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LG patents a foldable OLED case that looks like the Mate X

It’s another potentially bold choice from LG.

What you need to know LG has just published a new patent for an updated version of its Dual Screen accessory. The new patented smart display wraps around the phone, allowing for a more traditional-looking foldable device. Unlike the previous display, you’ll also be able to place the phone outside the display case area, allowing for an even larger canvas.

Foldable phones are nice and all, but LG’s been thinking  [Read More…]

The Razer Archtech Pro is the case you should buy for the Razer Phone 2

Razer’s finest phone gets a premium case to match.

The new Razer Archtech Pro case is easily the best case you should buy for the Razer Phone 2 — it’s just a shame that it came out a full year after the phone was released.

This case offers everything you could want in a smartphone case. It’s durable and comfortable to hold with a soft-touch finish inside and out to ensure your phone stays protected. It’s thin  [Read More…]

Get the best case to protect the Moto G8 Plus from accidental damage

Motorola’s primary focus has turned to its mid-range lineup with the Moto G8 Plus. The G8 Plus is a fantastic device with three primary cameras, a 6.3-inch display, and a 4,000mAh battery. But with a device this great, you’ll want to keep it protected with one of the following cases.

Slim and solid Cruzerlite Carbon Fiber Case

Staff Pick

Cruzerlite makes some of the best cases for a plethora of devices, and the G8 Plus is  [Read More…]

Samsung’s warning S10 users not to use silicone case covers until patch

Also affects users of the Note 10 who use the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

What you need to know The ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensors in the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 series phones can be bypassed using certain silicone protectors. Samsung is advising that users remove these protectors for the time being and rescan their fingerprints. A software update to fix the issue is expected as early as next week.

Some shocking news came out this week about  [Read More…]

Protect your shiny new OnePlus 7T with a shiny new case

OnePlus includes a case in the box for the OnePlus 7T, but let’s face it: it’s thin and kind of bland. It’s great to ensure you have protection from the moment you take the case out of the box, but chances are you’ll want to upgrade to a case with a little more style or substance before long. The case market for the 7T is limited at the moment, but here’s a good group of cases to get you started.

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Google wins EU case over right to be forgotten abroad

Once something is put on the internet, it’s forever.

The EU’s top court decided today that Google should not be forced to remove links worldwide under the EU’s right to be forgotten law. Under the law, a person can request that links to ” inadequate or irrelevant information” be removed when a web search is performed on their name.

The case was heard because of a 2016 decision from France’s CNIL in which Google was fined 100,000  [Read More…]

Drop your Note 10+ over and over with the Tech21 Evo Check case

This Designed for Samsung case can protect your phone from threats big and microscopic.

The days when those looking to protect their phone needed to turn to hulking multi-layer tanks is long over, and even with a phone as big and heavy as the Galaxy Note 10+, you can find impressive drop protection in a case that’s not only lightweight but translucent, allowing that distinct Samsung styling to shine through.

Most heavy-duty cases are only drop tested  [Read More…]

Kick it old-school with Caseology’s Legion Note 10+ case

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and the Legion is a case that is definitely not broken.

If you’re the kind of person to shell out $ 1100 for a new Note 10+, I’m willing to bet you’re the kind of person who likes to be on the cutting edge of technology. The latest specs, the latest design, and the latest models are great, but when it comes to protecting those cutting edge phones, sometimes the  [Read More…]

A heavy-duty case for your Note 10 can help with a drop tragedy

The Galaxy Note 10 is the smaller of the two Note phones that Samsung released in 2019, and because of that it’s that more pocket friendly than the Note 10+. That also means you’ve got a bit more pocket space to keep it protected with a heavy-duty case because a cracked screen or glass back is never a good look for a new phone.

Multilayered protection SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro

Staff pick

The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle  [Read More…]

Carry it all in one place with your Note 10+ and a trusty wallet case

If you’re going to put a case on your Galaxy Note 10+, you might as well go all out with a wallet case that’ll let you downsize your pocket carry. Maybe you use Google or Samsung Pay for most transactions and need a spot to keep your photo ID and a bit of cash. With a wallet case and a big phone like this, you can ditch your dingy old wallet and carry it all with your phone.

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