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Here are 9 cheap office desks that won’t break the bank

Working from home can be great, assuming you approach it the right way. Whether your new job is 100% remote or your company is shifting to remote work as a temporary thing, having a good office desk is essential to staying productive and having an enjoyable workday. If you’re shopping for a new desk, there are a plethora of excellent ones out there that are selling for shockingly low prices. Here are a few of our favorites!

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These are the best cheap alternatives to the NVIDIA Shield TV (2019)

The NVIDIA Shield TV (2019) is hands down the best Android TV set-top box you can buy, offering a great mix of features for cord cutters and gamers alike. However, all that greatness comes at a fairly high price. If you’re looking to save some money on your next streaming box, your best bet is the Xiaomi Mi Box S, but we’ve rounded up a couple of other options as well.

Best Overall: Xiaomi Mi Box S

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Redbox is selling used video games for ridiculously cheap right now

You can get some sweet deals on Redbox’s used video games while supplies last.

What you need to know Redbox has confirmed that it is leaving the video gaming rental business. The rental company has several video games currently in its inventory. The company wants to quickly get rid of this inventory, so right now you can purchase used Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch games for ridiculously cheap. The best options will go quickly, so  [Read More…]

Get cheap plane tickets sent to your inbox for $21 with Matt’s Flights

We’ll let you in on a secret: Airlines make mistakes, and some of these mistakes can net you cheap plane tickets. You just have to be patient and scour the web 24/7 for a good deal. Obviously, most of us don’t have the time to monitor ticket prices constantly, but Matt does. With a Matt’s Flights subscription, you’ll get cheap ticket deals sent straight to your inbox, and you can sign up for just $ 21.25 using MERRYSAVE15.

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Buy a cheap Chromebook, not a crappy Android tablet, this Cyber Monday!

While there are a decent few cheap Android tablets worth buying, if you’re after a good all-round lapable device this Cyber Monday, you’re better off checking out some Chromebook deals.

With Android app support having arrived on many Chrome OS devices, and a vastly superior web experience on a device that’s actually built from the ground up for browsing, the vast majority of would-be Android tablet buyers would likely be happier with a cheap Chromebook. After all, even Google  [Read More…]

Grab a Blue Yeti Nano microphone for cheap for Black Friday / Cyber Monday

Need a pro microphone without breaking the bank? Blue Yeti has some good deals rolling for Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

Blue Yeti are widely known to make some of the best pro-grade microphones at affordable prices, and one of their most accessible offerings is available for Black Friday / Cyber Monday at a very attractive price point.

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This HP Envy Photo Printer is crazy cheap for Black Friday / Cyber Monday

Do you ever take a selfie and think, “man, I should print a load of these out and stick them up around the place to remind myself of how awesome I am?” No? Well, even still, this photo printer is pretty rad, and it’s on sale.

We live in an age of Instagrams, Tiktoks, and Snapchats. Nobody ever prints their photos anymore, wishing them away into a digital ether never to be seen again. Every now and  [Read More…]

You won’t believe how cheap this 64GB microSD card is for Black Friday

Sometimes it’s hard to believe how much prices for memory cards has fallen in the past few years. I remember paying $ 25 for a 64GB microSD card in 2017, and that seemed cheap at the time. Now you can get a Sandisk 64GB Class 10 microSD card for just $ 8.99 on sale for Black Friday.

Cheap storage SanDisk 64GB Ultra MicroSDXC UHS-I Memory Card with Adapter

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You should avoid these 3 cheap fitness trackers on Black Friday

Cheap no-name fitness trackers can be tempting, but you should use Black Friday to score a reputable product at a great price.

Pictured: Xiaomi Mi Band 4

When you’re deciding between two products on Black Friday, it’s easy to settle for the cheaper option. Cheap is always better, right? Wrong. In some cases, this may not affect the performance of the product. However, that’s not the case when choosing a fitness tracker or smartwatch. 

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Thrustmaster eSwap Pro controller review — too cheap to be this costly

The eSwap Pro could have been great, but terrible shortcuts hamper it.

When the Thrustmaster eSwap arrived for review, I was excited. As a game reviewer, I play a hellacious amount of video games, and I have been using the same DualShock controller for a long time now. My real controller love, though, is the Xbox One controller; it’s more comfortable and has the correct thumbstick layout.

So the Thrustmaster eSwap with its hot-swappable modules seemed like  [Read More…]