips on how users can take better photos. Apart from the UI changes, the new leak has also confirmed Motion Blur, improved  [Read More…]

New leak compares Pixel 4 camera to Note 10+ — and Samsung wins

Pixels have long been known to have the best smartphone cameras — but if the latest leak is any indication, that reign may be coming to an end.

What you need to know Someone recently compared the Pixel 4 XL’s camera against the Galaxy Note 10+. Not all of the camera modes were available to test. There is no time of flight camera on this device.

I want to say that this newest leak for the Pixel  [Read More…]

Latest Pixel 4 XL leak shows off new camera app UI and face unlock

New Pixel 4 XL leak gives us a detailed look at the design and camera features.

What you need to know A new Pixel 4 XL leak out of Vietnam gives us a comprehensive look at Google’s upcoming flagship. The leak shows off the new camera interface, and gives us an early look at new features. We also get to see the prompts for face unlock, and a detailed overview of the design.

We got a pretty  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy A50s preview: Stunning design, great new 48MP camera

The Galaxy A50s builds on the strengths of the A50 with a gorgeous new design and 48MP camera at the back.

Samsung did something earlier this year that was unthinkable: it made a good budget phone. After years of releasing phones under the Galaxy J series with boring designs and under-powered hardware, Samsung finally started paying attention to the budget segment. It nixed the Galaxy J series, brought Galaxy A designs with fresh designs and robust hardware  [Read More…]

Samsung’s Instagram Stories camera mode is bad and it should feel bad

This could be amazing, but instead, it’s aggressively mediocre.

Samsung announced back with the Galaxy S10 that it had integrated an Instagram Stories shooting mode into the phone’s camera app. You can toggle over with a swipe and shoot straight to Instagram Stories, including video. I, like most, scoffed at the idea. I can just open the Instagram app to use all of the capabilities of Stories, or take photos in the camera and share them to  [Read More…]