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Google Chrome gets customizable themes on desktop, tab grouping on Android

Google says some more improvements are coming to Chrome later in the fall.

What you need to know Google is introducing new features to its Chrome browser for both desktop and Android users. The latest Chrome update allows desktop users to customize the browser with their choice of background, color, and theme. New features that are being rolled out to Android users include new tab grid layout and tab grouping.

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Time to dump Chrome: 8 alternative desktop web browsers

Google knows you. It saves your browser histories, keeps tabs on your YouTube preferences, and if you have a mobile device, Google is able to ping it. Chrome sends this information to its partners who then reach out to you with targeted ads. Couple that with the anticipation that soon Chrome will no longer support popup blockers and other privacy extensions to stop this much tracking and it may be time to part ways with this browser. Here are a  [Read More…]

Chrome 77 now rolling out, lets you share pages across your devices

Chrome 77 for Chrome OS is slated to begin rolling out next week.

What you need to know Chrome 77 is now rolling out for Android, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Linux platforms. The latest version of Google’s Chrome browser brings the ability to share pages across multiple devices, stability improvements, and security fixes. Chrome 77 for Android is expected to become available for everyone on Google Play over the next few weeks.

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Google Chrome 76 now available, makes it easier to get around paywalls

Chrome 76 is now out for Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux users, and is coming to Chrome OS on August 6.

What you need to know Chrome 76 is now available for Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux users. The latest version of Chrome browser blocks Flash by default and makes it easier to bypass paywalls. There are multiple Progressive Web Apps improvements as well.

Google has finally released the stable version of Chrome 76 for Android, Windows,  [Read More…]

The best browsers for Android (besides Chrome)

The default web browser for most Android phones is good ol’ reliable Chrome. If you frequently use other Google services like YouTube and Google Drive, it’s the natural pick. But you do have other options. Here are the best alternatives to Chrome for Android!

Get paid to browse? Brave Privacy Browser

Staff pick

The Brave Privacy Browser is all about blocking ads and other online trackers while delivering lightning-quick web browsing with a streamlined UI. Not  [Read More…]

How to properly Powerwash your Chrome OS device

While we’d love to think our technology would work as it’s designed 100 percent of the time, there are instances where things get weird. Maybe your screen has a flicker, or your laptop trackpad stutters. A simple solution to problems like this with Chrome OS devices might be to Powerwash the unit.

What does Powerash do?

This is Google’s version of a factory reset on Chromebooks. It’s essentially re-flashing a fresh install of Chrome OS onto the computer, returning the  [Read More…]

Google is adding a global play/pause button to the Chrome toolbar

The feature is very buggy right now, but it could be a useful addition to Chrome.

What you need to know Google has added new “Global Media Controls” to Chrome Canary version 77. Once the feature is enabled, a play button shows up on the toolbar, which can be used to play or pause media playing across multiple windows. The play/pause button works not just for videos but can also be used to control audio playback.

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Block ads, trackers and even some malware with the best Chrome ad blockers

Deeply hidden in your Chrome settings are tools for blocking pop-ups, but because of how Chrome and other web browsers are programmed to earn money, there are still a lot of types of ads that display. Cybercriminals cleverly disguised phishing schemes, adware, or malicious downloads as legitimate ads, so the best and easiest way to protect yourself is with an ad blocker. Here are some of our favorites.

Staff pick AdBlock

Staff pick

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Project Strobe is making your data more secure in Chrome and Drive

Chrome extensions will now be required to use permissions with access to the least amount of data.

What you need to know Chrome extensions will now be required to use permissions with the least amount of data in order to function. Extensions which handle user-provided content and personal communications must now provide a privacy policy. Third-party apps will now only be able to access specific files in Drive unless they have been approved by Google.

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Intel’s MDS vulnerability is slowing down Chrome OS, but a fix is coming

Hyper-threading is disabled by default in version 74, but you can turn it back on if you need it.

Google has pushed out a Chrome OS update (version 74) with a quick fix for the new MDS vulnerabilities that can let a bad actor read privileged portions of memory. That’s the good news; the bad is that to make sure any exploits can’t affect Chrome users, Hyper-Threading is now disabled by default.

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