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Everything you need to know about Chrome’s flags


One of the cool things about Chrome is that we’re able to play with experimental features. That means we can install beta or even alpha versions, but we can also try some of the truly experimental things that haven’t been included on even the most alpha of alpha builds through what are called “flags.”

Let’s have a look at what they are and how to get started breaking things.

What are Chrome Flags?  [Read More…]

This is how Google Chrome’s new ad-blocker works

Last April, Google surprised a lot of us by announcing it was working on a built-in ad-blocker for Google Chrome. We got an update a few months later in December saying that the ad-blocker would be released at some point in February of 2018, and now on February 15, the feature is ready for prime time.

As we already knew, Chrome’s ad-blocker will filter and hide any advertisements it detects on websites that don’t follow the Better Ads  [Read More…]

Google Chrome’s ad-blocking feature launching in February

Get ready for a cleaner Internet.

Following a report that came out in April, Google announced in June that it’d be introducing a new feature to its Chrome web browser that blocked obtrusive advertisements. The company originally stated that Chrome’s ad-blocker would launch at some point in early 2018, but we now have a specific date of February 15, 2018, as the official launch of it.

As a quick refresher, Chrome’s ad-blocker will help filter out advertisements  [Read More…]

How to move Chrome’s navigation bar at the bottom of your display

Do you often use your smartphone with one hand? With handsets getting bigger and bigger it’s becoming increasingly difficult to do so. Fortunately, there are small tricks you can employ to better navigate one-handedly on your larger than life phone. Like enabling Chrome’s navigation bar at the bottom of your display, for easier access. You […]

Google Chrome’s latest update helps soup it up for more robust web apps

With every new update, Google appears to be readying Chrome for a future where few “real” apps exist.

If you’re an Android user, Google Chrome is probably your mobile browser of choice. And if it is, then this latest update might get you excited about a future where you don’t even have to worry about having an entire app installed to get to its best functionality. Many of Chrome 59’s new features  [Read More…]

Chrome’s WebVR moves to Google Cardboard at the new WebVR Experiments site

Now almost every Android phone can experience VR on Chrome through Google’s new WebVR Experiments site.

Previously available for Google Daydream View headsets and the phones that power them, Google has followed up on the promise to expand the VR experience in Chrome, and in typical Google style they kicked off an entirely new website. At WebVR Experiments you’ll find content for both Google Daydream and Cardboard, Android VR experiments, A.I. experiments and even what they call Art and  [Read More…]

How to manage Chrome’s Autofill feature

Chrome’s Autofill feature remembers typos, too. Good thing editing is so easy!

Having the Chrome browser remember your details when filling out forms on the internet can be handy. Most times when you sign up for any service or buy something online, you’ll need to enter the same information each time and a secure way to enter it all at once saves time and means fewer errors. But it’s only a good thing if all the info  [Read More…]

Chrome’s bleeding edge Canary channel makes its way to Android

Chrome is available in four builds: the Stable channel is the main public client, the Beta channel has a few bugs but gets new features roughly a month before the Stable build, and the Dev channel is for developers looking to test out the latest features. Then there’s the Canary channel, an untested build that gets updated every weekday with the latest codebase as soon as it’s built.

The Canary channel was limited to desktop versions of  [Read More…]

Chrome’s app launcher is being retired on Windows, Mac and Linux

Google has announced that it will soon retire the Chrome app launcher on Mac, Windows and Linux. The company says it made the decision because the launcher is rarely used on those platforms. While new Chrome installs will come without the app launcher starting in the coming weeks, Google says current users will still be able to use it through July. From Google:

The removal process will take place over the next several months. Beginning in a  [Read More…]

Chrome’s notification center to be removed in upcoming release

Chrome will be removing its dedicated notification center in an upcoming release as Google looks to streamline notifications for everyone. This doesn’t mean that Chrome is changing the way push notifications are handled, just that there will no longer be a dedicated hub to find all the previous notifications.