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Chronicle, a cybersecurity firm, is the latest to join the Alphabet family

Chronicle is joining the Alphabet family alongside the likes of Google, Nest, and Waymo.

Google, Nest, and Waymo are some of the biggest names that live under the Alphabet conglomerate that was launched back in 2015, and on January 24, Chronicle became the latest to join it. Chronicle is a cybersecurity firm that first got started in the X moonshot factory nearly two years ago, but it’s now ready to launch as its own independent company.

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Chaos Chronicle (review)

  Chaos Chronicle is made by NEXON, the creators of.. wait, DomiNations? and 44 other games?  Whaaaa- okay NEXON, that is a good start. Permissions-wise, it only asks for storage – and needs 580MB, so that’s quite a bit. Let’s get into it! After installing the base app, you need to download extra files, which brings […]