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Save $12 on this Galaxy Note 4 folio case today!

Looking for a case to protect both the front and back of your Galaxy Note 4? If so, Incipio’s ultra-thin folio may be a great option to consider. It is available in a variety of colors and isn’t overly bulky, and right now you can pick one up for $ 18, a savings of $ 12.

New ZEE Smart Core phone case delivers more power, memory and LED lighting show

If you always find your smartphone is running out of battery during the day and might benefit from a little bit of extra storage, then maybe you might be interested in Hello ZEE’s new smartcase called the ZEE Smart Core which was unveiled at CES 2017. The ZEE Smart Core works with iPhones/iPads but also

Save $20 on this clear Nexus 6 case today!

Want to add some extra protection to your Nexus 6 without making it much bigger? If so, check out Case-Mate’s naked tough case for a thin clear layer of protection. Right now you can grab one for just $ 15, a savings of $ 20.

Save $9 on this protective Galaxy S6 edge case today!

Want a protective case for your Galaxy S6 edge that doesn’t break the bank? If so, check out Amzer’s hybrid case for two layers of great protection that come with a built-in kickstand. Right now you can save $ 9, dropping the price down to just $ 4.

It’s a damn shame the Pixel doesn’t have a Nexus-style ‘carpet’ case

I need that carpet in my life, Google.

With each hardware release, Google trots out a whole new set of accessories and cases. Some are bigger hits than others, but you can point to each Nexus release of the past few years and find a couple of truly uniquely designed cases or covers that actually approach being worth the super-high prices Google charges.

Last year, that was the Nexus 6P and 5X case affectionately referred to as  [Read More…]

Amazon denies police request for Echo voice recordings in murder case

How secure are your Echo recordings? For now, Amazon is keeping them protected.

According to a report from The Information, police in Bentonville, Arkansas recently issued a warrant for Amazon to release recordings from the Echo owned by a man set to go on trial for first-degree murder. Amazon declined to give Echo-related recordings to the authorities, but did offer some account details and purchase history related to the account — which in some ways could prove to be  [Read More…]

Add a thin case to your Nexus 6 for just $5 today!

The Nexus 6 is quite a large phone, and odds are you don’t want to make it any bigger just to protect it. If you want a thin layer of protection against scratches and dings, Amzer’s SlimGrip hybrid case is the way to go. The thin clear case will show off your phone well, and right now it is only $ 5.

I’m really happy with this $13 leather Pixel XL case

With few selling leather cases for the Pixel XL so far, we turn to Amazon, and snail mail from China.

If you just have to have a case on a phone (and that’s a thing I’ve finally come around to), then you have to have a leather case. It’s really the only civilized thing to do, right?

Problem is leather cases for the Pixel XL are pretty hard to come by at this point. Google doesn’t  [Read More…]

I waited 29 days for a Pixel Live Case and it doesn’t even work

Not like this, Google.

I had been intrigued by Google’s “Live Case” design since it was unveiled earlier in 2016 for the latest Nexus phones, so when I got my Pixel XL I finally decided to pickup the expensive, yet awesome-looking, case from the Google Store. After 15 minutes on the store, picking out the perfect map view of my beloved Seattle for the design, I placed my order on October 21.

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Save $10 on this protective Note 5 case today!

Worried that you may crack the front or rear glass on your Galaxy Note 5? If you want to protect it without adding to much bulk, check out Amzer’s Shellster hard case for a great thin layer of protection for the phone. Right now you can pick one up for $ 4.95, a savings of $ 10.