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Protect your Galaxy S6 with this thin case for $14.87 today

If you’re still rocking the Galaxy S6 and want a protective case that doesn’t add a ton of bulk, you should check out Samsung’s offering. The thin case protects the back and corners of the phone, and right now you can grab one for just $ 14.87.

You should definitely buy this Android-powered iPhone case

This is definitely not going to end badly for you.

Let’s assume that a few people actually reading this article have an iPhone in their pocket. Perhaps it’s in addition to an Android device, or maybe it’s just a curiosity thing. But let’s suppose.

If you are such a person, I definitely recommend you invest in the Eye, a Kickstarter project that turns your iPhone into an Android phone.

Eye attaches to the back of any  [Read More…]

This bizarre iPhone case is actually an Android 7.0 Nougat handset

Kickstarter is a place that hosts a lot of weird projects and ideas, but the one we’re going to be talking up next probably takes the crown. The battle between iOS and Android has been going on forever, but the Eye aims to show iOS users that Android isn’t half bad by strapping an Android […]

This smartphone cover case is also a selfie drone

Bored of talking selfies by pointing the phone at yourself? Want to try something more dramatic that is bound to get a reaction out of people? Then we have just the thing for you. Introducing the SELFLY Cover Case – a phone case compatible with all phones feature 4-inch to 6-inch displays including the Google […]

Sprint’s own pricing chart makes the case for T-Mobile’s unlimited plan

Sprint’s own chart undermines its latest promotion, which shows the real strength of T-Mobile right now.

I’m Canadian; I have no skin in this game. Up here, we pay far more than anyone in the U.S. for far less. In Canada, the closest we come to ‘unlimited’ is bottomless breadsticks at Olive Garden.

We’re now in this strange situation where T-Mobile is setting the tone and pace for the rest of the industry.

Which is why it’s  [Read More…]

I got a new Places Live Case for my Pixel and it actually works!

Yes, a redemption story.

In case you hadn’t seen, I wasn’t a huge fan of Google’s own Places Live Case I ordered for my Pixel XL. Not only did fulfillment and shipping issues lead to it taking nearly a month to arrive, but when it finally showed up the notoriously poor case didn’t even work properly.

Loving the look of the case and hoping it was just an anomaly, I took a plunge and ordered another Places Live Case,  [Read More…]

Grab a battery case for your Google Pixel XL for just $52 right now!

Right now you can pick up this protective battery case for the Google Pixel XL for just $ 52 at Amazon with coupon code 3CP3U2P6. Not only will the case keep your phone safe, but also charged up all the time thanks to its built-in 5000mAh battery. While it may not be a case that you want to use every day with its size, it is a perfect travel companion for those long days when you know you won’t be  [Read More…]

Add a Bugdroid case to your OnePlus One for just $6 today!

Looking to add some additional design and style to your OnePlus One but don’t want to spend a ton to do it? You’ve probably heard of Cruzerlite’s Bugdroid circuit case, which is actually a great way to do just that. The circuits make a fun pattern with the Bugdroid catching the attention, and right now you can pick one up for just $ 6.

Save $20 on this protective Pixel XL case today!

Want a case to protect your Google Pixel XL that doesn’t add a ton of bulk or make it ugly? If so, check out Seidio’s Presidio grip case for a hard case that doesn’t make the phone much bigger than it was without it. Right now you can pick one up for $ 25, a savings of $ 20.

Save 15% on any accessory or case from Otterbox right now!

Right now you can save 15% on any single item at Otterbox with coupon MN15OFFOB, making it even more affordable to add some great protection to your phone or tablet. Otterbox has been around for a few years and is well-known for its protective cases for phones like the Google Pixel XL, Samsung Galaxy S7, and many others. Recently the company started offering some more stylish, thinner options, like the Symmetry line and even offers tempered glass screen protectors for  [Read More…]