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Spigen Silicone Fit Galaxy S10 case review: A grippy, durable dust magnet

Get ready to clean this thing all the time.

For quite some time now here at AC, I’ve been a big advocate of thin, lightweight cases. I’m all about protecting my phone from daily wear and tear, but if a case adds too much bulk or weight, I’m not interested.

As such, I was pretty excited to check out the Spigen Silicone Fit. This is one of the slimmer cases Spigen makes for the S10, and despite  [Read More…]

Apparently I like a wallet case on my phone now

Simplicity is what makes this work, and I like it.

Tech companies have been telling me for almost a decade now that we’re all right around the corner from leaving the traditional wallet behind. Yet here I sit, early 2019, and that flap of leather still rests in my back right pocket ready to be summoned at a moment’s notice. There have certainly been times where I could get away with using my phone for payments, but  [Read More…]

The Ringke Onyx is a military grade case with rock-bottom pricing

This case may not be the most strikingly innovative, but it’s solid, well-crafted, and mil-spec rugged for less than $ 10.

Solid TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) cases are a category that is as wide as it is deep, from flimsy clear cases to stiff hulking brutes, and with so many options to choose from, standing out can be difficult. Then again, standing out isn’t always the goal: a case that blends in and doesn’t draw unwanted attention to  [Read More…]

Ringke’s Fusion is a mirror-finish Galaxy S10 case that can take a beating

With a well-sculpted, perfectly tinted bumper, this durable mirror-finish case is ready for its closeup.

I’ve developed something of a matra in the last few years when it comes to my gear: life’s too short for boring tech. My Bluetooth headphones with USB-C are an eye-catching blue-white pattern. My Chromebook is a compact, shimmery white darling. I wear a navy blue shoulder holster, because heaven forbid cute, well-fitting pants have pockets big enough for a Samsung Galaxy  [Read More…]

Protect your new Samsung Galaxy S10 with a Dimik case on sale under $4

These soft, flexible TPU case are on sale for each model of Samsung’s Galaxy S10.

If you recently picked up a new Samsung Galaxy S10 device, hopefully you’ve been careful with it since its unboxing. Before anything has a chance to go awry, it’d be wise to pick up Dimik’s Flexible TPU Samsung Galaxy S10 Case in black. By clipping the on-page coupon and entering code KRZURHZ5 during checkout at Amazon, you can save $ 6 off  [Read More…]

Spigen’s Neo Hybrid case update is better than ever on the Galaxy S10

Spigen’s best case got cranked up to 11.

Phone cases, especially for expensive flagships like the Galaxy S10, are a necessity. I know, your phone may look shiny and cool without anything protecting it, but it’s going to be a hot mess the second you drop it.

If you want a case that delivers the protection you need while also managing to look pretty damn awesome, the Spigen Neo Hybrid should be at the top of your  [Read More…]

This Galaxy S10 case offers great protection in a slim profile for only $11

A solid, no-frills case that doesn’t break the bank.

Smartphone cases come in many different shapes and sizes. Some cases have built-in screen protectors, some have hidden wallets, and others come with kickstands.

The Spigen Rugged Armor has no such special features. It’s about as basic a case as you can find, but if you have a Galaxy S10 and want something that’ll protect your phone while being slim, easy-to-use, and affordable, it’s one of the best  [Read More…]

Keep your headphones powered with 60% off SoundPeats’ charging case

Charge forever.

Take 60% off the SoundPeats Bluetooth headphones portable charging case and bring the total down to $ 5.20 on Amazon. The case sells for $ 13 without this promotion, and it was going for as much as $ 20 at the beginning of March.

You know how true wireless earbuds like the Jabra Elite 65t come with their own cases with batteries built in? Well, that’s what this case is except it’s for regular Bluetooth  [Read More…]

Grab your new Nokia 9 PureView the best case you can

The Nokia 9 PureView is a whole lot of phone with a whole lot of cameras, and you’re going to want to protect it from drops, dings, and damage so that this bug-eyed camera is perfect and pristine for your photo taking — and photo editing — for as long as possible. A good case is essential, and these cases aren’t just good; they’re great!

Premium look for less Cruzerlite Flexible Slim Case with Leather Texture

Staff pick

[Read More…]

Your Galaxy S10 is a phone and a wallet thanks to a wallet case

Buying a wallet case for your phone lets you completely reconsider what you actually need to carry on a daily basis. With a phone as capable as the Galaxy S10, pairing it with a wallet case means you really only need to carry your ID if you can otherwise rely on using Google Pay or Samsung Pay for most purchases. Picking the right wallet case will depend on your lifestyle and personal needs, but these are the best brands and  [Read More…]