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LG V30 gets torn down, shows impressive camera hardware

JerryRigEverything has torn down the LG V30, showing all the internal components.

While it hasn’t been released yet, the LG V30 has already been making waves with reviewers. Alex said in his review of the device that it was a no-BS flagship: everything a user may want without any compromises or gimmicks. As we get closer to the release of the phone, more and more journalists are getting their hands on the device.

JerryRigEverything has done his  [Read More…]

Samsung could be developing a 1000 fps camera sensor for the Galaxy S9

Samsung could be about to up its camera game for the Galaxy S9 as the company is said to be working on a sensor capable of capturing up to 1000 frames per second. The report claims that the sensor is due to enter mass production in November that suggests it could be readied in time for […]

Top 5 LG V30 camera features

Even as phones become more homogenized and samey, there’s one big area left for high-end flagships to stand out: the cameras.

The new LG V30 has one of the most compelling photographic feature sets we’ve seen in an Android phone this year. LG’s new flagship boasts dual cameras with bright lenses (in both regular and wide-angle flavors), in addition to new manual shooting capabilities and the most comprehensive video feature set we’ve seen in an Android phone to date.

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What’s your favorite phone camera right now?

The old adage of “the best camera is the one you have with you” is still true.

Phone cameras come in all shapes and sizes, and everyone has a preference. Increasingly, dual cameras have spiced up the features of our favorite phones, adding telephoto, wide-angle and monochrome options for just the right moment.

When it comes to the Android Central team, we all have our favorites. Here are our favorite phone cameras right now, and why.

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Save 60 percent on this Wireless and Waterproof Endoscopic Camera!

Typically when you hear the word endoscopic camera it’s being said by a doctor for the purpose of looking inside a patient. But these bendable snake cameras can be used for many everyday things beyond medical applications.

The versatility of an endoscopic camera can allow you to investigate what’s clogging a drain, peer inside the tight spaces of your car, or give you an inside look at any tough to reach areas of your home. The camera head is adjustable  [Read More…]

Essential Phone 360 camera impressions: Solid accessory in need of some polish

It’s a relatively niche space, but Essential is innovating a bit.

The Essential Phone‘s first proper accessory attachment, its 360-degree camera, is finally slowly shipping to early buyers and is available to add to new Essential Phone orders. At $ 199, the 360-degree camera isn’t exactly an impulse purchase and is in the same price range as other 360-degree offerings, like the Samsung Gear 360.

But just look at it: it’s so small, and it’s an interesting  [Read More…]

Low-end Nokia 2 smiles for the camera

While we’re waiting for the Nokia 8 flagship to land in the US, it seems that HMD – the company behind the new Nokia Android phones – is gearing up to unveil a new product. The handset dubbed the Nokia 2 has leaked in the past, but this time we can actually take a look […]

Camera cutouts: The next horrible smartphone trend?

Smartphone trends take lots of different forms, but this latest one sucks.

Some smartphone trends are borne of necessity, like the trend towards larger onboard storage. Some smartphone trends are borne out of a desire to curb costs and space, like the trend of removing the headphone jack. Some trends are useful, such as the wide adoption of fingerprint scanners. Some trends are nuisances, such as the removal of the headphone jack. We’re seeing the beginnings of  [Read More…]

Momentum 720p Wi-Fi Camera review

As we head into the end of 2017, it’s easier than ever to throw together a connected home setup. Whether you’re looking to swap out your entire lighting system with smart bulbs or install a new thermostat or appliance, it’s fairly simple. This goes double for those who are looking to get their feet wet; you can […]

FrontRow Review: You can wear this camera – but should you?

Ever since I saw Android Central’s own Daniel Bader tooling around town wearing a Narrative Clip, I’ve had the nagging desire to review a wearable camera. But none of the boxy designs on the market has really spoken to me, and as cool as Snapchat’s Spectacles are, they have a lot of limitations. What’s more, “lifelogging,” or the practice of digitally documenting your daily life, hasn’t exactly taken the world by storm since it hit the mainstream a few  [Read More…]