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Hack this discounted $52 PlayStation Classic and revisit your old favorites

Dibs on King.

Amazon has the PlayStation Classic Console available for $ 51.99, a price we’ve never seen before. This beats the last discount we posted by $ 5. Typically this sells for $ 100.

You’ll receive the console along with two wired controllers, an HDMI cable, and a virtual memory card, though you’ll need to supply your own USB wall charger to power it.

While loaded with 20 original PlayStation games including Final Fantasy VII, Jumping  [Read More…]

Onimusha: Warlords review: A faithful remastering of a samurai classic

This Capcom classic has never looked better.

Up against the Resident Evils, Street Fighters, and Mega Men of the world, it can be easy to forget some of Capcom’s other classic series. One of those is Onimusha, which got its start back on the PS2 (and later, the original Xbox) as Onimusha: Warlords.

Onimusha: Warlords is an interesting title if only for its history. It got its start as a somewhat formulaic Resident Evil clone, except you  [Read More…]

Can you play PlayStation Classic games on the PlayStation 4?

Best answer: Only one of the PlayStation Classic games is available on the PlayStation 4, so you won’t be able to play any of the other games without owning the console itself.

PlayStation Store: Final Fantasy VII ($ 11) Best Buy: PlayStation Classic ($ 60) There is only one game available

RPG fans are in luck: Final Fantasy VII (FFVII) is the only PlayStation Classic game also available on the PlayStation 4. There are several other  [Read More…]

Spruce up your PlayStation Classic with these awesome accessories

The PlayStation Classic is Sony’s buy-in for the nostalgia-filled retro console sector. While it has some issues, it’s a lot of fun to use and recent hacking and modding by the online community has made it even better. Having these accessories will maximize your enjoyment. The Anker wall charger is especially helpful so you can actually play the Classic! There aren’t a massive amount of accessories yet but we will update as they arrive.

Wireless goodness 8Bitdo wireless adapter

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PlayStation Classic is a good buy now that it’s been hacked and is 25% off

Only 20 games you say? Nonsense.

The PlayStation Classic had gamers clamoring upon its announcement just a few months ago, wondering if it might be the next best retro gaming console on the market. Coming in at a full price of $ 99.99, it’s one of the more expensive retro gaming options out there, but fans hoped the pre-installed games would make it well worth the cost; the original PlayStation had plenty of now-beloved games, after all.

  [Read More…]

How to add games to the PlayStation Classic

This guide will take you through the process to add new games to your PlayStation Classic. This is a pretty clever hack as it does nothing to your PlayStation Classic itself and should offer almost no risk to damaging your console. That doesn’t mean there is no risk however so do this modification at your own risk. That being said let’s take a look at the steps you will need to take.

Products used in this guide Amazon:  [Read More…]

Get a $25 gift card and $25 off the PlayStation Classic retro console

Essentially giving you $ 50 in savings.

The PlayStation Classic retro gaming console is on sale for the first time since its release. You can get it for $ 74.99 on Amazon right now, which is $ 25 off its normal price and the best deal we’ve seen. You’ll also get a $ 25 Amazon gift card when you buy it, for a total value of $ 50 you’re saving with this deal. This should arrive before  [Read More…]

The NES and SNES Classic consoles won’t last long after the holidays

Remember when the Nintendo NES Classic and SNES Classic retro gaming consoles first released and you had to fight the denizens of the Internet just to find one? Many of them ended up going for ridiculous prices on eBay. At one point, Nintendo actually discontinued the NES Classic and brought it back because so many people had wanted one but were never able to find it in stock.

Eventually, Nintendo had to promise the world to make more.  [Read More…]

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is a remaster of a classic kart racer

Crash Team Racing is the next of our childhood classics to be remastered.

After successfully releasing the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, Activision is back at it again remastering another classic Crash title. It’s been nearly twenty years since Crash Team Racing first released for the original PlayStation in 1999, and though the Mario Kart series has dominated the kart racing scene for those two decades, Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled looks to give it a run for  [Read More…]

Can I use a wireless controller with PlayStation Classic?

Best answer: Not out of the box. According to Sony, the PlayStation Classic does not support any peripheral hardware, including controllers. As of the time of writing and publication, third parties have yet to develop or announce any wireless adapters that are compatible.

Best Buy: PlayStation Classic ($ 100)

Why can’t I use wireless controllers?

Though the PlayStation Classic supports smartphone AC USB adapters as a power source, a spokesperson for the company told IGN that  [Read More…]