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Making the case for a Microsoft Surface Phone that runs Android

Is a Surface Phone that runs Android really plausible? What would be the benefits? Let’s explore.

The idea of a true Android smartphone by Microsoft has always piqued my interest, these days more than ever now that Windows Phone is a thing of the past. It’s fair to say that in 2019, Microsoft is “all-in” on the Android platform thanks to its efforts like the Microsoft Launcher, Edge, and Office, all first-class experiences on Android smartphones around  [Read More…]

Are you using a case with the Pixel 3a?

Your daily check-in with the AC forums.

We’ve talked about the Pixel 3a a lot here on AC, and for good reason. It’s an incredible mid-range phone that offers tremendous value, especially if you value having a great camera.

One of the biggest differences between it and the regular Pixel 3 is its design. Rather than using a glass construction, the Pixel 3a is made entirely out of plastic. This allows it to be a bit more  [Read More…]

This heavy duty Galaxy S10 case beats the pants off Otterbox

With fun colors, fierce protection, and functional features, the Vanguard Series is the best rugged option for the Galaxy S10.

The market for heavy duty cases is as diverse as it is cutthroat, with dozens of makers trying to break in and pry stubborn users away from the standard-bearer that is OtterBox. But ArmadilloTek has been slowly gaining steam with Samsung owners thanks to the functional and darn near indestructible Vanguard Series.

I’ll be the first to  [Read More…]

This is the best thin case you can buy for the Galaxy S10

Still one of the best thin cases out there.

If you’re like me, you despise big, bulky cases. They’re great for people that are rough on their phones, but for those of us that just want some basic protection without turning our devices into meatballs, they’re kind of the worst.

The Totallee Thin Case is the exact opposite of that.

Totallee makes phone cases that are ridiculously thin, so much so that they don’t feel like they  [Read More…]

Show your Pride with a fabulous Galaxy S10 case

While shirts and sneakers are fun ways to show your pride, if you want to really show yours off this Pride month — and all year long — put your pride somewhere that’s always within reach, eye-catching, and modern: your smartphone! The Galaxy S10 and its horizontal camera module gives you a sizeable expanse on the back for bold colors and strong statements, and these cases take full advantage to create a unique and fabulously awesome look for you to  [Read More…]

Grab a case for your new Pixel 3a!

At long last, the Pixel 3a is no longer a revolving door of leaks and rumors but an actual phone we can purchase and hold in our hands! For a phone that’s been awaited for so long, the cases available for it at this time are honestly a teeny bit sparse, but we’ll continue updating this guide with the very best cases we can find as they become available.

Ruggedly handsome Spigen Rugged Armor

Staff pick

Spigen  [Read More…]

The Incipio Aerolite case is a clumsy Galaxy S10 owner’s best friend

Great drop protection.

The Galaxy S10 has some of the best hardware you’ll find on a smartphone in 2019. Its curved AMOLED display is a thing of beauty, the sleek glass back is available in a multitude of eye-catching colors, and the overall fit-and-finish is sublime.

As great as all of that is, it also results in the phone being extremely prone to shattering/cracking in the event of a fall. There are a lot of cases out  [Read More…]

Will a Pixel 3 XL case fit on a Pixel 3a XL?

Best answer: The Pixel 3a XL has a near-identical design to the Pixel 3 XL, but its dimensions are different. The phone is marginally taller, thicker, and narrower, and it has a headphone jack. You won’t be able to use your Pixel 3 XL case on a 3a XL, but Google has several first-party cases, and you can find several options from the likes of Spigen on day one.

Value champion: Google Pixel 3a XL ($ 479  [Read More…]

Can I use a Pixel 3 case with a Pixel 3a?

Best answer: No. The Pixel 3a is very similar to the design of the Pixel 3, but because of some design upgrades including a slightly bigger battery, slightly larger screen, and the return of the headphone jack, the Pixel 3a is just different enough that Pixel 3 cases won’t quite fit.

Best Value: Google Pixel 3a ($ 399 at Google Store) Slim and rugged: Spigen Rugged Armor ($ 13 at Amazon) Best clear case: Spigen Liquid Crystal  [Read More…]

Prevent the Drop is more than a tagline for the Grip2ü Slim case

Prevention is key for this silicone-strapped case that aims to keep your phone from ever slipping out of your hands.

I’ve been saying it for two years now, and I’m going to continue to say it: a phone grip is an essential smartphone accessory and the benefits for your hands are even better than the benefits for your phone. While PopSockets, Style Rings, GrabTabs and countless other third-party stick-on grips flood the market, cases with grips built  [Read More…]