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How to make your PS4 fit in perfectly with your entertainment center

The first thing you’ll do after receiving a PlayStation 4 Pro is immediately take it out of the box and think about where it will go on your media center. How much space does it need? Should I get a wall mount? What will make it look better? You have plenty of options to make your PS4 Pro the perfect centerpiece to your media center.

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Samsung opens the world’s largest mobile experience center in India

Samsung will showcase phones, wearables, and VR headsets at the 33,000 sq. ft. retail store in Bengaluru.

Samsung opened the world’s largest phone factory in India earlier this year, and the company has turned to the country once again for its largest retail store globally. Samsung’s Opera House store in Bengaluru, India is dubbed the world’s largest mobile experience center, with the company showcasing phones, accessories, VR headsets, IoT, wearable devices, and home appliances at the 33,000  [Read More…]

Samsung opening new ‘Connected Customer Care Center’ in South Carolina with 400 employees

Image courtesy of Samsung

The goal is improved customer support, but this will also generate hundreds of new jobs in Greenville.

Samsung is making it clear that the company values U.S.-based customer service by opening another massive customer service center in South Carolina. The new “Connected Customer Care Center” will open with 200 employees by the end of 2018, and will expand to 400 in total by 2020. The new center will bolster the already-large presence  [Read More…]

LG opens Software Upgrade Center, aims to make slow updates a thing of the past

LG has opened a new Software Update Center in Seoul, with the express purpose of speeding up the delivery of software updates to its smartphones.

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LG’s new ‘Global Software Upgrade Center’ promises Oreo for the G6 by end of April, improved stability

Committing to faster software updates is always a good move.

Ahead of the May 2 launch of the LG G7, the company has announced the opening of a new “Software Upgrade Center” at its headquarters in South Korea dedicated to improving the process of creating and releasing software updates for its smartphones. As the name would imply, the goal is pretty simple: “providing customers worldwide with faster, timelier, smartphone operating system and software updates.”

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Microsoft working on Windows Dev Center app for Android

Windows developers will soon be able to manage and monitor their apps on Android.

Microsoft is currently working on a dedicated Windows Dev Center app for Android. Spotted by Android Police (via MSPU), the app is currently available on the Google Play Store as an early alpha version marked with an (Unreleased) tag.

If you’re a Windows developer, much of what you’ve come to expect from the Dev Center will  [Read More…]

BlackBerry opens research center to improve QNX-powered autonomous vehicles

BlackBerry moves even further into software.

Earlier this year, BlackBerry announced that it was shifting research and development for its QNX platform, which powers the infotainment systems in millions of cars around the world, to include autonomous vehicles. The idea was to leverage QNX’s powerful embedded position in the industry to leverage BlackBerry as a contender in the self-driving car space against the likes of Tesla, Apple and Google.

Now, the company is opening a  [Read More…]

Google Home looks to become the center of your connected house

Long has Amazon ruled the ‘virtual assistant home speaker’ market, but Alexa’s days may soon be numbered as King (Queen?) of my living room. Google has released more details on Google Home, its response to the Echo and entry into a deeper smart home experience. Google may be late to the party, but Home packs

Google opens dedicated machine learning research center in Europe

Google has opened a new Machine Learning research group in Europe. Based at its Zurich offices, Google Research in Europe will be able to further develop ideas and projects released to AI and the like. The Zurich office is already responsible for Google tech like Knowledge Graph, as well as the conversation engine powering the assistant in Allo.

As confirmed by the official announcement, this new research group will focus on three key areas:

Machine Intelligence  [Read More…]