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Galaxy S8+ vs. Pixel XL camera comparison: The best travel companions

Two phones, one epic vacation. Which one is better at documenting it all? That’s what we aim to find out.

Hauling around a full-size kit of lenses for a DSLR is not exactly the ideal way to travel. Unless you’re an avid photographer and you enjoy the immersive experience of shooting and editing, the vast majority are generally fine documenting leisure time with the camera that’s already in their pocket. Shooting in unpredictable circumstances is also a  [Read More…]

Acer’s Holo 360 is an odd Android camera that can place calls

When you hear the name Acer your mind naturally conjures up images of cheap notebooks and monitors, but certainly not cameras. But this might soon change. The Taiwanese device maker which recently hosted an event in New York put on display a pretty bizarre object – it’s called the Holo 360 and yes, it’s a […]

Amazon Echo Style is a Alexa-powered hands-free camera

Amazon’s popular lineup of Echo products just got a new addition in the form of the Echo Look camera. The “style assistant” – as Amazon calls it – will help anyone with a huge closet, catalog and sort their outfits. And like in the case of all Echo products, the camera is fueled by the […]

The Galaxy S8’s quick launch camera setting isn’t available globally

The ability to quickly launch the camera with the power button is missing on a few Galaxy S8 units.

Double tapping the home button was the fastest way to launch the camera on the Galaxy S6 and S7. But with the Galaxy S8 eschewing the home button, Samsung had to come up with a new way to quickly launch the camera, and the company turned to the power button. Pressing on the power button twice in quick  [Read More…]

I used the LG G6 as my only camera on vacation and it was great

Smartphone cameras are so damn good in 2017 that it’s increasingly difficult to justify carrying my standalone camera.

I just returned from an excellent two-week vacation that took my girlfriend and I to Paris, Munich, Venice, and Rome. In the days leading up to the vacation, in which I had to pack two weeks’ worth of clothing and necessities into just an international carry-on roller bag and a messenger bag, I had the difficult decision of whether  [Read More…]

Google launches second-gen Jump camera for filming VR

Google has launched the second-gen Jump and the Jump Start initiative, which gets the appropriate tech for making VR into the hands of content creators.

Google is certainly not backing down from virtual reality any time soon. In fact, it’s announced the next generation of the Jump camera for capturing three-dimensional 360 video.

The second-gen Jump camera — preceded only by the GoPro Odyssey — comes packed with 17 Yi Halo 4K-capable cameras. Seventeen! There are 16 cameras continuously  [Read More…]

How to enable or disable the LG G6’s camera roll — and why you may want to leave it off

The LG G6 lets you see a scrolling strip of recent photos, but you may want to leave it off for quicker camera load times.

The LG G6 has a lot of neat features that utilize the taller 18:9 aspect ratio, letting you see more at once. One of those can be found in the camera app. The filmstrip view — officially called “camera roll” — gives you a scrolling vertical strip of recent photos off to  [Read More…]

Galaxy S8 camera tips and tricks

Here’s a look at the Galaxy S8’s camera app, what it can do, and how it can inspire you to be a little more silly with your smartphone.

Samsung’s smartphones have had a pretty consistent track record over the past few years when it comes to shooting photos. And though Samsung’s had a storied past of overdoing it on the extra features, the companion camera apps as of late have come equipped with some genuinely fun-to-use features  [Read More…]

Xiaomi Mi 6 goes official with Snapdragon 835, dual main camera

As anticipated by the deluge of leaks of the past few months, Xiaomi unveiled its next-generation flagship, the Mi 6, today. The phone is the third handset to be announced with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 835 processor, after the Sony Xperia XZ Premium and Samsung Galaxy S8. Aesthetically speaking, the design language hasn’t changed much since […]

How to quickly launch the Galaxy S8 camera with the power button

The Galaxy S8’s camera shortcut has moved from the home button to the power button. Here’s how it works!

On the Galaxy S6 and S7, the camera app was easily accessible by double-pressing the physical home button from anywhere — screen on or off, and in any app. But the Galaxy S8 has no physical home button, which necessitated a change of strategy.

By default, the Galaxy S8 will launch the camera app if you double press  [Read More…]