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Add a slim case to your Moto G5 Plus for just $6

If you’re looking for a relatively slim Moto G5 Plus case that doesn’t take away from the look of the phone too much, you’ll want to check out Cruzerlite’s Fender case. The case has a clear back and you can pick between a few different colors for the bumpers, and today you can grab one for $ 6.

Protect your Galaxy S7 with this grip case for $19 today

Looking for a case to add some protection and grip to your Galaxy S7 without bulking it up too much? If so, be sure to check out Speck’s CandyShell Grip case out for just $ 19 today!

Samsung is giving Galaxy S8 owners a free case, SD card and 6 months of Netflix

How can you turn down free stuff?

If you already have a Galaxy S8 or S8+, or plan to buy one before May 16, Samsung is handing you three free perks just for downloading its Shop Samsung app. By downloading the app and registering between May 5 and May 16, Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners get a free Clear View Standing cover, 64GB Samsung SD card and six months of Netflix. That’s  [Read More…]

Have you put a case on your Galaxy S8?

To cover or not to cover your Galaxy S8…

The question of whether you should put a case on your phone comes down to individual preference, but the Galaxy S8 may be causing more angst in this area than usual. That’s because, as good looking as the phone is — in either black, silver or Orchid Gray — it’s very slippery, and the sliver of an aluminum frame makes it pretty difficult to grip.

There’s also the issue of  [Read More…]

A decent Pixel XL leather case — with a fatal flaw

It looks good. It feels good. It’s got a handy little pocket. But this leather case from Mugen also has a fatal flaw.

A quality leather case for a Pixel phone can be a little hard to come by. I spent a good long while with this one on mine, but it’s starting to show signs of age. (Hey, you get what you pay for, right?) So it’s time for something new.

I snagged this leather deal  [Read More…]

This protective Galaxy S7 case is just $25 today!

Looking to protect your Galaxy S7 and add a bit of unique style to it at the same time? If so, check out Seidio’s DILEX case for some great print options on a protective case that is pretty thin and will only set you back $ 25 today!

Making the case for WhatsApp as a digital payments platform in India

WhatsApp isn’t just a texting app. It’s an all-encompassing platform.

WhatsApp usage is ubiquitous in India. Out of 1.2 billion global users, 200 million are located in India, making the country the largest market for the messaging service. Over the course of the last two years, WhatsApp evolved from a barebones messaging app — which is how it gained prominence in India — to a full-fledged communications platform that supports voice calls, (/whatsapp-officially-launches-video-calling), easy backups to Drive,  [Read More…]

The Galaxy S8+ is massive and you should buy a case for it

Opting for the larger Galaxy S8 Plus? You’ll want to keep it protected!

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ is a big, beautiful phone with a gorgeous screen and stunning glass backing that looks great in whichever color you choose to get.

If you care about keeping your phone looking ‘like new’ for as long as possible, you’ll want to slap a case on it as soon as you can. If you still want to show off the design  [Read More…]

Protect your Galaxy S7 with this S-View flip case for $39.85 today

Looking for a protective case for your Galaxy S7 that doesn’t add a ton of bulk or take away from the look and feel of the phone? If so, check out Samsung’s S-View clear flip cover for a protective case that clips on the back and covers the front, all for just $ 39.85 today.

Protect your Galaxy S6 with this thin case for $14.87 today

If you’re still rocking the Galaxy S6 and want a protective case that doesn’t add a ton of bulk, you should check out Samsung’s offering. The thin case protects the back and corners of the phone, and right now you can grab one for just $ 14.87.