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How to enable Android apps to use SD card storage on a Chromebook

Chromebooks, for the most part, don’t come with an abundance of storage. You won’t be seeing a 2TB Chromebook anytime soon, but unless the Chromebook you buy is from Google’s Pixelbook line, that’s not a problem. Almost every Chromebook ever made has either an SD or microSD card slot that allows you to greatly expand the storage available for your downloads and data. However, your Android apps won’t be able to see or use your SD card until  [Read More…]

Grab Star Wars: KOTOR and Asphalt 9 in-game items free with your Chromebook

A combined value of $ 60.

What you need to know Google has added two new gaming perks for Chromebook users. The perks include Star Wars: KOTOR, a $ 9.99 value, and in-app game items for Asphalt 9 worth $ 49.99. New and current Chromebook users can visit the Chromebook perks site to check if they are eligible for these two new items and more.

One way Google likes to reward Chromebook users is with some exclusive  [Read More…]

This high-end 2-in-1 Chromebook is $500 off for Cyber Monday [Updated]

Cyber Monday is a great time to pick up a new laptop, whether it be for yourself or a Christmas present for a loved one. There are plenty of Windows and Mac options out there, but have you ever considered a Chromebook?

So long as you don’t plan on using your future laptop for video editing or high-end gaming, a Chromebook is kind of perfect. They’re much easier to use, often cost a lot less money, and can do just  [Read More…]

Last chance to snag this durable $125 Acer Chromebook for Cyber Monday

Don’t go to bed without snagging this deal on a kid-friendly Chromebook.

Cyber Monday is almost over, but there are still great deals to be found on Chromebooks in every price range. Of the Chromebooks still on sale today, there’s still an affordable little gem in today’s Amazon Gold Box that will be gone by the time you wake up tomorrow. If you’re looking for a Chromebook to give your kid but don’t know how well they’ll actually be  [Read More…]

Buy a cheap Chromebook, not a crappy Android tablet, this Cyber Monday!

While there are a decent few cheap Android tablets worth buying, if you’re after a good all-round lapable device this Cyber Monday, you’re better off checking out some Chromebook deals.

With Android app support having arrived on many Chrome OS devices, and a vastly superior web experience on a device that’s actually built from the ground up for browsing, the vast majority of would-be Android tablet buyers would likely be happier with a cheap Chromebook. After all, even Google  [Read More…]

Need a Chromebook for your kid? Look no further than this Cyber Monday deal

A Chromebook only does your kid good if it can survive living with them.

Kids love getting shiny new technological toys to play with, and if you’re going to give them something technological for Christmas, giving them a Chromebook is a pretty good choice. Chromebooks have keyboards, so it’ll be easy to type out homework assignments, and Chromebooks can play some casual games through Google Play apps and web clients. Your kid won’t be able to easily play Fortnite,  [Read More…]

Best Chromebook Deals for Cyber Monday 2019 [Updated]

If you don’t already have a Chromebook, it’s time to change that. Cyber Monday brings a bunch of great discounts to products that you’ve probably had your eye on during the year. There are a bunch of Chromebook options available, so you’re going to want to know what you’re looking for from a Chromebook so you can help yourself buy the right one. Whether you need a new laptop for work or want to try out a Chromebook before you  [Read More…]

This is the best Black Friday deal you’ll find on a Chromebook today

A big touchscreen and internal storage to match make this super-sized Chromebook a steal.

There’s a lot of Chromebook on sale right now, and some pretty good Chromebook deals, too, though it’s far easier to make mistakes when discounts start flying. I’ve seen a lot of Chromebooks today, but only one can be the best, and while there have been some tremendous deals on non-touch Chromebooks, I firmly believe that the best Chromebook deal has to be for a  [Read More…]

Lightning Deal: This Acer Chromebook is just $150 for the next few hours

Chromebooks represent some of the best value in laptops around. They’re usually well-made, with great features and plenty of ports, but are priced more reasonably because they’re aimed at the education and business market. But their loss is our win, because Chromebooks are amazing for everyday use, for families with kids, or just as a second laptop to keep downstairs while you watch TV (trust me, that’s what I primarily use mine for).

The Acer Chromebook 14 is one of  [Read More…]

This refurbished Dell Chromebook 11.6″ 16GB could be yours for less than $73

Since so much of your day is spent in the cloud, browsing the internet, and streaming, it’s not necessary to use a full Windows or Mac laptop. Chromebooks are incredible devices and work very well for home and school environments. A big, 5.5-inch phone is nice but it’s nothing compared to an 11.6-inch screen.

Visit the AndroidGuys Deals Store today and you will find that we’re offering a refurbished Dell 11 Chromebook 11.6″ 16GB for as low as $ 72.25.  [Read More…]