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Check out these intriguing 3D case designs for the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+

Want to give your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ a makeover? Dutch accessory maker, Freshfiber just announced a new lineup of phone cases called Full Color Textural which makes use of high definition 3D color technology to create an intriguing aesthetic. The new Freshfiber cases take inspiration from the natural world with their high […]

Check out these amazing, cheap Bluetooth Headphones (Promoted Deals)

Our music addictions can be expensive. Sure, there are cheap pairs of headphones and earbuds that sound bad enough to where you might want to turn the music off, but that sucks. And who wants to pay $ 100+ for a pair of Bluetooth earbuds? I just want to listen to music in peace without having […]

Back to school made easy: Check out this crazy cheap laptop and tablet at iRULU (+COUPON CODES!) (Promoted Deal)

My daughter is starting back to school and man, it’s so expensive this day and age. It’s almost impossible to send them off to school without some kind of connected device where they can connect to a world of information to research and do homework. Schools are leveraging the internet more and more to expand […]

Check out Geekbuying’s Summer Smartphone Clearance (Promoted Deals)

Smartphones are getting more expensive every year so when we run across deals, we like to pass them along. Right now, Geekbuying is having a massive clearance on phones with up to 70% in savings on some of the best phones out there. Even better is the fact that these are cheaper phones anyway so […]

6 Amazon Echo accessories you never knew existed (but should definitely check out!)

Amazon’s Echo line already is pretty good. But for just a few bucks more you can make your Echo even better.

So you’ve got an Amazon Echo ($ 179.99). Or maybe (or more likely) the less-expensive Echo Dot ($ 49.99). Or maybe even a newfangled Echo Show ($ 229.99). That’s just the start of things. Turns out there’s a burgeoning accessory ecosystem that’s actually full of useful things that make your Echo just a little bit better.

And none  [Read More…]

Always on the go? Check out Phiaton’s new foldable BT 390 headphones

Personal audio device manufacturer Phiaton just introduced its latest addition to its family popular of wireless headphones and earphones – the BT 390. It’s the company’s first new product since CES 2016. The earphones include Bluetooth 4.1 and offer a long battery life of 30 hours of non-stop music playing time. Once they run out […]

Check out Huawei’s deals for Amazon Prime Day

Huawei/Honor have teamed up with Amazon for its Prime Day deal fest and are now offering a bunch of discounts on some of their most popular products. So, if you too have subscribed for a Prime membership (you can do so simply by asking Alexa), you’ll be able to take advantage of the following promotions: […]

Check out this $1,200 smartphone with a holographic display made by RED

Known for its high-end cinema cameras, RED just made an unexpected announcement. The company introduced its first smartphone product called the Hydrogen One which comes with a holographic display. You’re probably wondering what a holographic display can do. Well, according to RED’s press release the Hydrogen One’s 5.7-inch display employs the power of nanotechnology to […]

Need some headphones? Check out these deals

Whether you like listening to music on your way to work or to listen to a podcast at the gym, owning a pair of good headphones has become essential to our modern lifestyle. If you too are searching for a good pair, take a moment to go through these deals which are currently running in […]

Check out this PlayStation Vita-like smartphone headed for a Western market soon

Gaming and smartphones have gone hand-in-hand for years now, but there has never been a phone that’s been designed with gamers in mind. Not if you live in the West anyway. Chinese handset maker, Snail Mobile has been making smartphones that look like handheld gaming consoles for years. But so far it has been selling […]