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Chromebook Keyboard Buyer’s Guide

The best keyboard you can buy for your Chromebook or Chromebox.

Like most any other laptop, your Chromebook works great with an external keyboard. It’s incredibly easy to use an external display, mouse, and keyboard if you work or play from a desk and Chrome does a great job mirroring to a monitor or having one as an extended display. All you need is the right parts!

Chrome OS supports any USB (wired or wireless) or Bluetooth  [Read More…]

Samsung Chromebook Pro is (finally) coming May 28

The best Chromebook is going Pro.

The Samsung Chromebook Plus has been around for a while, having been announced at CES and released shortly after. The higher-end, professional-aimed Samsung Chromebook Pro, which was delayed from the original launch window, is finally coming to stores May 28.

The Chromebook Pro is the best Chromebook Samsung has ever built, and it comes with a 360-degree hinge, a 12.3-inch 2400×1600 touchscreen display, an included pen and Google Play Store  [Read More…]

Aukey’s multiport USB-C hub is a great desktop dock for your Chromebook

Connect all your stuff and charge your Chromebook with this handy hub.

I am finding this Aukey USB-C hub is a really great gadget for my Acer Chromebook 14. Not because it adds any specific ports or does a thing I can’t do with my Chromebook another way, but because it’s an all-in-one solution that turns my Chromebook into a desktop machine.

Once set up you plug in one cable and have it all.

Chromebooks are designed  [Read More…]

Samsung Chromebook Plus vs. Pro: The differences, and which should you buy?

Samsung’s 2017 Chromebook lineup offers something for everyone with two equally great models.

Samsung introduced a pair of great Chromebooks with the unveiling of the Pro and the Plus. In addition of the Chrome OS features we’ve been using like built-in security and the best web browsing experience you can get anywhere, Samsung and Google have introduced pressure sensitive drawing using a familiar Samsung Pen. And everything is wrapped up in an awesome package no matter which  [Read More…]

Hacking your Chromebook is fun and easier than you think

It’s easy to make your Chromebook more than the sum of its parts.

Update April 26: This post was updated to make sure the information is current and the links were working!

A Chromebook can be a great purchase even if you never step outside of Google’s trusted environment. They are some of the best web machines ever built, require almost no software maintenance, and come in a myriad of different styles and price points. We  [Read More…]

Will somebody please make a Chromebook with LTE?

All I want is a proper replacement for the laptop that has served me for four years.

Some people have found that a Chromebook is just the best way to compute. I’m one of them and unless I need to do something that requires the big loud PC on my desk you’ll find me with a Chromebook in front of me. And if I’m away from home it will be a really beat up aluminum model from  [Read More…]

You can spill a cup of water on Lenovo’s new $279 Flex 11 Chromebook

Lenovo’s new Flex 11 Chromebook is cheap, rugged and versatile.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for manufacturers to differentiate their Chromebooks in the highly competitive laptop space. Lenovo’s $ 279 Flex 11 Chromebook, which goes on sale this week, has a trick up its sleeve — or its keyboard port.

The Flex 11 has sealed ports and a keyboard that can withstand up to a cup of water spilled on it, with draining channels to ensure that the  [Read More…]

Samsung Chromebook Plus: The future of Chromebooks is now (Review)

The Samsung Chromebook Plus is one of the newer Chromebooks on the market and one of the first to feature the newest version of Chrome OS that now supports Android apps. Samsung also released a “Pro” model for $ 100 more that features a more powerful Intel processor. Both laptops are otherwise identical in terms of […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 vs. ASUS Chromebook Flip: Which one is better for productivity?

Both the Galaxy Tab S3 and the ASUS Chromebook Flip are two devices are exceptional as productivity machines. But one is better for productivity.

I’ve always been particularly dubious about whether a tablet could fulfill all my productivity needs. And that’s why I purchased an ASUS Chromebook Flip: to write copy and edit photos, and then upload all that to the internet. I need to be able to do this quickly and efficiently, which is possible on  [Read More…]

Google-branded laptops, including future Chromebook Pixels, have been shelved

In a roundtable interview with journalists at MWC, Google’s hardware chief revealed the company won’t revive its premium Chrome OS laptops of the past.

The few generations of Chromebook Pixels that you’ve grown to love over the past few years? They’re the last of its kind. If you’ve got one, might as well put it into storage for preservation.

Google’s Rick Osterloh told TechCrunch and other journalists at Mobile World Congress that the Pixel laptop — the first-ever-of-its-kind premium  [Read More…]