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Google is testing a quick share button for the Chrome toolbar

It’s only available in Chrome Canary for now.

What you need to know Google is testing the inclusion of a quick share button in its mobile browser. The button can be found in the top toolbar, right next to the URL bar. The feature is currently only available in Chrome Canary and requires you to turn on an experimental flag.

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How to block websites in Chrome on your Android phone

Distracting websites can be a problem. Here’s how to limit your access to them.

The internet is a vast, expansive, neverending landscape of information and entertainment. You can find just about anything you want online, ranging from cute puppy videos, free games, celebrity gossip, and everything in between.

However, as Uncle Ben once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” It can be awfully easy to get distracted with websites, especially when you have instant access to  [Read More…]

Chrome will soon block the worst kind of video ads by default

Immersion breaking video ads are the worst kind of ads.

What you need to know Google will take action against obtrusive video ads from August 2020. It will not show any ads on sites that repeatedly violate the new video policies. It will also review its own products like YouTube to ensure it remains in compliance.

Google, in line with new guidelines from the Coalition for Better ads, will be making moves against obtrusive video ads later  [Read More…]

Google tests tab group sharing on Chrome for Android

It’s already available on Chrome Canary builds.

What you need to know Chrome first introduced tab grouping on mobile devices last year. It’s now testing a feature that would let users share all the tabs in a group. The change is already live in Chrome Canary and does not require enabling any flags.

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How to use Google Cast from your Chrome browser

Google Cast is the protocol behind Chromecast, and you can easily stream content to your TV or other Chromecast device directly from your Chrome browser. Even if a website or streaming service doesn’t work with Chromecast, you have the ability to cast a particular tab or your entire desktop directly in Chrome. Here’s how you can get started.

Products used in this guide Stream in 4K: Chromecast Ultra ($ 69 at Amazon) How to cast to your Chromecast  [Read More…]

Google tests macOS-like ‘Quick Answers’ in Chrome OS Canary builds

Google Assistant is geting more to do on the desktop platform.

What you need to know Google is testing Quick Answers, a Chrome OS feature that uses the Google Assistant to provide resources based on highlighted text. Quick Answers works a lot like macOS’ ‘Look Up’ feature. Google is currently testing it out on Chrome OS 81.

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Microsoft shows Google some love, ports Edge feature to Chrome

The ability to move multiple tabs to a new window is being ported from Microsoft Edge to Google Chrome.

What you need to know Microsoft isn’t only taking Google’s browser tech for its own. The company is also contributing to the Chromium project. A feature found in Microsoft Edge is being ported over to Chromium and Chrome.

While Microsoft may have thrown up its arms and submitted to Google’s dominance in the browser space by porting Edge  [Read More…]

Google temporarily suspends paid extension updates in the Chrome Web Store

There’s no ETA for when the ban will be lifted.

What you need to know The Chrome Web Store will no longer accept paid extensions. Updates to paid extensions already published have also been blocked. The change in policy is a temporary measure aimed at halting a tide of fraudulent transactions involving the extension marketplace.

While Google this week launched experiments that make its browser much harder to use, it’s also been dealing with others’ attempts to  [Read More…]

Google attempts to simplify its upcoming Duet redesign for Chrome on phones

The bottom bar only has three buttons now.

What you need to know Google has redesigned its redesign for mobile Chrome. The bottom bar in the Duet design now has only three buttons. The home page has also been changed — and not in a good way.

Google is once again tinkering with the design of its browser on mobile devices. Dubbed ‘Duet,’ the design aims to provide a more convenient browsing experience in today’s world of  [Read More…]

LastPass accidentally takes down its own browser extension for Chrome

The website and the mobile apps are still working.

What you need to know LastPass inadvertently unlisted its browser extension for Chrome yesterday. The extension is in the process of being reviewed and listed back on the Chrome Web Store. In the meantime, users can still access their login credentials via LastPass’s website or its mobile apps.

LastPass seemingly shot itself in the foot yesterday and accidentally unlisted its browser extension from the Chrome Web Store. This  [Read More…]