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Saturday’s top deals: PNY storage gear, cheap OTA antennas, & more

On a daily basis there is no shortage of great deals to be had, but sometimes hunting them down can be a bit time consuming. Don’t let that drag you down, though. We’ve rounded up some of our absolute favorites from today that you simply can’t miss out on.

Good fro today only PNY Storage Products

There’s a few different options here, from microSD cards to flash drives, so you’ll want to click through and shop all the  [Read More…]

Watching the Super Bowl with Chromecast? How about a cheap 4K TV?

Looking into a 4K TV to use with your Chromecast or Chromecast Ultra can be confusing. There are tons of options out there, each with their own little quirks. There are fantastic TVs at the high end of the market, but those cost thousands of dollars. If you don’t have that much room in your budget, don’t sweat it: there are many cheaper TVs out there that can deliver a satisfying picture.

Clearly Smart LG UK6300PUE w/ AI ThinQ

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Best Cheap 4K TVs for watching the Super Bowl in 2019

On February 3, the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams will clash in the 2019 Super Bowl to decide which football team is taking home the Vince Lombardi trophy and a year of bragging rights. The Big Game deserves a big TV, so if you’re in dire need of an upgrade we’ve got some affordable picks you’ll want to check out right now, so that they arrive in time for kickoff!

Game ready TCL R617

Don’t  [Read More…]

Skullcandy Riff Wireless headphones: Good sound on the cheap

Make the move from earbuds to comfortable on-ear headphones for less than you’d expect.

Anyone who wears headphones for hours a day is going to want to upgrade from earbuds to on-ear or over-ear headphones. The improvement in comfort alone is worth the switch, and then you get the benefits of dramatically better audio quality and often longer battery life. But despite the benefits, many people steer away from large wireless headphones for their cost: the going  [Read More…]

Want an Android TV on the cheap? We have your list right here

Android TV may be in need of new life, with Sony being one of the only major brands shipping it as its standard smart TV platform. As such, there aren’t many options for Android TV out there for those on a budget. There are options, though, and we’ve surfaced the best of them to make your life just a little bit easier.

Little Wonder Sony Bravia X800E

It’s a bit on the small side, but the 43-inch Sony  [Read More…]

On a budget? You can get a cheap Samsung phone for under $250

You don’t have to shell out $ 1,000 for a quality phone with all the features. Sometimes you only want the essentials, and sometimes you don’t have the budget to spend on a Samsung Galaxy S9, for example. There are plenty of phones by Samsung that cost under $ 250 and contain a lot of the features you’d get from more expensive phones like quad-core processors, front- and back-facing cameras, and more.

All that storage Samsung Galaxy J3

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Google just made it stupid cheap for companies to add Assistant to things

As part of its larger Google Assistant-themed set of announcements from CES 2019, Google has teased a new program called Google Assistant Connect with a goal of making it considerably easier and, more important, cheaper, for companies to add Assistant to its products.

While the company said during a press preview event that it would talk more about the Assistant Connect program at Google I/O in May, it walked us through what kinds of products would benefit from  [Read More…]

The best cheap Android Wear smartwatches

Looking for an Android Wear smartwatch? You may have seen some nice looking options from top fashion brands. Those smartwatches are great and all, but very few people have upwards of $ 300 to $ 1,000 (more, in some cases) to spend on them. But if you like the idea of owning one, we’re here to tell you that there are quality options available that can fit your budget nicely. Today, we’re listing the best cheap Wear OS smartwatches you  [Read More…]

The best cheap headphones you can buy!

We spend a lot of time talking about high-end headphones like the Bose QC35 II and the Sony WH-1000XM3 — and for good reason, they’re incredible products — but nothing says you have to spend over $ 300 just to get some good headphones for casual listening. Panasonic, Monoprice, COWIN, and even Google all make great, affordable headphones to fit almost any budget.

Smartest headphones Google Pixel USB-C Earbuds

For better of worse, most phones these days ship  [Read More…]

Amazon Cyber Monday: Dirt Cheap Echo, Echo Dot, Fire, Fire TV, and more

We’re officially into the season of discounted shopping. Black Friday is in the rear view mirror and Cyber Monday is underway. And, while it is nearly impossible to keep up with every single deal that crosses our path, we’re doing what we can to highlight the best stuff. Here, we’ll take a look at what Amazon has in store as far is its own products.

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