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Android Central’s Best of CES 2018 Awards!

These are the best products we saw at CES 2018!

Thousands of products debut each year at CES, but only a few of them are award-worthy.

And while Android isn’t particularly well-represented at the world’s biggest technology show anymore, there are still plenty of reasons to be excited about the products and services that were shown off this year. From awesome phones to innovative VR headsets and a weird-and-wonderful prototype, here are our picks for the Best  [Read More…]

Android Central’s Best of 2017 Awards

The Android world never stops moving. It starts with the crazy variety of phones and tablets from dozens of different companies, but gets even more interesting when you thrown in all of the phone accessories, Chromebooks, smart home devices, Google’s services and all of the apps we use every day.

These are the best of the best that we’ve seen come across our desks and be part of our lives over 2017. They’re our Android Central Best of  [Read More…]

Follow Windows Central’s #XboxE3 live blog and find out about Project Scorpio!

Project Scorpio will be named, priced and detailed, and Windows Central has everything you need!

I have an Xbox One in my living room. It’s right next to the NVIDIA Shield and Synology NAS that I use far more often, but it’s there for whenever I want to play a bit of Titanfall 2 or NBA 2K17. Still, I’m excited about what Microsoft is going to talk about at this year’s #XboxE3 event, since Project Scorpio is one of  [Read More…]

Welcome to Android Central’s new digital deals store – where you can save BIG on software and courses!

Say “Hey!” to Android Central’s new digital deals store – saving you a ton on the courses and software you need to be an Android hero!

It’s 2016. Most people would rather learn something new in their own home, on their own time, and in their own way. So increasingly, they are turning to online courses and downloadable software. But these courses and guides can be very expensive. Unless, of course, you find the right deal. Welcome to Android  [Read More…]

Android Central’s Top Picks from IFA 2016!

The best of the best from Berlin.

There’s a lot of tech here at IFA in Berlin, as is often the case. OK, that’s one hell of an understatement. There’s a LOT of tech here at IFA. Some from the usual players. A whole lot from folks we’ve, frankly, never heard of.

And that’s maybe the hardest part of these jaunts. Not the jet lag. Not the time away from home. No, it’s sorting through all  [Read More…]

Android Central’s top 5 picks for Computex 2016!

With Computex 2016 wrapped up, we’ve picked the best of the best Android-related gadgets you need to know about from this year’s show.

Computex 2016 wasn’t packed with new Android phones, but there was a wealth of great stuff for the discerning tech enthusiast to discover. On the Android side, Computex was dominated by impressive new phones from ASUS, along with a bunch of crazy new VR demos that show where Google’s  [Read More…]

These are Android Central’s Top Picks for MWC 2016!

Our favorites from Mobile World Congress 2016.

The time has come once again to leave beautiful Barcelona and all of the amazing things we’ve seen behind. Mobile World Congress is always an incredible place to look at what we can expect from the entire mobile landscape over the next couple of months, but as is often the case there’s a few things that truly stood out as exceptional. With that in mind, we’ve  [Read More…]

These are Android Central’s Top Picks for CES 2016!

Our picks for the best of the show.

Another whirlwind CES has come to a close, and that means it’s time to round up the products form the show that caught our eyes. CES isn’t always the biggest show for Android and mobile news, but there’s still plenty to discuss and get excited about from the 2016 edition. A few phones, a Chromebook, virtual reality and wearables galore highlighted the show from an  [Read More…]

Android Central’s top videos of 2015

Generally speaking, the longer a video has been public the more views it’ll get. So things that land earlier in the year usually do better than something that hits in, say, early November.

But 2015 was different. This year we saw the return of … BlackBerry?

Let’s take a quick look at our top 5 videos from 2015, as ranked by your eyeballs on our YouTube channel.

  [Read More…]

Enter Android Central’s Fa-la-la-liday contest for a free Nexus 6P or Nexus 5X!

Santa Lloyd is back once again and he’s brought a sack full of prizes to give away. Have you been naughty or nice this year? Does Santa Lloyd have a present for you, or will you find a box of coal under the tree? It’s time to find out in Android Central’s Fa-la-la-liday contest!

The prizes

The grand prize winner of this contest will get his or her choice of a Nexus 6P or Nexus 5X! We  [Read More…]