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This classy wood Qi charger is as stylish as it is practical

While wireless charging doesn’t let you lose the wire completely, it lets a wireless charging pad absorb the electric shock instead of your phone. While it isn’t as fast what you’ll get in the latest Quick Charge tech, but the battery benefit outweighs the charging time. Handcrafted from North American walnut wood, this minimalist charger […]

Classy covers: Reviewing Caseology’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ cases

Haven’t found the perfect case for your new Galaxy? Take a look at Caseology cases!

Finding the perfect case for your brand new Galaxy S8 or S8+ can be a daunting task especially if you don’t want to sacrifice style for protection or vice versa.

Luckily for you, Caseology’s lineup for Samsung’s latest flagship phone caters to a wide variety of style preferences and protection needs. Plus, Caseology has added three new designs — the Coastline, Vault  [Read More…]

Sony MDR-1A over-ear headphones review: Classy on the outside, fun on the inside

Usually when big-name electronics manufacturers get into audio, they do so casually. Their headphones are more targeted towards the average consumer, with decent quality and a reachable price. Sony is different, though. It’s audio gear can dive well into “audiophile” territory, and the brand is highly regarded among those passionate about audio quality. Take the NW-ZX2

Moshi Venturo laptop backpack review: classy with function

With the school year being in full swing for more than a month, we take for granted what we use to carry around all of our supplies. The backpack is probably the most needed and essential tool for students throughout their education, whether it is high school and younger or college. What a perfect time to review a backpack, right? Well you’re in luck because Moshi was kind enough to send over their Venturo backpack for review.

I currently am  [Read More…]

Keep it classy with Luxury WatchFaces Android Wear

Sometimes our technology works as a status symbol, and you want a watchface that reflects that. If that’s the case, or if you’re a fan of beautifully designed analog faces, then check out Luxury WatchFaces Android Wear. This app has several faces, all gorgeously designed to show off that piece of tech adorning your wrist.

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Samson Meteorite review: a classy USB mic

Fresh out of Samson’s portable USB microphone category is their golf ball sized Meteorite, which rests on a small magnetic podium.

When plugged into a computer, the Meteorite gives you a blue light when it’s ready to go. I used the microphone with Samson’s companion recording software, and was quite pleased with the results. Like the Go Mic Direct, this microphone records with a 16-bit, 44.1/48kHz resolution and a frequency response of 20Hz–20kHz.

When using the Meteorite, compared to  [Read More…]

Price Madness Monday: Save 40% on these classy Samsung Galaxy S5 hard cases!

This Samsung Galaxy S5 hard case takes your preference for sleek design into serious consideration. There’s no dual-layers, screen covers or clips to worry about here. It’s one piece that simply snaps over the back, leaving complete accessibility all around. Get yours in black, clear or metallic gunmetal today for only $ 11.95!