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YouTube changes its app interface yet again, moving to bottom tab navigation

A subtle tweak that should simplify the experience for many users.

YouTube is once again tweaking its Android app interface, aiming to hopefully clean things up and make the most-used YouTube functions easier to quickly reach. The crux of the new interface is the move to a bottom navigation bar that lets you quickly tap one of five tabs: home, trending, subscriptions, shared and library. The trending and subscription tabs use a  [Read More…]

Android O hidden features: The big and small changes for regular users

There’s more to Android O than the big new developer features Google’s talking about publicly.

Any new Android release is a big deal. And new developer preview build, as landed recently for Android O, inevitably has fans scrambling to find new features lurking just below the surface. In addition to big sweeping changes affecting the people who make Android apps, there are dozens of smaller updates and additions waiting to be discovered.

We’ve rounded up some of  [Read More…]

Latest LG teaser highlights the UI changes coming to the G6

LG shows off the G6’s user interface in short teaser.

With the official unveil of the LG G6 just ten days away, LG is continuing to dish out additional details about the phone. The latest teaser video from the South Korean manufacturer shows off LG UX 6.0, the user interface that will make its way onto the G6. From the short video, it doesn’t look like LG will make drastic changes to the UI elements, instead focusing on tailoring  [Read More…]

T-Mobile responds to Verizon’s unlimited plan by rolling back its dumbest changes

T-Mobile has seen Verizon’s unlimited, and raised it unlimited and one.

When T-Mobile introduced its T-Mobile One plan last year, the internet was divided between people who thought the ostensibly unlimited data was a courageous move for a cash-strapped carrier with a patchy LTE network and those who saw it for a violation of the tenets of net neutrality.

6/ Starting Fri, #TMobileONE price includes HD video & 10GB high-speed 📱hotspot data –all at no  [Read More…]

Verizon changes its mind and will kill the Note 7 after all

My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is once again in your news feed. The lone holdout among U.S. carriers who have decided to disable the phone — Verizon — has changed its mind and will be killing the Note 7 come January 5, 2017.

When AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile announced the path to the end for the Note 7, Verizon didn’t go along with it and instead insisted  [Read More…]

CLARO changes your Android wallpapers for you (review)

Have you ever looked at your home screen picture and thought….that has been the same forever? It has become easy than ever to change just about anything you want in android. Changing your wallpaper while not difficult just plain gets forgotten. The fix, automatic wallpaper changers! They take pictures from the internet or your gallery

An intro, a recap, and some changes

There are some big changes coming, and we’re so excited to share them with you!

Hi, I’m Daniel.

Though I’ve been here for a while, and you may have seen my byline here and there, I wanted to formally introduce myself, since I’m going to be around a lot more consistently, as Managing Editor. I’m going to be working with Andrew, Alex, Jerry and the rest of the AC team to make sure we don’t miss  [Read More…]

Unpacking huge changes in the Settings menu of the Android N Developer Preview

The new Settings menu revealed in the first Android N Dev Preview a neat change of pace, and this is just the beginning.

Everything in Android N is fresh and new to us, and we’re going through each part of it to find what’s most important and interesting to look at. Beyond the changes to the way notifications work and the inclusion of a multi-window system, the Settings menu is probably the largest visual change we’re  [Read More…]

Android N Developer Preview reveals notification shade changes galore

Google is doing even more with the notification shade in the latest version of Android.

It’s very (very) early days for Android N, but as we’re playing around with the first release of the Developer Preview we’re instantly seeing big changes on the horizon. The first and most noticeable is the new notification shade design, which makes big changes to both individual notifications and the quick toggles that we’ve all been so fond of in Marshmallow.

  [Read More…]