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Which smartphone camera do YOU think is the best?

We’re putting the latest and greatest smartphone cameras to the test — but this time, we want you to tell us which one you like best.

There are a lot of great smartphone cameras out there these days, no matter your preference of operating system. As is our custom, we’ve put together an extensive photo comparison of each of the major players, but we’re doing it a little differently this year.

Instead of us snapping photos, comparing  [Read More…]

Getting started with add-on camera lenses for your Android phone

What are the different types of phone photography lenses available?

Let’s cut to the chase: your Android phone’s camera is a powerful little tool. With it you can capture vivid video, professional portraits, trippy time-lapses, and so much more, all without any extra bells and whistles weighing you down.

Phone photography lenses are incredibly quick, practical, and convenient tools to have in your back pocket, and the four most common kinds you’ll come across are wide-angle,  [Read More…]

Xiaomi debuts a $330 mirrorless camera

The latest out of Xiaomi’s ecosystem partner XiaoYi is a $ 330 mirrorless camera dubbed the Yi M1 that looks awfully familiar. The Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera features a 20.16MP Sony IMX269 imaging sensor, offering a mechanical shutter, 4K video recording at 30fps, ISO up to 25600, and ability to shoot in RAW.

The camera doesn’t offer an electronic viewfinder or built-in flash, but you do get a 3-inch touchscreen with an interface similar to  [Read More…]

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 camera lens case is a wonderful, hard-to-justify accessory

Just about everyone’s taking smartphone pictures with the same focal length — but you can change that.

Since the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge were released, I’ve been enamored by the official Samsung “camera lens case” that lets you attach two high-quality camera lenses — one wide-angle, one telephoto — to the phone for unique shooting possibilities. Then Samsung just didn’t launch the cases in the U.S., or pretty much any big market around the world.  [Read More…]

Qualcomm introduces new Clear Sight dual camera system

Qualcomm is taking the wraps off their latest imaging product today, and the new Clear Sight system promises “astonishing results that mimic human vision.”

We’ve seen dual-camera setups on phones before, and Qualcomm has been at the front of the pack with phones like the LG G5 and its excellent dual camera configuration. Today’s news promises to improve the next generation to make things even better. Clear Sight will use two camera lenses — one color  [Read More…]

How is the iPhone 7 Plus dual camera different from Android cameras?

Android manufacturers say they had dual-camera phones first. Technically they’re correct. But Apple’s doing things very differently.

For those of us who live and breathe smartphones, it’s fun to poke Apple when it “invents” a feature we’ve been seeing in the Android space for years. Like when it “invented” bigger phones in 2014, or “invented” split-screen multitasking on the iPad Pro.

Sometimes the snark is justified. Other times, not so much. (And for what it’s worth,  [Read More…]

Huawei P9 Second Opinion: A well-rounded smartphone with a brilliant camera

The quick take

The latest flagship smartphone from Huawei, the P9, has a lot of things going for it in tandem to offer a great Android smartphone experience, along with arguably the best mobile photography credibility a smartphone has offered yet.

The Good Brilliant camera Excellent fingerprint sensor Good display Elegant design and build quality The Bad Not cheap EMUI is overwhelming Occasional lags Single SIM only

Huawei P9 Full Review

Huawei does a  [Read More…]

Turing promises the moon with the 2017 Cadenza: dual Snapdragon 830, 60MP camera, 12GB RAM

The Sailfish OS-based Turing Phone offers secure software combined with a proprietary liquid-metal alloy chassis that’s touted to be stronger than aluminum and steel. The phone was initially slated to launch last year, but ran into significant delays, with the first wave of pre-orders going out in July. Turing Robotic Industries, the company behind the phone, has detailed plans for its 2017 handset, the Cadenza. The company is looking to integrate artificial intelligence to “dramatically improve our day to day  [Read More…]

Moto Z Play and Hasselblad Moto camera Mod!

Whatever else you can say about the Moto Z – and there’s no shortage of opinion on the subject — you have to admit it’s an interesting smartphone. The problem for many is that it’s also an expensive smartphone, and while its camera has some useful features, it also has a fair number of drawbacks.

Lenovo’s answer to these concerns: a less-expensive Moto Z, and a brand new Moto Mod from a legendary camera maker. I spent about a  [Read More…]

This is the Hasselblad True Zoom, the essential camera add-on for the Moto Z

Motorola and legendary camera manufacturer Hasselblad have created the essential smartphone camera add-on.

The moment I learned about Moto Mods, the magnetic add-ons for the Moto Z line, I yearned for a camera. Batteries, sure; a speaker, fine. But a camera: to me, that made the platform truly compelling.

Now, months later, we are getting just that, in the form of the Hasselblad True Zoom. The Mod is the first mainstream smartphone accessory the legendary Swedish  [Read More…]