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iKeyMonitor review – a simple-to-use app that records your child’s every move in the virtual world

Worried about your kids’ online safety? Busy parents can’t possibly monitor their children’s activities all of the time. But with an app like iKeyMonitor, adults can easily keep tabs on what their kids are doing on their phone or tablet.

iKeyMonitor is an app that is available for Android users, although you won’t be able to get it from the Google Play Store. Instead, you’ll need to access the iKeyMonitor official website and download it from there (it’s also available  [Read More…]

Turns out a Galaxy Note 7 did not explode in a child’s hands

About that Note 7 exploding while a kid was using it…

The general consensus amidst hours of conversation here at Android Central was that as long as a Note 7 didn’t actually harm a human being during the recall process, there was a chance the Note brand could eventually recover from this exploding battery problem. Then the NY Post published a story claiming a 6-year old from Brooklyn was using his grandfather’s Note 7 when the  [Read More…]

Amazon Echo can now answer questions about your child’s health, recite haikus and more

The Amazon Echo has been gaining new features each week, and this week is KidsMD integration for answering questions about your child’s medication dosages and more. With this, you can get answers from doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital as to whether the symptoms merit a doctor’s visit or not. Keep in mind, while it’s a cool thing to do to be able to ask your speaker for medical advice, please remember to actually take your kids to the doctors when  [Read More…]