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MrMobile Review: The Galaxy S9 is a clever camera in a classic casing

It’s never easy to quantify the latest flagship smartphone from a company like Samsung … because no matter how disappointing or dazzling it turns out to be, the latest Galaxy will always sell like gangbusters. Part of that is thanks to Samsung’s incredible marketing machine, but for the past few years it’s also been a result of the company churning out some truly impressive smartphones. Smartphones that, in the words of Andrew Martonik over in the full  [Read More…]

There’s a clever Easter egg hidden in the OnePlus 5T Star Wars edition

Every OnePlus 5T Star Wars edition box contains a special message from your favorite astromech droid.

OnePlus unveiled the Star Wars-themed variant of the OnePlus 5T in India last week, with the phone featuring a white color scheme and a Sandstone finish styled after the planet Crait. There’s certainly a lot to like about the device itself — both in terms of exterior design and software touches in the form of exclusive backgrounds — and OnePlus has  [Read More…]

Cues is a simple but clever puzzle game (review)

Some mobile games try to create multiple levels of depth in the player’s experience, requiring long tutorials, along with a big investment in experience in order to gain true ability. Others go the other direction, giving you an extremely simple premise while keeping you on your toes throughout the experience. Such is the case with […]

10 clever apps to help you eat healthier

Eating healthier is probably one of the resolutions you swore you’re going to keep in 2017. Maybe you’ve up on a few pounds after the holiday season or simply you want to reboot your whole life style – and we’re here to give you a helping hand because we know how hard it can be

Drainpipe: A clever, but frustrating experience (Review)

Overview: Drainpipe is a 2D arena shooter where you play as a rat, Ratfink, trying to survive against a horde of spiders in the sewers of the world. Developer: SeudoApps Cost: Free (with ads) Impressions: Drainpipe is certainly an odd one. It has some clever humor and excellent music, but the gameplay itself is frustrating

Clever Volume Beta: Clever Music

As a tech savvy guy, I”m always on the lookout for something that makes my life easier, be it a life hack or a convenient app. Clever Volume Beta is an application that allows your music volume to automatically adjust according to the amount of background noise there is. Granted your headphones are plugged in, this certainly provides a handy tool for you.


As the app is in beta, you’ll need an invite code to access the app once  [Read More…]

Go download Alfred to see why Google bought Clever Sense


Several weeks ago I received a request to review a new app called Alfred, which was described to me as “Pandora for the real world.” That sounded pretty cool, so I installed an early build of the app and planned to write about it last week.

At the very last minute their PR firm asked me to hold off on posting about it, and I hadn’t heard anything since. But now I  [Read More…]

8pen never caught on as an alternative Android keyboard. The gesture-based keyboard market was rich with alternatives like Swype and SlideIt, all of which were much easier to use than the gestures required for text entry in 8pen. The app disappeared before popping back up last week as a $ 1.37 app.

Trying to encourage adoption the second time around, 8pen has found a  [Read More…]