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Save $13 on this protective Nexus 6P case today!

Looking for a protective case for your Nexus 6P that doesn’t go crazy by adding tons of bulk? Seidio’s Surface case offers a two-piece design so the phone can slide into the case, and also has a built-in kickstand. Right now, you can save $ 13 on the purchase, making it just $ 16.95.

Save $13 on this HTC 10 case that adds protection and a kickstand

Looking for a case to keep your new HTC 10 protected? If so, Seidio’s Surface case may be what you are looking for as it provides solid protection and without a ton of bulk on the phone. Right now, you can save $ 13 on the purchase, making it just $ 16.95.

Save 60% on this slim Galaxy Note 5 case today!

Want a thin case to keep your Galaxy Note 5 protected from scratches and dings? If protection isn’t what you need, Amzer’s Pudding TPU case may be just the one to check out. It provides a thin layer of safety to the side and back of the phone, and today you can grab one for just $ 3.95.

This protective LG G4 case is just $4.95 today!

Looking for a protective case for your LG G4 that doesn’t break the bank? If so, Amzer’s double layer hybrid case may be what you are looking for. With its rugged edges, two layers of protection and the built-in kickstand, this case offers a lot of value for its $ 4.95 price.

Personalize your Nexus 5X, 6P or 6 with a Google Live case (review)

Back in April, Google announced it was launching official Live cases for its Nexus 6, 6P and 5X smartphones. Live cases are personalized smartphone cases where you can put just about any image onto a blank slate for a personal touch to add to your smartphone. There are two types to choose from, the Photos

Pelican PROTECTOR: A case review

The Shpeel Smartphones are not cheap. In fact, if you already have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge you know this all too well. Almost 800 bucks is the current going rate. The debate is fierce, do I go “NAKED’ and show off the beauty of this very expensive pocket size computer. Or do I cover all the

Spigen Crystal Shell case for Galaxy S7

A closer look at Spigen’s Crystal Shell case for the Galaxy S7.

So you’re looking for a phone case for your Samsung Galaxy S7, and you come across Spigen’s Crystal Shell case. Sure, it’s unique from some of the other Spigen cases with its transparency, and its light frame doesn’t make your phone a bulky mess — but is it worth your money?

We break down the style, features, and design of the Crystal Shell case  [Read More…]

Save $13 on this LG G5 hard case with built-in kickstand today!

Want to keep your LG G5 protected without having to add a huge case? If so, Seidio’s Surface case may be of interest as it will add a layer of protection (and a kickstand) without much bulk. Today, you can pick one up for $ 16.95, a $ 13 savings.

Save $20 on this protective case with built-in kickstand for the Galaxy Note 5 today!

Want a protective case for your Galaxy Note 5 that doesn’t make it too much larger than it already is? If so, Seidio’s DILEX Pro case may be a great option as it has a thinner design with great protection, and a built-in kickstand. Right now you can save $ 20 on the purchase, making it just $ 14.95.

This clear HTC 10 case is just $14.95 today!

If you are looking for a simple case for your HTC 10, this may be the case for you. Incipio’s Octane case provides a clear layer of protection with a colored bumper on the edges. You can pick one up for $ 14.95 today!