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Gmail vs. Newton: Which email client is right for you?

The father of email takes on its futuristic cousin.

It’s been a long-time coming, but Google finally updated Gmail with a clean, modern design and helpful new features that stop it from feeling like a relic of the past. There’s a lot to like about the changes Google made to Gmail, but for some folks, it may be too little too late.

If you’re feeling underwhelmed by the new Gmail, one of your best alternatives is a  [Read More…]

You’ll soon be able to use Allo’s web client independent of your phone

Is this too little too late for Allo?

In Google’s neverending quest to create the perfect messaging service, Allo is one of its most interesting attempts. There’s a lot that Allo gets right, but at the same time, there are features that are totally absent that you can find in Hangouts and Google Voice.

Allo finally got a web client last August, and while this was a step forward, it has one big caveat — you need  [Read More…]

Newton adds a useful Tidy Inbox feature to its email client

Email just got a whole lot better because it’s so much less noisy.

Newton, a simple and powerful email platform, has released another one of its so-called Superchargers to clean up its users’ messy inboxes.

Formerly called CloudMagic, Newton has transformed into one of the most elegant and powerful email platforms out there, and it’s available on practically every platform, including Android. With today’s update, the Tidy Inbox feature brings  [Read More…]

Meet Astro, an email client for Android with artificial intelligence baked in

If you’re into the idea of using Alexa and Slack to answer your email, you might be interested in this little app.

There aren’t too many hearty email clients in the Google Play Store, so we’re naturally curious when one comes out that’s not only a delight to use, but it’s got artificial intelligence baked in, too.

I’ve been using Astro: AI Meets Email for the past week and it’s truly a breath of fresh air compared  [Read More…]

Google’s Allo is finally getting a desktop client

Google Assistant is coming to the desktop through Allo.

One of the main drawbacks of Allo has been the lack of a desktop version, but it looks like that’s about to change. A tweet from Google’s VP of Communications Products Nick Fox shows a screenshot of Allo running on the desktop.

From the screenshot, it looks like Allo will follow in the footsteps of WhatsApp, offering a web client that runs in your browser before rolling  [Read More…]

Cat Torrent: A torrent client in need of some updates (review)

Torrents have been available since around 2001, and the main purpose was to facilitate file transfers among different locations. However, since its inception, it’s been mostly used for shady, illegal purposes. For those of you who use torrents for legal transfer, you might know that there are some pretty good clients in the Play Store.

Nextbit makes accessing your pictures easier with Web Client Beta

Nextbit has just unveiled its first piece of beta software, Web Client. This will allow you to view your pictures, their metadata and even download them on your computer with ease. Recently, Nextbit put out a call for Robin owners who may be interested in testing unreleased software, and this is the first thing to come from that.

From Nextbit’s announcement post:

When you log into the client and click on a picture, it zooms in  [Read More…]

TextSecure: a privacy-oriented, text messaging client (App review)

There is a vast selection of text messengers on Google Play. However, not all of them are as privacy-oriented as the one for today’s review. TextSecure is able to encrypt messages, so long as each person involved in the conversation uses the client.

For those of you who already have a text messenger, switching to another one could be a tall order, I understand. That’s especially true when you and the other person need to use TextSecure in order to  [Read More…]

Microsoft Garage debuts ‘Send’ messaging and email client


Microsoft Garage, the developmental team behind a number of Android apps, is back with another one. Well, not just yet for Android, at least.

Called “Send”, the app is some sort of strange messenger and email hybrid supported by Microsoft Outlook. Because sometimes it’s easier to send off a quick message to check if someone’s back from lunch, Send is designed to work in lieu of traditional emails.

“With Send, there are no signatures,  [Read More…]

Truemessenger is a new SMS client for your smartphone that helps fight spam

Truecaller, the company behind the app that shares the same name, has released a new app for Android called Truemessenger. This new offering aims to make SMS smarter and contain less spam. How it achieves this is by verifying the identity of those who send you SMS messages, allowing you to mark specific senders as a spammer in the contact list. This will then prevent said contact from contacting you via SMS.

  [Read More…]