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Twitter character limit expands from 140 to 280 to encourage more English tweets

Twitter has become a thriving social media platform for brevity, with the company making changes all the time (such as the introduction of Twitter Lite earlier this year for less-than-stellar cellular data networks) to encourage growing participation by its growing user base. While the company is famous for its 140-character limit, its brevity has proven […]

Twitter is testing doubling the character limit to 280

Twitter is planning to double its 140 character limit.

Twitter announced it’s testing out a new feature with a “small group” of people: a doubled character limit.

Can’t fit your Tweet into 140 characters? 🤔

We’re trying something new with a small group, and increasing the character limit to 280! Excited about the possibilities? Read our blog to find out how it all adds up. 👇https://t.co/C6hjsB9nbL

— Twitter (@Twitter) September 26, 2017

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Twitter could soon stop counting links and photos against your character limit

Twitter will reportedly stop counting links and photos as part of the 140-character limit for tweets, giving people a little more room to express themselves. Both links and photos currently take up a significant number of characters per post.

According to Bloomberg, this change could come soon:

The change could happen in the next two weeks, said the person who asked not to be named because the decision isn’t yet public. Links currently take up 23  [Read More…]

Rocket Racer: A Runner/Racer Hybrid with Character [Review]

Overview – 

Rocket Racer is a strange combination of familiar tropes; it’s a racing game that’s also a straight-line runner, that’s some combination of Star Wars Pod Racer and Mario Kart. The goal is to ride your rocket from point A to point B before the other racers, while collecting coins and power-ups and dodging obstacles. In between races you can upgrade your racer and your power ups with coins you collect in-race.

Developer: CatfishBlues Games

Price: Free (Ad-Supported, In-App-Purchases)

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Twitter aims to remove the 140 character limit in direct messages in July

Today, Twitter staff members announced to their developers that they will be removing the 140 character limit in direct messages sometime in July.

While the limit will remain for regular tweets, it will no longer be imposed on direct messages. This announcement was made along with the new API additions for developers to prep their apps for this change.Twitter character limit

The great news about this is companies like T-Mobile that provide  [Read More…]

Twitter to remove 140 character limit for DMs in July

Twitter will be making some more changes in July, one of which will be the removal of the 140 character limit for direct messages.

Currently, users have a 140 character limit for both tweets and direct messages, but in July Twitter will be removing that limitation from direct messages. The company has announced the new change, along with an updated API for developers.

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