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What can my child learn with a Kano Computer?

Best answer: The Kano Computer Kit teaches kids how to code, no matter what their age or skill. With the Kano Computer Kit, your child will be able to create games, music, videos and even software.

Amazon: Kano Computer Kit ($ 143)

What is the Kano Computer Kit?

The Kano Computer Kit prides itself on being the next cutting-edge technology that will help children learn to code for years to come. Instead of painting coding as  [Read More…]

Keep a watch on your child at all times with Verizon’s 4G LTE GizmoWatch

Check in at any time.

In today’s era, simply sending your child to school can be worrisome. For parents who’re looking for a bit more peace of mind, Verizon is debuting its GizmoWatch later this year — the first 4G LTE watch for kids powered by Qualcomm.

The GizmoWatch is a successor to LG’s GizmoPal 2, a wearable which allowed for two-way calling with your child and the ability to view the device’s location on your smartphone.  [Read More…]

How to limit child purchases on Fortnite for Android

With Fortnite on Android avoiding Google Play, here’s how to limit child purchases on the platform.

Fortnite is skipping Google Play on Android and the beta is already in full-swing. If you have a child eager to play Fortnite on their Android device, its imminent full release is great news. But as a parent, you’ll be missing out on the parental controls that come with Google Play.

Children might be inclined to make unauthorized purchases in Fortnite,  [Read More…]

T-Mobile intros FamilyMode to help parents better control child smartphone usage

T-Mobile today announced its latest initiative in the form of a service called FamilyMode. Designed for parents, it gives them better control over how their child, or children, use their smartphones.

Built with two components, it’s one part mobile app and one part physical box. The app is loaded onto the parent devices while the box (Home Base) is installed in the home and connects to Wi-Fi.

Using the app, parents can mange usage time, filter out apps and content,  [Read More…]

Snoopy Pop is the perfect puzzle game for you and your child (Review)

Overview: If you were a fan of the comic strip Peanuts and enjoyed reading it during your early childhood days, then you must be familiar with Snoopy, the cute little pet beagle of Charlie Brown. Snoopy Pop is an Android puzzle game where the players play as Snoopy to help the birds of Woodstock trapped […]

Friday’s best tech deals and discount codes: MYNT Tracker at $20 is a great way to track your child during Halloween

Happy Friday! We’re two weeks into October and there’s probably thousands of you asking which phone should you get with the whole Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. The LG V20, Google Pixel and Pixel XL are set to be released in the next two weeks and those are both great phones. Or you could go

Shopping for a first phone for a child

Today, smartphones are everywhere. Your parents have them, your grandparents might have them and now it’s quite possible your child has one–or really wants one. But, how do you go about finding a phone that is a reasonable option for a young child? Stopping by your local carrier store will give you an idea of

Kickstarter campaign of the week: Invidyo is the first child monitor to use AI

We live in an amazing period of technological invention and creation. Technology has evolved extremely quickly over the past decade, and today’s Kickstarter campaign of the week is another industry first. Invidyo is the first child monitor that employs artificial intelligence to detect when a child smiles and cries. It doesn’t stop there – the

Block porn and manage what your child sees online with Clean Router

The internet is without question the best invention I have witnessed in my 35 years of existence. I remember what life was like before it: we actually had to write handwritten letters, or make phone calls to communicate to each other. We also had to use encyclopedias and go to libraries to research topics of interest.

Disney Magic Kingdoms is a magical gaming ride for your school-aged child (review)

The experience that is the Disney universe is usually broken up into very siloed experiences, usually based on character. If you (or your child) wants a dose of Mickey Mouse, there usually isn’t any chance of getting a bonus Cinderella cameo thrown in. Monsters University characters aren’t usually on-screen with Toy Story figures. And so