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Six Fitbit employees have been charged with stealing Jawbone trade secrets

Jawbone initially sued Fitbit over the stolen data in 2015.

Fitbit, one of the world’s largest fitness-tracking/wearable companies, has found itself in hot water over a dispute that first reared its head in 2015. On June 14, six current and former employees from the company were charged with stealing trade secrets from Jawbone and giving them to Fitbit.

The six employees in question previously worked at Jawbone before moving to Fitbit, and while doing so, reportedly took  [Read More…]

Stay charged with this 10050mAh USB-C/QC 3.0 Power Bank for $12

There’s no reason for you to be without a way to charge your phone wherever you are. Lumsing’s USB-C Power Bank is available for $ 11.99 when you enter promo code 7NHCPEY2 at checkout to save $ 9 off its average selling price. This device is available in Gold and Silver.

This 10050mAh power bank has both a USB Type-A and a USB Type-C port, and features Quick Charge 3.0 and 2.0 compatibility to speed up your charge  [Read More…]

Gear Up: Anker helps keep your devices charged no matter where you are!

In today’s world, we almost always have to compromise with one aspect of our smartphones – battery life. This means that you’ll need to keep a charger near you almost all the time, or you’ll be left in the dark until you’re able to make it back home. Luckily, there are plenty of options available […]

Keep your phone charged no matter where you are for just $47

If you’re going to be away from a power outlet for quite a while, then that external battery pack you have will only charge your so much before it dies as well. You need an external power bank that runs on nature’s battery.

Harness the power of the Sun for $ 47! Learn more

The ZeroLemon SolarJuice is an external solar battery with a 26,800mAh capacity, which can charge the average Android phone five to eight times, depending  [Read More…]

Keep your devices charged with Samsung-certified Micro-USB cables for $20

Micro-USB cables are a dime a dozen, but when you need one most, it’s nowhere to be found. If you’re rocking a Samsung phone or tablet, you’re likely in need of a Micro-USB cable quite regularly (unless you have the Galaxy S8).

Keep your devices synced and charged for $ 20 Learn more

If your phone’s on low battery, it can be incredibly annoying to have to sit right next to a wall outlet to charge up your  [Read More…]

Keep all your gear charged no matter what with these RavPower deals

Amazon’s Gold Box deals of the day includes a selection of RavPower gear on sale. The items on sale include a 6-port quick charge hub, a portable battery pack, and a 5-pack of micro USB cables.

The 6-port Quick Charge hub is down to $ 22.99 with this deal. That’s a drop of about $ 12 from its normal $ 35 price. This hub has 60W of power and comes with lifetime warranty. The top port is a  [Read More…]

Gear Up: mophie’s latest keep your flagship phones charged for days on end

It’s officially summer which means that the days are longer now than any other time in the year. Moreover, they’re warmer, too. In some places the days are much, much warmer (Sorry, Arizona!). If you’re at all like us, these long, warm days equate to more time outside and using our phones. Yes, we’re all […]

Power Dot Pro Rapid Car Charger: Two ports charged super quick, only $14.99

Do you have a car charger to keep your phones juiced up on the daily commute? No? It’s time to fix that. If you answered yes to the question, it’s time to replace that old thing with something faster and more powerful. Our Deal of the Day is a car charger that’s designed to power […]

Keep your gadgets safe and charged with the ClickPack Pro backpack

Do you usually carry around a lot of gadgets? Do you need to have your laptop, tablet, laptop, memory cards and such around at all times? Then you’ll probably be very interested in the ClickPack Pro backpack. This is a unique gadget storage solution which has been designed to keep thieves at bay. The backpack […]

Check out these seven deals on USB type-C cables and external batteries to keep your phone charged up

Even with the increasingly good battery life in phones, you still need to charge them, right? Well, today we have some deals that will make that as painless as possible. We’re featuring a new company named Veckle. Veckle is from the same people behind the excellent iOrange-E but is designed to have some more cool […]